• JUMANJI take us all ‘Higher’ on their enthralling new track

    September 19, 2017  /  JUMANJI


    Location: Brighton FFO: Orchards, Fickle Friends Label: Unsigned Highly melodic, complete with dreamy riffs and an enviable level of indie infectiousness; Brighton-based indie-pop six-piece, JUMANJI, have seriously blown us away with ‘Higher’.  

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  • ‘Opalite’ by Martin Luke Brown is the catchiest thing you’ll hear this week

    September 18, 2017  /  Martin Luke Brown


    Location: London FFO: Leo Stannard,Will Joseph Cook Label: LAB Records   With a new, poppier sound, Martin Luke Brown’s newest release is one of those tracks that grabs your attention [READ MORE]

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  • Grace Mitchell’s ‘French Becky’ is a spite fuelled masterpiece

    September 18, 2017  /  Grace Mitchell


    Location: Portland FFO: Verité, I Blame Coco Label: Republic Records   Grace Mitchell’s latest follows a flawless string of very impressive singles. ‘Capital Letters’, ‘Come Back For You’, ‘Kids (Ain’t [READ MORE]

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  • Veronica Bianqui’s track ‘Victim’ has one hell of a powerful message

    September 17, 2017  /  Veronica Bianqui


    Location: California FFO: The Abigails, The Banks Label: Lolipop Records Garage-rock with an R&B twist, its Veronica Bianqui. With a powerful message infused in the lyrics, the track is a [READ MORE]

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  • Beauty Sleep don’t wake up ‘Until We See The Sun’

    September 15, 2017  /  Beauty Sleep


    Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland FFO: Pleasure Beach, Swimming Girls, Fairchild Label: Unknown Beauty Sleep don’t give up their, er, beauty sleep in new track ‘Until We See The Sun’. Taken from their forthcoming EP Nature Will [READ MORE]

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  • Wild Ones’ ‘Standing In The Back At Your Show’ is perfectly sedate dream pop

    September 15, 2017  /  Wild Ones


    Location: Portland FFO: Alvvays, Cults Label: Top Shelf Records   From their upcoming album Mirror Touch, ‘Standing In The Back At Your Show’ is the dreamy new single from Portland’s [READ MORE]

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  • Listen to the undeniable pop hit ‘Ride The Wave’ by Cosmos & Creature!

    September 15, 2017  /  Cosmos & Creature


    Location: California FFO: Fickle Friends, Attom Label: Unknown Transport yourself back to the summer sun, ‘Ride The Wave’ is the perfect tune to take you to pure tranquility. A poppy [READ MORE]

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  • Listen to BLOXX’s addictive new track ‘Coke’

    September 14, 2017  /  BLOXX


    Location: Uxbridge, UK. FFO: The Night Cafe, The Magic Gang Label: Chess Club With its indie rock riff and catchy chorus, this track is pop perfection and sure to be a [READ MORE]

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  • Get in high spirits with AMZY’s ‘Favorite Song’

    September 14, 2017  /  AMZY


    Location: Denver, Colorado FFO: Walk The Moon, Vampire Weekend, Fun Label: Unsigned An extremely upbeat track from Denver’s AMZY which will surely get you in high spirits in new single [READ MORE]

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  • Shamir’s new track throws it back to the ’90s Kids’

    September 14, 2017  /  Shamir

    Location: Philadelphia, U.S FFO: Perfume Genius, Lizzo, Kelela Label: Father/ Daughter Records Shamir throws it back to the ’90s’ Kids’ in his captivating new track. An ode to the meme generation with a wink [READ MORE]

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  • Don’t talk to ‘Strangers’ – listen to it!

    September 13, 2017  /  Katie Herzig


    Location: Nashville FFO: Erin McCarley, Lucy Schwarz Label: Marion-Lorraine Records ‘Strangers’ by Katie Herzig is the second single to be released from her upcoming sixth album ‘Moment of Bliss’ (expected in early 2018). The [READ MORE]

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  • Come and play with vverevvolf in their ‘Cruel Games’

    September 11, 2017  /  vverevvolf


    Location: California FFO: VICE REINE, New Spell Label: Unsigned On ‘Cruel Games’ Californian electro pop duo vverevvolf mix modern vocal delivery, heavy drums and a synth soundtrack similar to ‘Twin Peaks’. Two [READ MORE]

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  • Cape Cub are a band in bloom with ‘Flowers’

