• Learn that ‘Babies Are A Lie’ with Amsterdam’s Pip Blom

    September 19, 2017  /  Pip Blom


    Location: Amsterdam FFO: Gurr, The Courtneys, Dream Wife Label: Nice Swan Records New track ‘Babies Are A Lie’ combines warming guitars and string accompaniment all centred around Pip’s undeniable gift for a standout [READ MORE]

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  • Puppet Rebellion prove how powerful they are with ‘Slave’

    September 19, 2017  /  Puppet Rebellion


    Location: Manchester FFO: Nothing But Thieves, The Blinders, Glass Caves Label: Unsigned With their debut album coming out later this year in November, Puppet Rebellion have released ‘Slave’. A track where everything about it demands [READ MORE]

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  • Get energised with Basement Bout’s ‘Facelift’

    September 19, 2017  /  Basement Bout


    Location: Vaxjö, Sweden FFO: King Nun, Baby Strange, The Bay Rays Label: Unsigned Full of energy, Sweden’s Basement Bout have released ‘Facelift’ the first new track of many to come our way and if this one [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Stuttering Mind’ is another fuzzy banger from Honey Lung

    September 18, 2017  /  Honey Lung


    Location: London FFO: Yak, Kagoule Label: RYP Recordings   Following the fantastic ‘Sophomore’, Honey Lung have gifted us with another brilliantly fuzzy beast of a track. Despite starting off delicately, [READ MORE]

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  • Time to ‘Go To’ Bassh in his smashing debut

    September 14, 2017  /  Bassh


    Location: Belfast / Nashville FFO: Cage The Elephant, Blossoms, Label: Unknown ‘Go To’ is the incredible indie rock debut UK single from Bassh (Belfast-born vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Jimmy Brown of North Carolina [READ MORE]

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  • Party Hardly blow brains in rollicking new track ‘Mindchanger’

    September 14, 2017  /  Party Hardly


    Location: Leeds, UK FFO: The Orielles, Happyness, Splashh Label: Unknown Party Hardly blow brains in rollicking new track ‘Mindchanger’. The Leeds four-piece build on their sludgy indie rock sound with bombastic aplomb, dragging [READ MORE]

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  • The Actions get charitable with latest single ‘Let’s Talk’

    September 14, 2017  /  The Actions


    Location: London, UK FFO: Garbage, The Kills, The Distillers Label: Available now via I Give You Give for a donation. All the income raised will go entirely to MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctor [READ MORE]

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  • Sœur’s ‘Left Living’ will leave you sore

    September 13, 2017  /  Sœur'

    Location: Bristol FFO: Demob Happy, Tigercub Label: Unsigned Bristol three piece Sœur return with ‘Left Living’ following the release of their ‘What Separates Us’ EP in March and a series of festival appearances over [READ MORE]

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  • Family Jools revel in rock on ‘American Dream’

    September 9, 2017  /  Family Jools

    Location: Bristol FFO: The Strokes, U2 Label: End Of The Trail Records Many of the best motifs of rock music are packed into this two minute track. A Strokes opening riff blends [READ MORE]

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  • Dama Scout’s ‘Sugar’ is Shoegaze gone Sour

    September 8, 2017  /  Dama Scout


    Location: Glasgow/London FFO: YOWL, Goat Girl Label: Hand In Hive Sampling shoegaze and a stoned punk sound, Dama Scout mix the bitter and the sweet on ‘Sugar’. Drowned and drowsy guitars build [READ MORE]

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  • Barns Courtney ‘Kicks’ out the jams on new track

    September 8, 2017  /  Barns Courtney

    Location: London FFO: Bishop Briggs, BANNERS Label: Virgin EMI Channeling churning guitars and stomping drums Barns Courtney’s latest track packs punk rock punches. A stripped back distorted verse makes way for what [READ MORE]

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  • Champion Electric’s ‘Trem’ is a glorious light-hearted ballad

    September 7, 2017  /  Champion Electric


    Location: Nashville FFO: The Sherlocks Label: Unsigned ‘Trem’ is a light-hearted ballad from Champion Electric that illuminates the hide-and-seek nature of relationships. With a youthful approach of pool days and [READ MORE]

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  • Cassia produce a pure bop from their new tune ‘Sink’

