After a hectic summer of festivals and currently in them middle of a string of UK tour dates, we caught up with rising electronic stars, Nimmo about inspirations, life in a band, the importance of live music venues and more! Watch the brand new, official video for their track ‘Dancing Makes Us Brave’ below and then get to know them a little bit more in our interview with them.

Festival season was pretty hectic for you, how was it as a whole for you? Any particular highlights or funny stories? 

It’s been great, I think Secret Garden Party and Bestival were definite faves. Field Day was pretty funny, though, as we blew the sound system before our last song and ended up performing our track ‘Unyoung’ without any sound at all, meaning I had to hang off the end of the stage and spend a lot of time almost in the audience to hear what was going on. Sometimes those moments of chaos live can be what makes the gig… sometimes not, though, haha.

You’ve shared some of the inspirations and subjects for some of your music, some of which have been quite personal, would you say that the more personal the inspiration for the song, the easier or harder it is to create? 

Much easier. Even if a song isn’t directly about an experience of my own, if I’m writing lyrics about something it’s always because something has moved me personally or made me think. Writing lyrics is a very insular thing for me, so naturally the subject matter always holds personal significance.

You’ve said before that you’ve used the fear of your parents dying as a subject before, we think that’s a fear that most people can relate to, but what caused such a focus on it?

My Dad’s parents both passed away in the same year when he was in his early twenties, so I never got to meet them. They’ve always existed in my mind as still images framed on my family home mantel piece. I guess coming into my mid-twenties I started to really think about what he went through and imagined my kids one day only ever knowing my parents through photographs. This was what inspired me to write the lyrics; as the track developed, the song became more of a celebration of life, an anthem for living, rather than a song about fearing death.

You’ve both been playing together for quite some time now, is it true that you rarely argue? If so, what tips would you give to other musicians working together to avoid fallouts? 

Yeah, we don’t ever argue! We spend a lot of time together, but still really respect each others space. It’s also super important to remember that what you’re doing needs to be fun. Go out and get silly together. Being in a band with your mates is only hard when you take it too seriously.

Sarah and Reva, you’re becoming quite the LGBT icons, how do you feel about this? And who would you say your own icons are?

(Laughs) Are we? That is a massive compliment. We both definitely feel great about it.

Revas Icons: Frank Ocean, Sarah Nimmo

Sarah’s icons: George Michael, Reva Gauntlett

You’re currently amidst a string of UK tour dates?  Have you got anything in particular planned?

Yes we do! We’re playing a few newbies off the album, which is exciting and we’ve been playing out our cover of Rui Da Silva’s ‘Touch Me’ which has been going off! It’s become a real highlight of the live set.

You recently spoke out on Facebook about the closure on Fabric, which I think we can all agree was tragic. How important do you think it is for us to try and keep as many live music venues open as possible? 

I think its extremely important. I can speak for myself on a personal level and say that it was the discovery of club culture that helped shape me as a person. When coming out, clubs were a haven of personal discovery. Finding pockets to exist without judgement or social conditioning meant me and Reva found ourselves quickly and with huge ease. We used to go to Gay nights at the Scala and also drum n bass nights at Fabric. Music is such a unifying force and without these pockets in London, I wonder what other illegal and far less safe places I would have found myself in. Dancing does make us brave and that should never be discouraged.

We noticed you’ve been doing some work in your Room 5 studio, can you tell us a bit more about that? 

Yeah! our Room 5 Studio is basically our home; we work there, party there and sometimes sleep there. We’ve just recorded a cover series EP in there, which was really fun. we wrote and recorded everything in our little room, which was really nice. The tracks have a really raw vibe about them, which we love. We have also been throwing some parties! We did one after carnival, where Formation DJ’d and Tom Dinsdale from the Audio Bullys. I think I got up and did a set too, but I have a feeling it was just Madonna – Like a prayer on repeat. Soz everyone!

You’ve got an album coming out soon, we’re very excited for it, what should we expect from it? 

Yes, we do and we are SO excited about sharing it! There’re some 5am vibes on there, there is some really fun pop and some darker dance moments too. All the songs mean so much to us; the album is a full on live dancey affair, with a big, big soul.