• Eli Sundae sculpt jovial melodies in ‘Art Gallery Bruisers’

    November 20, 2017  /  Eli Sundae


    Location: United States FFO: Colleen Green, La Sera Label: Unsigned   Eli Sundae, the project of Eli Dreyfus, comeback with their second EP Eli Bloody Eli and includes the pop-rock anthem ‘Art Gallery Bruisers’. The [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Turn’ this one by the Night Café up!

    November 17, 2017  /  The Night Café


    Location: Liverpool, UK FFO: Paris Youth Foundation, Clean Cut Kid Label: Unsigned The Night Café showcase their jangle pop sound on latest single ‘Turn’. Honing the melancholic edge they developed on [READ MORE]

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  • The Academic deliver another first class track

    November 17, 2017  /  The Academic


    Location: Westmeath, Ireland FFO: Still Inlimbo, On a Plane Label: Room 6 Records Often in a pop tune, a hook is just a lyric or lick played on a single instrument. That alone [READ MORE]

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  • Scarlet Pleasure Are Far From ‘Unreliable’ In This

    November 17, 2017  /  Scarlet Pleasure

    Location: Denmark FFO: Phlake, Karl William Label: Virgin US Scarlet Pleasure have well and truly conquered Denmark. In 2017 they have seen singles go Platinum, while their Gold-certified EP, ‘Limbo’, has [READ MORE]

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  • Arlo Sounds Superb on ‘Safe’

    November 17, 2017  /  Arlo


    Location: London, UK FFO: Newspaper Taxi, George Burton Label: Since 93 The self proclaimed progenitor of triumphant, percussive, ready-for-battle anthems, Arlo does not let us down on his latest single [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Go Home’ and play this from East of My Youth

    November 17, 2017  /  East of My Youth


    Location: Reykjavik, Iceland FFO:  Milk & Bone, Anna of The North Label: West of My Future Icelandic synth pop duo East of My Youth return with ‘Go Home’. Emerging out of oozing, [READ MORE]

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  • Parisian dynamic ‘duo’ Alice et Moi debut with ‘C’est toi qu’elle préfère’

    November 16, 2017  /  Alice et Moi


    Location: Paris FFO: Therapie TAXI, Calypso Valois Label: Broken isn’t Bad   ‘C’est toi qu’elle préfère’ meaning ‘It’s you she prefers’, comes hot off the debut EP Filme Moi by Alice et Moi. The sophisticated melodies of [READ MORE]

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  • JAWS are back with ghostly new single ’17’

    November 16, 2017  /  JAWS


    Location: Birmingham FFO: High Tide, Gengahr Label: Unsigned   Birmingham boys JAWS make a comeback with ’17’, a track with expertly timed rhythm sending it into the misty realm of progressive indie pop. Glassy [READ MORE]

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  • The Ramona Flowers Blossom and Boogie on ‘Strangers’

    November 15, 2017  /  The Ramona Flowers


    Location: Bath/London, UK FFO: Eighties Education, The Amazons Label: Distiller Records Check out UK indie-electro band, The Ramona Flowers’ latest track ‘Strangers’. With a foot tapping beat and an eighties [READ MORE]

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  • Levitation Free Let You Float Away on ‘Paranoïa’

    November 15, 2017  /  Levitation Free


    Location: Paris, France FFO: Tame Impala, Pond Label: Unsigned Released on the anniversary of the Bataclan attacks in Paris, ‘Paranoïa’ is a dreampop masterpiece from French shoegazers Levitation Free. With [READ MORE]

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  • Kelsey Bulkin Has Captive Audience for ‘West Coast Drama’

    November 15, 2017  /  Kelsey Bulkin


    Location: Los Angeles, US FFO: Naomi Wild, Sampson Label: Alone in the Sky Records Kelsey Bulkin, the LA artist formerly of duo Made In Heights, wows us once again with [READ MORE]

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  • Sink in to Pomona Dream’s easy riding jazzy jewel