    September 5, 2017  /  Cassia


    Location: Macclesfield FFO: Circa Waves, Get Inuit Label: Unknown Having just played at Reading and Leeds Festival, Cassia are taking over the world by storm. On ‘Sink’, the band say: “Sink is [READ MORE]

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  • Rome Is Not A Town produce kick-ass anthem ‘I’m In A Brand’

    September 5, 2017  /  Rome Is Not A Town


    Location: Sweden FFO: True Moon, Solen Label: Startracks Rome Is Not A Town produce a noisy indie rock sound that just gets right into the hearts of everyone, with a [READ MORE]

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  • A reaction to Bowie’s death, Catholic Action release ‘Black & White’

    September 5, 2017  /  Catholic Action


    Location: Glasgow FFO: The Lapelles, Heavy Rapids Label: Luv Luv Records Soft, vocals and a heavy beat make up ‘Black & White’. Starting off slow, then lamenting itself into a [READ MORE]

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  • Lon Lon’s ‘Bulletproof’ is superb Californian garage rock

    September 4, 2017  /  LON LON


    Location: California FFO: The Strokes, The Hives Label: Independent   Lon Lon are a “sexually-charged salsa band from muggy Tijuana” who make fantastic garage rock reminiscent of Is This It [READ MORE]

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  • Liverpool’s Sugarmen reveal vital new track ‘Push Button Age’

    September 1, 2017  /  Sugarmen


    Location: Liverpool FFO: The Shimmer Band, Paves Label: Modern Sky Entertainment   Fresh off the Reading and Leeds BBC introducing stage, Liverpool indie quartet Sugarmen have unveiled one of their [READ MORE]

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  • Otherkin deliver again on ‘Come On, Hello’

    September 1, 2017  /  Otherkin


    Location: Dublin FFO: Tigercub, Demob Happy Label: Rubyworks   Garage-rockers Otherkin have been generating significant buzz ahead of their debut album OK, out 29th September, and continue to keep the [READ MORE]

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  • Safe To Swim ‘Ride Away’ on their epic new anthem

    August 31, 2017  /  Safe To Swim


    Location: Brighton, UK FFO: Get Inuit, Marsicans, JAWS Label: Self-released Safe To Swim ‘Ride Away’ on their epic new anthem. The Brighton band return in the wake of their previous single ‘Pretty In [READ MORE]

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  • Sydney’s Even As We Speak have ‘Such A Good Feeling’

    August 31, 2017  /  Even As We Speak


    Location: Sydney, Australia FFO: Teenage Fanclub, Alvvays Label: Emotional Response Sydney band Even As We Speak have ‘Such A Good Feeling’ on their new effort. Evoking echoes of cult band Teenage Fanclub and Alvvays, the [READ MORE]

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  • Get it down with The Pale White’s new track ‘Downer’

    August 24, 2017  /  The Pale White


    Location: Newcastle FFO: Cassia, Blaenavon, Fronteers Label: Ignition 45s Produced by John Martindale and the band at Blank Studios, ‘Downer’ is an energetic, stand to attention indie-rock track that holds no prisoners. Speaking of [READ MORE]

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  • Louisiana based guitar rockers Camps release incredible debut ‘High Heads’

    August 23, 2017  /  Camps


    Location: Louisiana FFO: Milk Teeth Label: Independent   On their very first release, Louisiana band Camps create a powerful sense of urgency with ‘High Heads’. Their aggressive brand of garage [READ MORE]

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  • Leeds’ Fizzy Blood unveil energetic ‘ADHD’ ahead of R+L performance

    August 21, 2017  /  Fizzy Blood


    Location: Leeds FFO: Weirds, Asylums, Fangclub Label: Killing Moon Explosive and guttural, FIZZY BLOOD are aptly named and causing a stir. The rising Leeds band release new single ‘ADHD’ today, which erupts with unhinged energy, ahead [READ MORE]

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  • Brooklyn four-piece Mars Motel share the nostalgic ‘Green’

    August 17, 2017  /  Mars Motel - Green


    Location: Brooklyn, New York, U.S FFO: Wesley Wynne, Bear’s Den Label: Self-released Brooklyn four-piece Mars Motel share the bittersweet and nostalgic sound of ‘Green’. Recounting the loss of a loved one, the [READ MORE]