    September 11, 2017  /  Cape Cub

    Location: NE England FFO: XY&O, Nightly Label: LAB Records The first in a trio of singles to be released on LAB Records, ‘Flowers’ sees UK indie poppers Cape Cub incorporate [READ MORE]

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  • Bad Sounds make Good Music

    September 10, 2017  /  Bad Sounds

    Location: Bath FFO: The Magic Gang, Baby Strange Label: Insanity Records Mixing the funk grooves as heard on previous single ‘Living Alone’ but with added samples, ‘Hot Head Chippenham’ sees Bath band Bad [READ MORE]

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  • Lo-fi is the key in ‘Cephalaphoria’ from Radio Macbeth

    September 8, 2017  /  Radio Macbeth


    Location: Oregon FFO: Neutral Milk Hotel, Beulah Label: Unknown From their debut album, Bubblegum Wasteland, Radio Macbeth prove that lo-fi is the answer to the indie pop genre and delivers [READ MORE]

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  • Norway’s Pom Poko will make you better than ‘Fine’

    September 8, 2017  /  Pom Poko

    Location: Norway FFO: Hajk, Hvitmalt Gjerde Label: Unofficial Records With its swirling mix of synths, guitars and cowbells Norwegian art rockers Pom Poko sample many sounds on ‘You’ll Be Fine’, but manage to sound similar [READ MORE]

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  • Boniface subverts certainty with uncertainty on new track

    September 8, 2017  /  Boniface


    Location: Canada FFO: Micah Visser, Mabel’s Flight Label: Transgressive records On his latest single, Canadian alt popper Boniface combines complex lyrics with superb pop sensibilities. The song is a scrapbook of stolen images only [READ MORE]

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  • Hear Sea Girls and Get ‘Lost’ in near perfect pop

    September 8, 2017  /  Sea Girls

    Location: England FFO: The Night Cafe, Wild Front Label: Almanac Recordings Building on the success of the ‘Call Me Out’ EP indie pop outfit Sea Girls return with ‘Lost’. Packing [READ MORE]

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  • A glittering debut from boy-girl duo LOVE SICK in ‘Bullet’

    September 7, 2017  /  LOVE SICK


    Location: Glasgow / London FFO: Cherryade, Avante Black Label: Aesop / B3SCi Somewhat ironically, LOVE SICK have created an infectious, glittering indie pop number with none of the cliches which [READ MORE]

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  • Foreign Feeling sound anthemic on ‘Just Smile’

    September 6, 2017  /  Foreign Feeling


    Location: UK FFO: OUTLYA Label: Independent   Foreign Feeling is the solo project of electronic producer Tom Akoslovski. Involved in every aspect of the music, Akoslovski creates an ethereal pop [READ MORE]

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  • FOURS dazzle us with their intricate track ‘Tell Me In The Morning’

    September 5, 2017  /  FOURS

    Location: London FFO: The Night Cafe, Marsicans Label: Unknown FOURS are made up of Edith, Dan, Jezza and Luke creating ‘Tell Me In The Morning’, a delightfully delicate track, coupled powerful [READ MORE]

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  • SEAZOO ‘wow’ us with their pure fun-filled tune ‘Shoreline’

    September 5, 2017  /  SEAZOO


    Location: Wales FFO: Get Inuit, Bad Mood Label: Unknown Dorky, fun sounds, infectious lyrics, sounds amazing right? It definitely is. SEAZOO started out as nothing more but a bedroom-project in [READ MORE]

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  • Captivating guitars, sweeping synths, it’s Silver Wilson with ‘I’ll Be There’

    September 5, 2017  /  Silver Wilson


    Location: Leeds/Nottingham FFO: Circa Waves, Coasts Label: Unknown New single ‘I’ll Be There’ is a tropical electro infused indie-pop track that brings all the summer vibes straight to your ears. [READ MORE]

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  • Common Deer release poignant track ‘Glass’

    September 5, 2017  /  Common Deer


    Location: Toronto FFO: Fast Romantics, Begonia Label: Unknown Slow, poignant and beautiful. Only a few words do describe the beauty in this song by Common Deer. Jovial bass notes built [READ MORE]

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  • Brothers Prince release slow, romantic track ‘So Musical’

    September 5, 2017  /  Brothers Prince


    Location: Oakland FFO: Tom Odell, James Bay Label: Unknown A catchy romantic song to fill your ears, Brothers Prince have fit this down to a T. With slow guitars, and [READ MORE]

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  • Dama Scout raise the roof with their new track ‘Sugar’!

