Mutes ‘Overfed’ everyone at their headline show to follow up the band’s latest single release.

Before Mutes took stage for probably the trillionth time, they had support from a new band Robert Craig Oulton, and as much as they’re fresh faced, their musicianship is one of old souls. Tasteful indie rock that threw out Peter Gabrielesque melodies (weirdly) and colours of classic beaten drum, perfectly clean guitar tones and polite and humble vocals. They’re a bit of a weird one to put your finger on, even more reason to see them and make your own mind up on Robert’s potential influences.

Mutes, Mutes, Mutes. If you’re familiar with the post-punk/ garage rock/ indie scene that Birmingham is forever humble and casual about, then you will have absolutely, definitely come across the ambient and loud post-punk noise of James Brown, who is almost becoming the face of Brum’s unsigned, underground infestation of top notch musos. There is no denying that this boy can play guitar, like seriously; it’s terrifying that this unexpected level of guitar fingering and expert pedal tapping exists and is most likely the reason he also plays for Birmingham’s other beast band God Damn. Mute’s songs, however, do all seem to merge into one – and usually there would be something boring about this – but for some reason not in this case and brings to a conclusion that it’s all part of the whirlwind, intense maximum sweat level live performance of Mutes. You should definitely go and listen to their latest single ‘Overfed‘ and generally show them some love.

‘Overfed’ by Mutes is available to stream on Spotify via FOMA.