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  • New Carnival hit the jackpot on ‘Solid Gold’

    August 16, 2017  /  New Carnival


    Location: Bristol FFO: Bad Sounds, HAUS, King No-One Label: Unsigned New Carnival’s ‘Solid Gold’ is quite literally a solid gold track. Great vocals, production and an unbeatable infectious feel to it, what more could [READ MORE]

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  • Rare Monk discover their ‘Power’ in their latest track

    August 14, 2017  /  Rare Monk


    Location: Portland, Oregon. US FFO: We Are Scientists, Dutch Uncles Label: Self-released Portland natives Rare Monk share the rattle-pop stomp of their latest release ‘Power’. Echoing iconic indie rock bands such as We Are Scientists [READ MORE]

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  • Sleeping Wolf channel Muse on ‘Silent Ones’

    August 14, 2017  /  Sleeping Wolf


    Location: Los Angeles FFO: Muse, Death From Above 1979 Label: Independent   The title track of their new EP, ‘The Silent Ones’ is a Muse-esque politically charged banger that’s “as [READ MORE]

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  • FUR deliver romantic rock at its finest with ‘Not Enough’

    August 11, 2017  /  FUR


    Location: Brighton FFO: The Magic Gang, The Orielles, Willie J Healey Label: Unsigned Yet another exciting band to come from the seaside town of Brighton, four-piece FUR deliver classic vibes in the [READ MORE]

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  • NAH. unfurl their psychedelic world with new single ‘Flying’

    August 11, 2017  /  NAH.


    Location: Washington DC, US FFO: Tame Impala, Beach House Label: Unknown DC five-piece NAH. unveil their newest release ‘Flying’. Merging lo-fi indie-rock vibes with a penchant for psychedelia, the band concoct an atmospheric sound that [READ MORE]

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  • Palm Honey find their swagger in ‘Hot Simian Weather’

    August 11, 2017  /  Palm Honey


    Location: London, UK FFO: The Kills, The Big Moon, Willie J Healey Label: Untitled Recordings Palm Honey strike a sultry rock groove in their latest single ‘Hot Simian Weather’. The London-based four-piece weave [READ MORE]

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  • Bloody Beach attack and lay back on latest single ‘Au Revoir’

    August 10, 2017  /  Bloody Beach


    Location: Bergen, Norway FFO: The Sun in her Eyes , Young Dreams Label: Brilliance Records On ‘Au Revoir’ Bloody Beach push Mac to the max. Taking the wobbly guitar lines of Mac Demarco, they [READ MORE]

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  • Prawn share first track ‘North Lynx’ from upcoming album ‘Run’

    August 10, 2017  /  Prawn


    Location: Ridgewood, NJ FFO: Brand New, American Football Label: Topshelf Records On September 22, Ridgewood, NJ’s Prawn will release their new album entitled Run via Topshelf Records. Here, is the [READ MORE]

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  • First track from Almost Kennedy’s forthcoming EP, ‘Heard Them Talk’

    August 10, 2017  /  Almost Kennedy


    Location: Ottawa, Canada FFO: Riscas, Five Days North Label: Unsigned Largely influenced by modern British indie/alt-rock bands, this quartet is set out to make waves in the coming months with their new EP, [READ MORE]

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  • Best Behaviour become self aware on new track ‘Say’

    August 10, 2017  /  Best Behaviour

    Location: Brooklyn FFO: The Britany’s, The Undercover Dream Lovers Label: Unsigned Touching on the some of the social challenges lead singer and songwriter, Alex Gruenberg has endured in the past. Growing up in [READ MORE]

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  • NY Trash Wave band Pink Elephant bring ‘Around Your Neck’

    August 10, 2017  /  Pink Elephant


    Location: New York, USA FFO: Sonic Youth, The Pixies Label: 20 Blood Records The title track from Pink Elephant‘s 2nd full length album. Hailing from Rochester, NY, Trash Wave psychos Pink [READ MORE]

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  • Join Cheap Shades on their Journey in latest track ‘Road Rider’

    August 9, 2017  /  Cheap Shades


    Location: Copenhagen, Denmark FFO: Thee Oh Sees, The Brian Jonestown Massacre Label: Unsigned Cheap Shades take garage rock out of the garage in their latest effort. It is a roadtrip through surf and psychedelia [READ MORE]