    September 5, 2017  /  Dama Scout


    Location: Glasgow/London FFO: The Big Moon, INHEAVEN Label: Unknown Glasgow/London trio Dama Scout have returned with stunning new single ‘Sugar’, the second track to come from their self-titled debut EP, [READ MORE]

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  • Trudy and the Romance release intricate ‘Is There A Place I Can Go’

    September 5, 2017  /  Trudy and the Romance


    Location: Liverpool FFO: Joy Again, Black Honey Label: Unknown On new single ‘Is There A Place I Can Go’, the trio’s dubbed ‘Mutant 50s Pop’ takes a more contemplative turn. [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Flyway’ is serenely brilliant new track from Graceland

    September 4, 2017  /  Graceland


    Location: UK FFO: Girl Ray Label: Label Fandango   Following ‘Flowers’ and ‘Fleetwood’, the fantastic Graceland have released the equally fabulous ‘Flyway’. Its dreamily picked guitar sets a mellow, serene [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Frostbeat’ is the perfectly chilled new track from Sad Palace

    September 1, 2017  /  Sad Palace


    Location: South Coast FFO: Sugarthief Label: Kissability   On their new track ‘Frostbeat’, south coast band Sad Palace create a perfectly chilled atmosphere, perfect for the changing seasons.

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  • Wafia’s ‘Bodies’ is a wondrous song about unity and strength

    September 1, 2017  /  Wafia


    Location: Australia FFO: Kllo, Meg Mac Label: Future Classic   Not many pop songs have such deep messages. Wafia wrote ‘Bodies’ “the day her Syrian family was denied permission to [READ MORE]

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  • John Errol’s new track is just ‘What You’re Looking For’

    August 31, 2017  /  John Errol


    Location: Los Angeles FFO: James Blake, Joseph of Mercury Label: Unsigned An anthem of self-love is the perfect way to round up newcomer John Errol‘s latest effort, ‘What You’re Looking For’. [READ MORE]

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  • Delicate and beautiful, Frøkedal means business on ‘LTF/Cracks’

    August 30, 2017  /  Frøkedal


    Location: Norway FFO: Girl Ray, Pumarosa, She Drew The Gun Label: Propellor Recordings Two captivating pieces of music, ‘LTF’ and ‘Cracks’ are similar in the sense that they both describe how feelings of [READ MORE]

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  • Moncrieff inspects the ‘Symptoms’ on his new cinematic track

    August 30, 2017  /  Moncrieff


    Location: London FFO: Jack Garratt, Rag’n’Bone Man Label: 0E0E A talented musician and singer, with alternative songwriting sensibilities, Moncrieff’s compositions combine a mix of both classic gritty blues and modern urban pop influences; [READ MORE]

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  • Have a cheeky listen to the Ratboy-esque track from SOCIAL STATE ‘Girl’.

    August 29, 2017  /  SOCIAL STATE

    Location: Birmingham FFO: RATBOY, Superfood, Vant Label: Unknown SOCIAL STATE hit the nail on the head with the perfect indie tune. Filled to the brim with catchy tunes, raps, and [READ MORE]

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  • The New Coast get anthemic on ‘Sleeptalk’

    August 29, 2017  /  The New Coast


    Location: Tunbridge Wells FFO: BLAJK, Gone In The Sun Label: LAB Records   The new release from Tunbridge Wells duo The New Coast is as anthemic as they come. Building [READ MORE]

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  • LA artist Linney astounds on ‘Always’

    August 28, 2017  /  Linney


    Location: Los Angeles FFO: The Katherines, Luna Aura Label: Call Me Carolina   After recently covering Sigrid and The Chainsmokers brilliantly, LA pop artist Linney has gifted us with original [READ MORE]

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  • Beach For Tiger release ‘Something Good’, which is a bit of an understatement

    August 28, 2017  /  Beach For Tiger


    Location: London FFO: NOVELLAS, The Magic Gang, Indigo Velvet Label: Independent   Since they first released ‘Coco’ in 2015, Born faves Beach For Tiger haven’t put a foot wrong. Their [READ MORE]

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  • “Mac Demarco meets The Supremes” on Raindrop’s ‘Only Hope’