    November 14, 2017  /  Pomona Dream


    Location:  FFO: Slow Dakota, Rosemary Fairweather Label: Mango Disco Records   Pomona Dream may not be the most well known duo out there, however their previous single ‘Tropicana’ topped the HypeM charts [READ MORE]

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  • Sea Girls release energetic indie pop gem ‘What For’

    November 14, 2017  /  Sea Girls


    Location: United Kingdom FFO: Wild Front, Ten Tonnes Label: Almanac Recordings   UK based Indie boys Sea Girls take pop sensibility and throw it into the lush indie sounds of 2017 resulting in the [READ MORE]

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  • Baker Grace comes back with her motivational single ‘Day I Die’

    November 13, 2017  /  Baker Grace


    Location: New Jersey FFO: Dark Honey, Mauwe Label: Republic Records   Baker Grace may only be 17, however she recently released another single, ‘Day I Die’, and is already signed to Republic Records joining [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Slide’ into LPX’s world of “Pantone Punk”

    November 13, 2017  /  LPX


    Location: New York/London FFO: Lizzy Plapinger, Lizzy Land Label: Unsigned   Rocker LPX recently released her latest single ‘Slide’. The “Pantone Punk/Alternative Pop” artist utilises fuzzed up electric guitars and chooses her moments throughout [READ MORE]

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  • Join HAARM on their journey and fall in ‘Love in a Different Way’

    November 13, 2017  /  HAARM


    Location: Liverpool FFO: VILDE, FAIRCHILD Label: Unsigned   HAARM strip things back in ‘Love in a Different Way’. The neo-soul, funky chords and notes which serve as the introduction come to together to [READ MORE]

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  • Matt Willis releases his fantastic video to ‘Lights Out’

    November 13, 2017  /  Matt Willis


    Location: London FFO: Rationale, Charlie Simpson Label: Virgin EMI   Matt Wills released his ‘Cigarettes & City Lights’ album and with it came the emotionally taunting video for ‘Lights Out’. With a sound that  [READ MORE]

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  • Alexx Mack Makes Mesmerizing Music on ‘Your Car’

    November 11, 2017  /  Alexx Mack


    Location: Los Angeles, US FFO: Glades, Phoebe Ryan Label: Unsigned Her first single in over a year, ‘Your Car’ sees Alexx Mack collaborate with Allie Mcdonald from EXES and was [READ MORE]

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  • This is not ‘False Information’: Future Fathers are Amazing!

    November 10, 2017  /  Future Fathers

    Location: Nashville, Tennessee FFO: Gnarls Barkley, Gorillaz Label: Ready Set Records Nashville dream pop duo Future Fathers release their debut single and video ‘False Information’ today. Singer-songwriter Trent Dabbs’ soulful falsetto sounds [READ MORE]

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  • Nothing Sad About Sad Palace’s Latest

    November 10, 2017  /  Sad Palace


    Location: South Coast, UK FFO: Gengahr, Dubais Label: Kissability South Coast quartet Sad Palace unveil their latest single, ‘Melody Crux’. With its mixture of jagged guitars, bouncing basslines and psych-flavoured organ [READ MORE]

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  • San Scout Sound Superb on ‘Hold Fire’

    November 10, 2017  /  San Scout


    Location: London, UK FFO: VHS Collection, Zola Blood Label: Unsigned London duo San Scout return with ambient electro-popper ‘Hold Fire’. Opening with choral harmonies, stripped back percussion and lyrics which [READ MORE]

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  • Shy Martin Shares ‘Good Together’

    November 10, 2017  /  Shy Martin


    Location: Stockholm, Sweden FFO: Tove Lo, Zara Larsson Label: BLNK Music Sick of staying behind the scenes, Shy Martin steps into the spotlight for debut solo single ‘Good Together’. As a behind the [READ MORE]

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  • You Won’t Forget Mo Louie’s ‘Remember When’