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  • HYLA cram chaos and carnage into ‘Fraction’

    August 9, 2017  /  HYLA


    Location: Perth, Australia FFO: Ty Segall, Black Lips Label: LXVI Records In HYLA‘s  latest track the glass is neither half empty nor half full, but overflowing. Noise, effects and vocals cram into [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Common Ground’ by Fangclub is as cathartic as it is catchy

    August 4, 2017

    Location: Dublin FFO: Strange Bones, BlackWaters Label: Universal Music Ireland   With the release of the eagerly awaited self-titled album from Dublin rockers Fangclub, ‘Common Ground’ is a fast paced [READ MORE]

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  • The Vryll Society crash through with ‘Shadow Of A Wave’

    August 3, 2017  /  The Vryll Society


    Location: Liverpool FFO: White Room, Get Inuit Label: Deltasonic Records Having just unveiled a headline tour with fellow indie rockers, White Room, The Vryll Society deliver yet another banger which [READ MORE]

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  • Atlas Wynd – You’re On My Mind

    July 31, 2017  /  Atlas Wynd


    Location: Brighton FFO: Demob Happy, Husky Loops Label: Meltdown Music Productions   One half of their new double A side, ‘You’re On My Mind’ is Atlas Wynd at their best. [READ MORE]

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  • Warbly Jets – 4th Coming Bomb

    July 31, 2017  /  Warbly Jets


    Location: Los Angeles FFO: Jagwar Ma, Telegram Label: Independent   Taken from their upcoming self-titled debut album (out this October) ‘4th Coming Bomb’ starts deceivingly softly before exploding into a [READ MORE]

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  • Broken Baby – Bullets or Bummer

    July 29, 2017  /  Broken Baby


    Location: Los Angeles, US FFO: Death Valley Girls, Meatbdies Label: Unsigned A strutting track that oozes attitude. Broken Baby is the latest project from Alex Dezen and features his partner, [READ MORE]

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  • CHUCK – New Yorker

    July 28, 2017  /  CHUCK


    Location: New York, US FFO: Magana Label: Kudos Records Moving on from the folk orientated sound of 2016’s ‘My Band is a Computer’, New Yorker is the lead single from [READ MORE]

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  • The Montreals – deadheads

    July 27, 2017  /  The Montreals


    Location: Adelaide, Australia FFO: Trudy and the Romance, Dune Rats, The Night Cafe Label: The A&R Department Australian four-piece The Montreals share their riotous new single ‘deadheads’. Underpinned with rattling [READ MORE]

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  • Glass Peaks – I’m Okay

    July 27, 2017  /  Glass Peaks


    Location: Bexleyheath, UK FFO: Get Inuit, Shanghai Blues, Marsicans Label: Rebel Rebel Artists Glass Peaks return with their bold new track ‘I’m Okay’. With clashing drums, gurning guitars and angsty vocals, the track [READ MORE]

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  • Sun Seeker – Won’t Keep Me Up At Night

    July 27, 2017  /  Sun Seeker


    Location: Nashville, U.S. FFO: Chimney, Steelism, Lo Tom Label: Third Man Records Nashville natives Sun Seeker share their latest single ‘Won’t Keep Me Up At Night’. The track is a melancholy, laid-back [READ MORE]

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  • Rylands Heath – Skin

    July 26, 2017  /  RH


    Location: Luton FFO: The Night Café, The Magic Gang Label: Unsigned   On their 10th release this year, Luton’s Rylands Heath show no signs of slowing down. The brilliant ‘Skin’ [READ MORE]

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  • TRASHCLUB – ‘Crystal Chandelier’

    July 26, 2017  /  TRASHCLUB


    Location: Los Angeles, U.S FFO: Waves, Japandroids Label: Position Music With the drive of early Waves, and the infectious fury of Japandroids, LA duo TRASHCLUB’s latest single packs as much [READ MORE]

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  • Eli Forrest – What I Needed

    July 26, 2017  /  Eli Forrest


    Location: Los Angeles, U.S FFO: Brandon Luedtke, Death Saddle Syndicate Label: Unsigned Hot on the heels of his ‘Intertwined’ EP, this latest single from Eli Forrest gradually builds from solo, acoustic [READ MORE]

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  • No Rehearsal – Can’t Stand It