    August 28, 2017  /  Raindrop


    Location: Sydney FFO: Mac Demarco, The Flaming Lips Label: Independent   There’s something about Australia that makes it keep churning out brilliant psychedelic sounding tracks. With its lo-fi recording and [READ MORE]

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  • Georgia Meeks is ‘Anti Social’ on new track

    August 25, 2017  /  Georgia Meek


    Location: UK FFO: Verité Label: Independent   Taken from her new EP Medicine, ‘Anti Social’ is a catchy yet thoughtful tune from UK experimental pop artist Georgia Meek. “Decide who [READ MORE]

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  • LA producer Wolfy releases near perfect indie pop banger ‘Solid Gold’

    August 25, 2017  /  Wolfy


    Location: Los Angeles FFO: Lucius, San Fermin Label: Independent   24 year old LA producer Wolfy has just released his debut EP which includes a load of great features as [READ MORE]

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  • Toronto band Pleasure Craft give it away on ‘Everybody Wants Some’

    August 25, 2017  /  Pleasure Craft


    Location: Toronto FFO: Radiohead, Lana Del Rey Label: Independent   Toronto’s Pleasure Craft is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist and producer Sam Lewis. His debut single ‘Everybody Wants Some’ is [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Same Same’ is the infectious new track from 6-piece Winston Surfshirt.

    August 24, 2017  /  Winston Surfshirt


    Location: Manly, Australia FFO: Simon On The Moon, Empire of the Sun Label: Sweat It Out Armed with a throbbing bassline, catchy chorus, and vibrant jazz-infused interludes, the track is complemented perfectly by [READ MORE]

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  • Anna of the North drop ‘Fire’ before their upcoming album Lovers

    August 23, 2017  /  Anna of the North


    Location: Scandinavia FFO: Kacy Hill, Verité Label: Different Recordings   With only two weeks to go until of the release of their debut album Lovers, Anna of the North today unveil new [READ MORE]

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  • Check out Secret Rendezvous’s pop mastery on ‘U Send Me Flying’

    August 23, 2017  /  SecretRendezvous


    Location: Amsterdam FFO: Sarah – Jane, Chloe x Halle Label: Sonic Galore Records   Amsterdam based duo Secret Rendezvous sound fantastic on their new song ‘U send me flying’. Lyrically [READ MORE]

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  • Chill out to Jack Shield’s adorably catchy new track ‘Emma’

    August 22, 2017  /  Jack Shields


    Location: USA FFO: Tom Odell, George Ezra Label: Unknown Fall in love with Jack Shield’s track ‘Emma’ from his EP ‘Leaving California’. It is rare for a musician to have [READ MORE]

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  • Summer isn’t over yet with Margot Polo’s new tune ‘Dangerous’

    August 22, 2017  /  Margot Polo


    Location: California FFO: Vampire Weekend, Miles Hardt Label: Unknown California based singer/songwriter David Provenzano aka Margot Polo delivers a track that just oozes summer vibes from every single note. “Dangerous” is a work of [READ MORE]

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  • Celebrate your inner ‘Hot Mess’ with Girli’s addictive new track

    August 21, 2017  /  Girli

    Location: London FFO: Kate Nash, Alma, Princess Nokia Label: PMR Records Yet another addition to her ever extending catalogue of infectious hits, ‘Hot Mess’ is potentially the biggest earworm to come from Girli yet. Also, [READ MORE]

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  • Jason Nolan’s ‘Batu’ is confidently relaxed and perfect Monday listening

    August 21, 2017  /  Jason Nolan


    Location: London FFO: Leon Power, Fancy Cars Label: Majestic Casual Records Minimalistic, elements of spoken word, topped off with a production so laid back and smooth that all you have to do is [READ MORE]

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  • IDER ‘Learn To Let Go’ in blissful new single

    August 18, 2017  /  IDER


    Location: London, UK FFO: Skött, Anna of the North, Overcoats Label: Glassnote Entertainment London alt-pop duo IDER ‘Learn To Let Go’ in their blissful new single. A more low key affair than recent electro smash ‘Nevermind’, [READ MORE]

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  • Off Bloom mean business: ‘Shut Up And Let Me Walk’

    August 18, 2017  /  Off Bloom


    Location: Unknown FFO: Sälen, MØ, Charli XCX Label: Polydor Records Off Bloom mean business in new track ‘Shut Up And Let Me Walk’. The alt-pop, club ready hit infuses tropical vibes and bassy tones [READ MORE]