    November 10, 2017  /  Mo Louie


    Location: Melbourne, Australia FFO: Sia, Kimbra Label: Independent This song begins catchy and then becomes surprising. The 90’s inspired electro rhythms are nice enough, but it is really Mo Louie‘s jazz flavoured [READ MORE]

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  • Ember Oceans are a breath of fresh air on ‘Spearmint’

    November 10, 2017  /  Ember Oceans

    Location: Chicago, US FFO: Portugal. The Man, Foster the People Label: Ember Omega Records A track which “sounds best cruising in your car with the windows down”, ‘Spearmint’ by Ember Oceans sits [READ MORE]

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  • Nobody can put Brave Baby in a Corner

    November 9, 2017  /  Brave Baby


    Location: Charleston, South Carolina FFO: Dear Blanca, Heyrocco Label: Unsigned Chillwave act Brave Baby drop the first single from their upcoming third album. ‘Soothsayer’ is a tropical flavoured, laid back number; [READ MORE]

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  • Luna Bay deliver stunning indie gem with ‘Little Amsterdam’

    November 9, 2017  /  Luna Bay


    Location: London FFO: Airways, The Night Café Label: BKM   Luna Bay make their comeback with sweet indie track ‘Little Amsterdam’, following summer release ‘Hometown’. Packed with huge hooks, compelling choruses and vigorous vocals, ‘Little [READ MORE]

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  • Check out BE GOOD’s video for ‘Nightbus’

    November 8, 2017  /  BE GOOD


    Location: Oxford, UK FFO: Willie J Healey, Monograms Label: Communion Music We will jump at any opportunity to feature our favourites BE GOOD. Here they are with a music video for their laid [READ MORE]

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  • Now, Now Share Nocturnal Video for ‘Yours’

    November 8, 2017  /  Now, Now


    Location: Minneapolis, US FFO: Mansions, Lydia Label: Trans Records Minneapolis duo Now, Now share their new music video for ‘Yours,’. Directed by Alexa San Román, frontwoman KC Dalager shares that “the [READ MORE]

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  • See Yourself Right and Check out Shadowlark’s Latest

    November 8, 2017  /  Shadowlark


    Location: Leeds, UK FFO: Giant Party, Swimming Girls Label: VitalMusicGroup Past meets present in Shadowlark‘s latest track. ‘See Each Other Right’ sees singer Ellen Smith channel jazz in her haunting vocals while the [READ MORE]

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  • Tuvaband warm our hearts with ‘Mess’

    November 7, 2017  /  Tuvaband


    Location: Oslo/England FFO: Tusks, IDER Label: Brilliance Records   Tuvaband have been regularly regarded as one of the best new bands to come out of Scandinavia. The haunting, wintry atmosphere created by Tuva Marschhaüser’s [READ MORE]

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  • The Encounters remind us what it’s like to be ‘seventeen.’ again

    November 7, 2017  /  The Encounters


    Location: Perth FFO: The Four Winds, Pale Waves Label: Unsigned   Indie pop musicians The Encounters recently showed us what they can do with the catchy, 80s inspired track ‘seventeen.’ as we wait for their [READ MORE]

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  • Kayls Clings on to ‘Summer’ in Debut Single

    November 5, 2017  /  Kayls

    Location: Los Angeles, US FFO: BRÅVES, MUNA Label: Unsigned The clocks may have gone back, but Kayls is still clinging on to those july feelings on her track. ‘Summer’ is about, [READ MORE]

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  • We Were ‘Happy When’ we Heard this

    November 5, 2017  /  Caitlyn Scarlett


    Location: London, UK FFO: Brika, EZA Label: Ferocious Label Services With its interesting instrumentation, but catchy rhythms and memorable lyrical hooks ‘Happy When’ prooves what a talent Caitlyn Scarlett is. [READ MORE]

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  • Insomniac Bears take us on a ‘Scenic Drive’ through Scandinavia