    July 25, 2017  /  No Rehearsal


    Location: Texas FFO: Hippo Campus, Bad Suns, Circa Waves, The 1975 Label: Unsigned The band’s focus is to break the notion that “young people”  have no music of both technical [READ MORE]

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  • Ullysses Wells – What It Takes

    July 24, 2017  /  Ulysses Wells


    Location: UK FFO: The White Stripes, Royal Blood Label: Independent   Following their massive debut ‘Taste It’, four months ago, Ulysses Wells have delivered another massive rocky tune, reminiscent of [READ MORE]

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  • Bel Heir – Washed Up

    July 21, 2017  /  Bel Heir


    Location: Philadelphia, U.S FFO: DWNTWN, Lovelife, ASTR Label: Bel Heir Music/ FACTION Management Philadelphia three-piece Bel Heir debut ‘Washed Up’. The title track of their forthcoming EP, ‘Washed Up’ encapsulates [READ MORE]

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  • Brass Phantoms – City Of Wolves

    July 21, 2017  /  Brass Phantoms


    Location: Dublin, Ireland FFO: Fangclub, Otherkin, All Tvvins Label: Slick Mantis Records   Dublin band Brass Phantoms return with their latest track ‘City of Wolves’. After gaining support from Spotify [READ MORE]

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  • Superfood- Unstoppable

    July 21, 2017  /  Superfood

    Location: Birmingham, UK FFO: Bad Sounds, Gorillaz, Ratboy Label: Dirty Hit   Superfood are back with their massive new track ‘Unstoppable’. Channelling ska influence into their indie rock sound, the [READ MORE]

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  • Anna Tosh – Weightless

    July 19, 2017  /  Anna Tosh


    Location: London FFO: Marika Hackman Label: Espirit De Corps A soul-infused alt-rock groove, as cool as midnight in Reykjavik and performed by a band as intuitive and tight-knit as sometimes only [READ MORE]

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  • Tinsmith – To Love You

    July 19, 2017  /  Tinsmith


    Location: Sydney, Australia FFO: Affairs, The Sherlocks Label: Independent The nomadic nature of the band’s writing process is reflected through “To Love You”, a song which presses forward with newfound [READ MORE]

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  • The Shakers – Guess Who

    July 14, 2017  /  The Shakers


    Location: London FFO: The 70s, Wavves Label: Infinity Cactus Records   South London five piece The Shakers offer a nostalgic yet ever so fresh sounding piece of slack rock in [READ MORE]

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  • Beach Riot – Slackers

    July 12, 2017  /  Beach Riot


    Location: London/Brighton FFO: King Nun, VANT Label: Independent   Their newest single ‘Slackers’ leaves the band stripped with nothing to hide but only their distinctive rawness. On the song’s inspiration, [READ MORE]

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  • Fever Dream – Youth (Is Wasted On The Old)

    July 12, 2017  /  Fever Dream


    Location: London FFO: Thee Oh Sees, Desperate Journalist Label: Club AC30   Taken from their upcoming second album ‘Squid’ (out 29th September), ‘Youth’ is a perfectly nostalgic slice of shoegaze [READ MORE]

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  • Dead Parties – 93

    July 11, 2017  /  Dead Parties


    Location: Barcelona / Melbourne FFO: Tame Impala, The Horrors Label: Unsigned Dead Parties are an alternative band that draws on many influences including psychedelia, shoegaze, dream pop and alternative 90s. ’93’ [READ MORE]

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  • BANFI – She Comes Home

    July 10, 2017  /  BANFI


    Location: London FFO: Phoenix, The 1975 Label: Communion Records   ‘She Comes Home’ is the next chapter in Banfi’s story. Following in the footsteps of ‘Happy When You Go’ and ‘Rosedale [READ MORE]

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  • Loud Forest – I’m Not Your Girl

    July 7, 2017  /  Loud Forest


    Location: Los Angeles, USA FFO: Yoke Lore, Goodwood Atoms, Bien Label: Independent Loud and proud. Loud Forest have given us a killer track with ‘I’m Not Your Girl’, you’ll be [READ MORE]

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  • Eldoradio – China House

    July 4, 2017  /  Eldoradio


    Location: Sweden FFO: Pale Honey, The Libertines Label: Welfare Sounds & Records Mixing up some post-punk, garage rock sounds, Eldoradio have been named Sweden’s answer to The Libertines. ‘China House’ is the [READ MORE]