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  • Tayá wants you to tell her ‘When Ur Sober’

    August 18, 2017  /  Taya


    Location: Liverpool, UK FFO: Mabel, Raye, Liv Dawson Label: Atlantic Records Tayá wants you to tell her ‘When Ur Sober’ with her brand new single. The Liverpool newcomer has been busy since 2015 sharing [READ MORE]

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  • Rebecca Taylor debuts new project Self Esteem with ‘Your Wife’

    August 17, 2017  /  Self Esteem


    Location: Sheffield, UK FFO: Mozart’s Sister, Delilah Label: Klick & Clap Former Slow Club member Rebecca Taylor debuts her new project Self Esteem. This is the first new music from Taylor since last year’s [READ MORE]

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  • Anna of the North throw us another alt-pop gem in ‘Money’

    August 16, 2017  /  Anna of the North


    Location: Norway/New Zealand FFO: Vérité, Grace Mitchell, Astronomyy Label: Different Recordings / Honeymoon Anna of the North today unveil new single ‘Money’, another infectious alt-pop gem from the ever-more endearing Norwegian-Kiwi duo who stand on [READ MORE]

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  • Check out SAILES near perfect Indie Pop debut ‘Dreaming Of’

    August 14, 2017  /  SAILE


    Location: Los Angeles Label: Independent   On their debut single, SAILE sound like they’ve been doing this forever. ‘Dreaming Of’ is a perfectly crafted indie pop hit. The chorus of [READ MORE]

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  • Emily Vaughn declares independence on ‘Priority’

    August 14, 2017  /  Emily Vaughn


    Location: Los Angeles FFO: Dua Lipa, Luna Shadows Label: Backtrack   Despite opening with “been a while, since I’ve been on my own”, LA singer Emily Vuaghn isn’t “stressing out”. [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Loose Gun’ is an electronic banger from LA group thanks.

    August 14, 2017  /  thanks.


    Location: Los Angeles FFO: MGMT, Vampire Weekend Label: Independent   After a deceptively quiet intro, thanks.’s new single ‘Loose Gun’ explodes into a fun and funky chorus and just keeps [READ MORE]

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  • 18-year-old prodigy Yellow Days ‘Hurts In Love’

    August 10, 2017  /  Yellow Days


    Location: Haslemere FFO: Cosmo Pyke, Jerkclub, Mild High Club Label: Unsigned Having wowed on the release of his debut EP Harmless Melodies, 18-year-old prodigy Yellow Days has revealed new single ‘Hurt In Love’, [READ MORE]

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  • Sure Sure’s ‘Koreatown’ is carefree alt-pop at its best

    August 4, 2017  /  Sure Sure


    Location: Los Angeles FFO: Bay Ledges, Argonaut & Wasp Label: Independent   Sure Sure’s new single is a fun, nostalgic and care free follow up to their previous great release [READ MORE]

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  • Grace Mitchell says it in ‘Capital Letters’

    August 4, 2017

    Location: Portland FFO: Verité, Ryn Weaver Label: Republic Records   On her newest track, Grace Mitchell’s frustration is transformed into a bouncy and fun, yet dangerous sounding track. She sounds [READ MORE]

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  • Elli Ingram’s doubts are highlighted on ‘Table For Two’

    August 4, 2017

    Location: Brighton FFO: Lion Babe, Baby Queens Label: Island Records   On Elli Ingram’s latest track, plans of “me, you table for two” go awry and highlight unrequited feelings in a [READ MORE]

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  • Diamond Thug reach new heights on ‘Cosmic Dreamer’

    August 4, 2017  /  Diamond Thug


    Location: South Africa FFO: Goldensuns, Parrot Dream Label: Independent   Up and coming artists Diamond Thug are one of the most exciting small groups about today. On their new track, [READ MORE]

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  • Portland five-piece Wild Ones debut their comeback single ‘Paresthesia’

    August 3, 2017  /  Wild Ones


    Location: Portland, Oregon FFO: Alvvays, Petite Meller, Au Revoir Simone Label: Topshelf Records Portland five-piece Wild Ones debut their comeback single ‘Paresthesia’. An affable indie-pop gem, ‘Paresthesia’ channels a deceptively [READ MORE]

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  • Kafka Tamura are self-assured on ‘Find Me Well’

