We’re all very excited for the release of Novella’s sophomore album, Change of State, this Friday. So much so, that we grabbed them for a chat. Get excited with them (and us) and make sure you know all you need to know about Novella and their new release, before Friday.
Your sophomore album ‘Change of State’ is soon to be released on Feb 17th. What can you tell us to expect from this effort? 
I think there has been a natural evolution between this record and the last one – no dramatic departures from the sound we’ve been honing over time, but like any musicians we tried to stretch ourselves, but things seemed to all come together pretty naturally in the end.
You shared ‘Does The Island Know’ at the end of last year and you faced a lot of issues, such as Fake News etc. how important to you was it to address these issues? 
It certainly wasn’t a conscious decision to write an overtly political record but in the end, it was difficult not to. We were writing and recording the songs from early 2016 through to the autumn and so much happened in that time, it became impossible to not write about the how we were feeling about the events going on around us. 

The video for ‘Does The Island Know’ was created by Yuki Yamamoto, how did this come about? What was it like working with her?
Yuki is a friend of Suki’s and she suggested that she might be into making a video for us and we watched some of her previous work and really liked it. Yuki is great – very chilled but has a very precise vision in terms of what she wants and how to go about capturing the essence of the music. Making a video on film is a little more pressured, though – every shot counts! 
How different would you say shaping the album around a name/concept, as opposed to having the concept come to shape as the recording goes on was? Did it affect the decision-making process much?
To be honest, the concept of the album name ‘Change of State’ really evolved quite naturally and became a subconscious theme through most of the songs, but it wasn’t something that we discussed and was mainly a product of the fact that we wrote and recorded at the same time over many months. Being able to record songs and listen back to them and hear what works and what doesn’t was really important for shaping the rest of the songs.
You recorded the album in a Victorian bedroom studio, how important is the setting and atmosphere to you when recording new material? 
We were after the authenticity and warmth you can get from recording with analogue equipment. Only having 8 tracks to play with meant we had to edit ourselves quite a bit, but we could bounce things together to free up a channel when we needed it. What we gained was what feels like a really honest record; we had nowhere to hide. 
You’ve made a recording diary for the album, what inspired this idea?
It wasn’t really intentional, but naturally, we wanted to record ourselves making the album… And Suki enjoys video editing in a ridiculous way. 
How important is it for you to stay connected with fans?
It’s always cool and nice to hear about people who like our music, whether that be through the internet or just saying hi at a show. 
Once the album is released, what’s next for Novella
We’re looking forward to playing shows again this year after pretty much a year of writing/recording, but I feel like we still had some songs left in us from writing ‘Change of State’, so who knows, maybe we’ll head into the studio again soon.