• Novaa tackles technological infatuation in her new single

    November 12, 2019  /  Novaa


    Experimental pop artist Novaa is back with the intriguing ‘AI Am In Love’. The first outing to be released from her newly announced album The Futurist, the new single explores both the current and [READ MORE]

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  • B. Hamilton has released the emotive ‘Song for T.W.’

    November 12, 2019  /  B. Hamilton

    The second offering from B. Hamilton’s Nothing and Nowhere, we’ve been treated to the incredibly personal and emotive ‘Song for T.W’. The track comes alongside the release of the full length. Narratively the [READ MORE]

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  • Hayes & Y’s latest is anything but a ‘Disaster’

    November 12, 2019  /  Hayes & Y


    Full of high energy dance melodies, Hayes & Y are at their best on new effort ‘Disaster’. Written thanks to the world’s obsession of false celebrity culture, Hayes & Y are bringing [READ MORE]

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  • Emily Jackson will travel to the ‘Ends Of The Earth’

    November 11, 2019  /  Emily Jackson


    Channelling high-octane 80s pop, singer-songwriter Emily Jackson debuts her new outing ‘Ends Of The Earth’. The titular song from her forthcoming 2020 EP, the track is an energetic mission statement that perfectly [READ MORE]

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  • Aunty Social just wants to ‘Crack A Deal’

    November 11, 2019  /  Aunty Social


    Aunty Social muses her former desk-job life in the left-field pop of ‘Crack A Deal’. Taken from her aptly titled debut EP The Day My Brain Broke, the new single conjures an arresting [READ MORE]

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  • Berlin’s FAEM release reggae-infused ‘Keep Me Up’

    November 11, 2019  /  FAEM

    Your new favourite indie-pop trio FAEM, have released a reggae-infused bop in the form of ‘Keep Me Up’. The track is their first ‘proper’ release since ‘Demons Play’ which was self-released and [READ MORE]

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