    August 2, 2017  /  Kafka Tamura


    Location: Southampton FFO: Hundreds, Me and My Drummer, I Have A Tribe Label: 100% Records The British/German duo, co-produced by Eliot James, have a definite self-assured feel to them on their new track ‘Find [READ MORE]

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  • kyd the band – Ice Cream

    July 31, 2017  /  kyd the band


    Location: Nashville FFO: Riscas, Vistas, Bloxx Label: Kyd The Label   On just their second single, kyd the band are proving their something worth being very excited about. Following the [READ MORE]

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  • Caitlyn Scarlett – Zoo

    July 31, 2017  /  Caitlyn Scarlett


    Location: UK FFO: Charli XCX Label: Ferocious Label Services   On her new track, born favourite Caitlyn Scarlett addresses “the elephant in the room” in her relationship, where “we used [READ MORE]

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  • Marsicans – Too Good

    July 28, 2017  /  Marsicans


    Location: Leeds, England FFO: The Night Cafe, Sundara Karma Label: LAB Records This latest single from indie outfit Marsicans has all the jangle of Sundara Karma, with added rock drive and introspective lyrics. A [READ MORE]

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  • Sharaya Summers – Light of the Moon

    July 27, 2017  /  Sharaya Summers


    Location: Los Angeles, U.S. FO: CTG Label: Unsigned Sharaya Summers steps out with her debut track ‘Light Of The Moon’, an indie pop offering showcasing gorgeous vocals over a shimmering [READ MORE]

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  • Daniella Mason – Tell Me It’s Over

    July 27, 2017  /  Daniella Mason


    Location: Nashville, U.S. FFO: EZA, Lenachka, Carly Rae Jepsen Label: AYA Records/ Tone Tree Music Daniella Mason shares her latest smash ‘Tell Me It’s Over’. The lead track to be taken [READ MORE]

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  • Seersha – Typical

    July 24, 2017  /  Seersha


    Location: Atlanta FFO: MS MR, FOURS Label: Fox Nose Records   After three singles and an EP this year, Atlanta artist Seersha’s new release ‘Typical’ is a synth pop banger [READ MORE]

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  • MÁDAM – Rise Up

    July 24, 2017  /  Madam


    Location: Boston FFO: Dua Lipa Label: Independent   With a degree in music therapy, you could argue that MÁDAM’s music is good for you. Listen to ‘Rise Up’ and it’ll [READ MORE]

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  • Simian Ghost – Last Night

    July 21, 2017  /  Simian Ghost


    Location: Sandviken/Stockholm, Sweden FFO: Parcels, La Roux, Jungle Label: Heist or Hit Records Simian Ghost are back with their latest hip-shaking number ‘Last Night’. Channelling the grooves of 70s funk [READ MORE]

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  • PARKER – Runs and Rides

    July 20, 2017  /  PARKER

    Location: London FFO: Tove Lo, Halsey, Charlotte OC Label: Killing Moon PARKER returns with her latest stomping track ‘Runs and Rides’. The Doncaster-born Australian-bred artist – also known as Briony Parker [READ MORE]

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  • Dream Lake – Midnight Sun

    July 20, 2017  /  Dream Lake


    Location: Stockholm, Sweden FFO: Beach House, M83, Cocteau Twins Label: Unknown Swedish duo Dream Lake debut their latest single ‘Midnight Sun’. A whimsical electro-pop lullaby, ‘Midnight Sun’ utilises delicate piano [READ MORE]

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  • Ex Makina – Eyes

    July 20, 2017  /  Ex Makina


    Location: Scotland FFO: Ruelle, Florence & The Machine Label: Position Music Straight from Ex Makina‘s debut EP, ‘Eyes’ is the epitome of downtempo with gorgeous longing vocals full of anguish [READ MORE]

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  • SKOTT – Mermaid

    July 19, 2017  /  SKOTT


    Location: Sweden FFO: Lorde, Violet Days, Anna of the North Label: RCA Records Immersive, familiar, yet completely refreshing, Skott‘s ‘Mermaid’ is a powerful, 80s tinged treat for the senses.

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  • Swimming Tapes – What’s On Your Mind

    July 18, 2017  /  Swimming Tapes


    Location: London FFO: Genghar, Palace, Leif Erikson Label: Unsigned ‘What’s On Your Mind’ is another perfectly crafted slice of dreamy shoegaze from the Bangor-formed, London-based 5-piece.  

