• Sophia Gripari shares silky new single ‘Gravity’

    January 23, 2019  /  Sophia Gripari

    Location: Boston, MA FFO: Soleima, Clara Label: Unsigned Smooth, soulful, and effortlessly chill, Sophia Gripari‘s latest single ‘Gravity’ is silky pop-fused R&B at its finest. Revolving around a relationship fraught with conflict, it’s turbulent [READ MORE]

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  • From one living room to another, Stray Fossa release ‘Swells’

    January 23, 2019  /  Stray Fossa


    Location: Charlottesville, VA, United States FFO: Camp Howard, Video Age Label: Unsigned Straight out of their living room, Stray Fossa release their first single of the year ‘Swells’. Taking their [READ MORE]

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  • US Hip-Hop artist Abrax Phaeton releases ‘Beautiful Girl/Flings’

    January 23, 2019  /  Abrax Phaeton


    Location: United States FFO: Matt McGhee, Kenny Fields Label: Unsigned Abrax Phaeton has released his latest single ‘Beautiful Girl/Flings’, featuring Jeff Kush and Brandon From Addison. The hip-hop beat consists of [READ MORE]

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  • MIO bares all with latest single ‘Nude’

    January 22, 2019  /  MIO


    Location: United Kingdom FFO: ORKID, Bellhouse, ISA Label: Island Records UK Swedish newcomer MIO releases the latest single ‘Nude’, from the electric debut EP ‘So what do we do now?’. The softest [READ MORE]

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  • Hajk release latest soaring single ‘Breathe’

    January 22, 2019  /  Hajk


    Location: Oslo, Norway FFO: dePresno, Alfred Hall, Emilie Nocolas Label: Jansen Records Hajk release the fourth and final single ‘Breathe’, from their upcoming album ‘Drama’ out February 15th. Taking to the [READ MORE]

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  • The Parachute Brigade showcase their tranquil brand of indie-folk on ‘Wanderer’

    January 22, 2019  /  The Parachute Brigade

    Location: West Virginia, US FFO: Fleet Foxes, Iron and Wine Label: Unsigned “A parachute slows you down and brings you to safety, that’s what music does for us and we want to [READ MORE]

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