    November 3, 2017  /  Insomniac Drives


    Location: Norway FFO: Pulp, Fun Label: Fysisk Format   The new winter ready tune ‘Scenic Drives’ from Norwegian indie band Insomniac Bears is a beautifully chilling snowflake, with bursting pockets of Scandinavian imagery. The title [READ MORE]

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  • Let go, be free and ‘Leave it to fate’ because Emily Magpie just made her comeback

    November 3, 2017  /  Emily Magpie


    Location: Bristol FFO: John Lennon, Ibeyi Label: Unsigned   Emily Magpie makes her comeback with the enchanting single ‘Leave it to Fate’, awaiting the full release of her EP The Witching Hour. Written after [READ MORE]

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  • Have You Met Miss JONES?

    November 3, 2017  /  JONES


    Location: UK FFO: Jorja Smith, Dead! Label: 37 Adventures JONES‘ new single ‘Something Bout Our Love’ is a disco infused classic. The tropical melodies of the opening are substituted for [READ MORE]

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  • New Arcades release their euphoric new single ‘Irreparable’

    November 3, 2017  /  New Arcades


    Location: London FFO: Sunglasses Kid, Vincenzo Salvia Label: New Arcades   New Arcades have shot back onto the scene with their latest single ‘Irreparable’, which talks about a relationship so lost and broken [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Alright’ that’s enough, it’s time you gave Haley Vassar’s new single a listen

    November 3, 2017  /  Haley Vassar


    Location: New York FFO: Maude Latour, Kiyah Mitchell Label: Unsigned   “Alright, alright, alright”. Matthew McConaughey? No, what you hear is Haley Vassar in her new single ‘Alright’. She may be the [READ MORE]

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  • PARKER is seeing ‘Doubles’ in her moody new track

    November 2, 2017  /  Parker


    Location: London, UK FFO: Charlotte OC, Superorganism, Laura Welsh, Label: Killing Moon Records PARKER is seeing ‘Doubles’ in her moody new track. The Australian-born London-based artist returns with yet another mesmerising single, one [READ MORE]

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  • Moxi want you to believe in ‘Dreamland’

    November 2, 2017  /  Moxi


    Location: Los Angeles FFO: Paramore, Fickle Friends Label: Independent   Written in a cabin in the woods one night while talking about space, LA indie poppers Moxi may have created [READ MORE]

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  • Eliott invites you to ‘Figure It Out’ on new single

    November 2, 2017  /  Eliott


    Location: Australia FFO: Ryn Weaver, Vaults, Laura Welsh Label: Universal Music Australia Eliott invites you to ‘Figure It Out’ on her charming new single. The singer-songwriter offers a soft and fresh take on [READ MORE]

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  • Try TrYb’s ‘Delicate Lines’ Today

    November 1, 2017  /  TrYb


    Location: London, UK FFO: Tame Impala, Young Fathers Label: Unsigned Beginning with churning guitar chords, this tune seduces the listener with synths, singing and RnB referring rhythms. The creation of a [READ MORE]

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  • PEAKES’ ‘Space’ Sounds Sublime

    November 1, 2017  /  PEAKES


    Location: Leeds, UK FFO: Heir, Flyte Label: Circadian Rhythms   Like the slow motion footage of a wave crashing on Blue Planet Two, ‘Space’ by PEAKES is a track which [READ MORE]

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  • Say Hello to the superb shoegaze of ‘Strange Hellos’

    November 1, 2017  /  Strange Hellos


    Location; Norway FFO: Alvvays, Cocteau Twins Label: Brilliance Records Shoegaze supergroup Strange Hellos share their lead single ‘Gold for the Golden’ off new album ‘Chromatic’ (out now). Described by the NME [READ MORE]

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  • Foreign Figures battle the indie scene with their latest single ‘Cold War’

    October 31, 2017  /  Foreign Figures


    Location: Utah FFO: RKDN, Ships Have Sailed Label: Foreign Figures LLC   Indie alt-pop band Foreign Figures have began making a name for themselves in the indie scene, opening for American Authors and [READ MORE]