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  • Holy Oysters – Just So You Know

    July 16, 2017  /  Holy Oysters


    Location: Paris FFO: Chvrches, Petite Noir Label: Distiller Records   Born faves Holy Oysters funky new track ‘Just So You Know’ is yet another banger. The track capitalises on their [READ MORE]

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  • Margot Polo – Sing Hallelujah

    July 14, 2017  /  Margot Polo


    Location: California FFO: Tame Impala, Vampire Weekend Label: Independent   The chilled yet funky ‘Sing Hallelujah’ is the newest release from David Provenzano (who sings and plays guitar in Fialta [READ MORE]

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  • Swimming Girls – 2 Kids

    July 13, 2017  /  Swimming Girls


    Location: Bath FFO: Lorde, Shadowlark, Pelicandy Label: Yucaten Records If ‘Tastes Like Money’ was the bands shimmering, pop-punk nod to the 80’s, ‘2 Kids’ is its brooding 90’s indie counterpart. [READ MORE]

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  • Panda Cult – Blue Angel

    July 12, 2017  /  Panda Cult


    Location: Liverpool FFO: Metronomy, Tears For Fears Label: Self Released ‘Blue Angel‘ follows ‘The First Time’ which dropped on Spotify signalling the arrival of a top new band with a very accomplished sound. With hints [READ MORE]

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  • Fairchild – High As A Kite

    July 12, 2017  /  Fairchild


    Location: Gold Coast FFO: Foals, The 1975 Label: Canvas Sounds   Sailing immediately into the seductive hook of its chorus, ‘High As A Kite’ lulls you into its looping refrains and steady [READ MORE]

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  • TUSKS – Dissolve

    July 11, 2017  /  TUSKS


    Location: London FFO: Elohim Label: One Little Indian Records Lead single and title track of TUSKS‘ debut album due out later this year, Dissolve, is a powerful after-midnight ballad and another [READ MORE]

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  • Silver Wilson – I’ll Be There

    July 11, 2017  /  Silver Wilson


    Location: Leeds/Nottingham FFO: Bombay Bicycle Club, Coasts, Circa Waves. Label: Unsigned New single ‘I’ll Be There’ is a tropical electro-infused indie track that’s vibed for summer relaxing and contemplation with a beach [READ MORE]

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  • Midnight Beach – No

    July 11, 2017  /  Midnight Beach


    Location: Clearwater, USA FFO: Miami Horror, St. Lucia Label: Vital Records “No” is the second single off of Midnight Beach‘s debut, self-titled album Midnight Beach. Coming out of Clearwater, FL, Midnight [READ MORE]

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  • Arlo – Refuge

    July 7, 2017  /  Arlo


    Location: London Another self-release from this young pop talent, ‘Refuge’ is an ode to finding strength in your darkest hour, taking stock of what you have, turning negatives into positives and [READ MORE]

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  • Upsahl – Can You Hear Me Now

    July 7, 2017  /  Upsahl

    FFO: Fiest, Regina Spektor Phoenix-based singer-songwriter Upsahl debuts the delectable ‘Can You Hear Me Now’. The 18-year-old artist belies her age with this hooky folk-pop number that embodies the liberation of [READ MORE]

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  • Cina Polada – Gloom

    July 6, 2017  /  Cina Polada


    Location: Helsinki, Finland FFO: Oh Wonder, Honeyblood Label: Strangers Candy Finnish band Cina Polada deliver dreampop galore with ‘Gloom’. Led by Hilla, with brothers Tatu and Teemu and completed by [READ MORE]

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  • KASHMERE – Hoxton

    July 6, 2017  /  KASHMERE


    Location: Stockport FFO: The Charlatans, The Cribs, New Order Label: Unsigned If you blend classic rock n roll with some modern indie rock, you get Stockport’s Kashmere.

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  • SPINN – Notice Me

    July 6, 2017  /  SPINN


    Location: Liverpool FFO: Get Inuit, Pleasure House, Spring King Label: Mass Records Liverpool four-piece Spinn has opted for pure fun in favour of emotional depth and meaning. New track ‘Notice [READ MORE]

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  • TYNI – Late Spring

    July 5, 2017  /  TYNI


    Location: Sheffield FFO: Ray BLK, Caitlyn Scarlett, Elohim Label: Croydon Boy TYNI is the girl who, despite the name, is destined for big things. An exciting up and coming artist [READ MORE]

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