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  • Baby Strange – Young Team

    July 3, 2017  /  Baby Strange

    Location: Glasgow FFO: Jaws, Splashh, Gengahr Label: Ignition With a new EP set for release this month, Baby Strange have shared ‘Young Team’ with us, and we could not be more excited [READ MORE]

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  • Quiet Hollers – Wheel

    July 3, 2017  /  Quiet Hollers


    Location: Louisville FFO: Susto, Dead Man Winter Label: sonaBLAST! Records Expanding their shape-shifting palate to include vintage drum machines and samples, Quiet Hollers raise questions of spirituality, sexuality, and mental illness to [READ MORE]

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    July 3, 2017  /  FOREVER CULT


    Location: Leeds FFO: Bloody Knees, Fizzy Blood Label: Clue Records Following ‘Codeine’, ‘Glass Eye’ is another frantic cut that showcases the development of the Forever Cult sound, creating their most [READ MORE]

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  • DD Allen – Rebecca’s Curse

    June 30, 2017  /  DD Allen


    Location: Bournemouth FFO: Declan Mckenna Label: Long Day Records Ltd If you’re in need of a classic rock song, look no further than DD Allen‘s brand new release ‘Rebecca’s Curse’. [READ MORE]

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  • The Snuts – What’s Going On?

    June 30, 2017  /  The Snuts


    Location: West Lothian, Scotland FFO: Arctic Monkeys Label: Unsigned Having already taken the Scottish scene by storm, indie-rockers The Snuts have brought out yet another indie-rock anthem with ‘What’s Going On?’. [READ MORE]

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  • BOYS – Dreamland

    June 29, 2017  /  BOYS


    Location: London FFO: Wild Nothing, Real Estate, Beach Fossils Label: Unknown Jangly dream pop quartet BOYS have announced the forthcoming release of Dreamland, the lead single and title-track from their second [READ MORE]

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  • Sure Sure – Friends

    June 29, 2017  /  Sure Sure


    Location: Los Angeles, USA FFO: Get Inuit, Blossoms Label: Danger Village Music ‘Friends’, is the perfect ode to the lovelorn dreamer. Touching on the difficulties of love, this track relays the [READ MORE]

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  • girls – The Abstracts

    June 28, 2017  /  The Abstracts


    Location: San Diego, CA FFO: Blossoms, Get Inuit Label: Seafoam Records The Abstracts are an indie surf rock band based in the beaches of San Diego, CA who are releasing their debut [READ MORE]

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  • Gaspar Sanz – Watch You Go

    June 27, 2017  /  Gaspar Sanz


    Location: Australia FFO: Imagine Dragons, Bad Sounds, The Van T’s Label: Unsigned The second single to come from Gaspar Sanz, ‘Watch You Go’ is a high energy track with spidery [READ MORE]

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  • The Van T’s – Fresh Meat

    June 23, 2017  /  The Van T's

    Location: Glasgow FFO: Wolf Alice, Nirvana Label: Lab Records   The Van T’s are an upcoming Scottish quartet who are about to blow up massively. Their new track ‘Fresh Meat’ is dirty [READ MORE]

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  • Larkins – Sugar Sweet

    June 22, 2017  /  Larkins


    Location: Manchester FFO: Marsicans, Riscas Label: Scruff Of The Neck Manchester four-piece Larkins return with their latest single ‘Sugar Sweet’. Jangly guitars, tropical tones and anthemic choruses abound, ‘Sugar Sweet’ is a [READ MORE]

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  • Antonioni – Love Is A Landmark

    June 21, 2017  /  Antonioni


    Location: Seattle, USA FFO: Mothers, Chastity Belt, Jay Som Label: Den Tapes Seattle’s Antonioni crafts dreamy, grunge-tinged indie rock around the songwriting of vocalist/guitarist Sarah Pasillas. Antonioni released their first record, [READ MORE]

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  • Fizzy Blood – Summer Of Luv

    June 19, 2017  /  Fizzy Blood


    Location: Leeds FFO: Asylums, Weirds, The Shimmer Band Label: Killing Moon Another instalment of fizz from out favourite alt-rockers, Fizzy Blood, this time they’re getting us ready for a summer full of good [READ MORE]

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  • Atlas Wynd – Eyes Fixed On The Sun

    June 19, 2017  /  Atlas Wynd


    Location: Brighton FFO: The Wytches, Banfi, Get Inuit Label: Unsigned ‘Eyes Fixed On The Sun’ is a deceptively breezy summer tune, but when the guitar comes crashing into the chorus [READ MORE]

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  • Ikiryo – Feathers On The Magpie

    June 19, 2017  /  Ikiryo


    Location: Sweden FFO: Nirvana, Coheed & Cambria, At The Drive In Label: Unsigned A mix of alt-rock shoegaze, filled with hard-hitting tones and melodic landscapes, Sweden’s Ikiryo have really treated us here with [READ MORE]

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  • The Night Café – Felicity

    June 16, 2017  /  The Night Café


    Location: Liverpool, UK FFO: The Wombats, Airways Label: Kobalt Taken from their anticipated forthcoming second EP, ‘Felicity’ is an enthusiastic return from Liverpool indie-rockers The Night Café. With jangly guitar [READ MORE]

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  • M I S F I R E S – Do You Wanna?

    June 16, 2017  /  M I S F I R E S

    https://open.spotify.com/track/1xsoAgWVimrkGADnP14pdV Read more
  • Wild Front – Physics

    June 16, 2017  /  Wild Front

    https://open.spotify.com/track/5FTS0Xz4ajpffIsPaskh7V Read more
  • Babe Punch – Control

    June 15, 2017  /  Babe Punch


    Location: Nottingham, UK FFO: Wolf Alice, Sløtface, Hole Label: Self-released Nottingham noise-makers Babe Punch return with their new single ‘Control’. Previously heard on their EP of their same name, ‘Control’ [READ MORE]

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  • The Wild Things – F.I.A.

    June 14, 2017  /  The Wild Things


    Location: London FFO: Anteros Label: Unsigned Premiered (shockingly) by BBC Radio London, The Wild Things are back with F.I.A (Fuck It All). Speaking about the track: “‘F.I.A. is about taking [READ MORE]

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  • Fabrics – Claws

    June 14, 2017  /  Fabrics


    Location: Basingstoke FFO: Foals Label: Unsigned Indie rockers FABRICS have released third single ‘CLAWS’ following the success of their previous singles, their forthcoming really captures the band’s contemporary sound.

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  • Colour Colour – Forgive & Forget

    June 10, 2017  /  Colour Colour


    Location: Unknown FFO: The Little Kicks Label: Unsigned   Not much is known about the elusive band known as Colour Colour, but with this and their previous track ‘Do Something Beautiful’, [READ MORE]

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  • Human Tooth – TRAMM

    June 9, 2017  /  Human Tooth


    Location: Mouth FFO: Eat Fast Label: Independent   Weekend Denim proudly announced the signing of Newcastle’s Human Tooth last month, alongside their raucous first single ‘Undo Drag’. Today, the Geordie quartet return [READ MORE]

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  • Seegulls – Eat, Lazarus, Eat

    June 9, 2017  /  Seegulls


    Location: Chester FFO: Nick Cave Label: Independent   Inspired by Nick Cave’s ‘Dig, Lazarus, Dig’, the Chester five-piece Seegulls ‘Eat, Lazarus, Eat’ is a punky, catchy and brilliant ode to a genius.

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  • Desperate Journalist – Why Are You So Boring?

    June 9, 2017  /  Desperate Journalist


    Location: London FFO: Eagulls, The Cure Label: Fierce Panda Records   Taken from their fantastic self-titled album, ‘Why Are You So Boring’ is a scathing, hilarious dig at a self-important, [READ MORE]

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  • Superglu – Welcome Home

    June 9, 2017  /  Superglu


    Location: Manningtree FFO: Baby Strange, Black Honey, The Magic Gang Label: Communion Records   SuperGlu make a mighty return with their new single ‘Welcome Home’. In keeping with their previous [READ MORE]

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  • Rooney – Second Chances

    June 9, 2017  /  Rooney


    Location: Los Angeles FFO: Metronomy, Arcade Fire Label: Backtrack   Despite having been around since the late 90s, L.A five-piece Rooney never fail to sound fresh. The band are about [READ MORE]

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