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  • JEAN gets everyone fuelled up on her latest single ‘Running On Empty’

    October 31, 2017  /  JEAN


    Location: California FFO: Lorde, Christine And The Queens Label: H.I.R.D Music Group   It comes as no surprise that JEAN‘s music has been described as “a breath of fresh air”. The singer-songwriter manages to bring a [READ MORE]

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  • DENNY make an explosive comeback with ‘Girls Like You’

    October 31, 2017  /  DENNY


    Location: Minneapolis FFO: Little Wolves, The 1975 Label: Unsigned   Indie pop trio DENNY are making waves in the indie music scene but their latest single ‘Girls Like You’ may well be the tsunami they’ve [READ MORE]

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  • Less is More for I am Harlequin’s ‘Minimal

    October 30, 2017  /  I am Harlequin


    Location: London, UK FFO: Laurel, Rae Morris Label: Stop Being Cute Records In this stripped back track, London based singer-songwriter I am Harlequin lets her voice do the talking. ‘Minimal’ [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Sands of Time’ is the new psychedelic 60’s inspired single from TIMI TEMPLE

    October 30, 2017  /  TIMI TEMPLE


    Location: Sydney FFO: Noise Revolution, Bloody Your Hands Label: Unsigned   TIMI TEMPLE‘s latest single is a hazy 60’s inspired vivid psychedelic dream powerful enough to make you believe you really are lost in [READ MORE]

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  • Le VICE release funkadelic single ‘I WANT YOUR LOVE’ with tonnes of groove

    October 30, 2017  /  Le VICE


    Location: San Francisco FFO: Black Kids, Patrina Label: Unsigned   Le VICE are the exciting indie pop band full of funk and dance-able rhythms ready to keep every party going. According to the band’s website, [READ MORE]

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  • We can’t get enough of Cassandra Violet

    October 28, 2017  /  Cassandra Violet


    Location: Los Angeles, US FFO: Kid Feather, Different Day Label: Kensington Palace Taken from her new EP (out December), ‘Invisible Man’ sees LA’s Cassandra Violet cement herself on the road [READ MORE]

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  • Eliza and the Bear Make Heavenly Music in ‘Hell’

    October 27, 2017  /  Eliza and the Bear


    Location: London, UK FFO: Sunset Sons, Youth Club Label: Unsigned On ‘Hell’, Eliza and the Bear seem to cement their new found funk sound we last heard on previous single ‘Higher’. [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Escape’ from the Mundanity of Life: Give this a listen!

    October 27, 2017  /  Only Shadows

    Location: Nuneaton, UK FFO: Mowbeck, Idle Frets Label: Unsigned UK rockers Only Shadows return with driving anthem ‘Escape’. Guitar chords charge headlong into the mix, with pounding drums and fast [READ MORE]

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  • Sam Fender’s Fed Up And Wants to ‘Start Again’

    October 27, 2017  /  Sam Fender


    Location: Newcastle, UK FFO: The Old Pink House, Bad Sounds Label: Unsigned Following on from previous single ‘Millennial’, Newcastle singer-songwriter Sam Fender returns with equally politically charged ‘Start Again’. Lyrics [READ MORE]

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  • Anteros ‘Bonnie’ is better than bon

    October 27, 2017  /  Anteros

    Location: London, UK FFO: Estrons, Dream Wife Label: Distiller Records After being a feature of their festival sets over the summer, Anteros drop their latest single ‘Bonnie’. Produced by Mercury [READ MORE]

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  • Experimental group Granular release mind blowing ‘Ewe’

    October 26, 2017  /  Graular


    Location: Switzerland FFO: Radiohead, Foals Label: Little Jig Records   Clean cities and glorious lakes are not all Switzerland has to offer. Indie-pop group Granular is their latest offering and are here to make their [READ MORE]

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  • Heir ‘Need You (the) Most’ to listen to their new track

    October 26, 2017  /  Heir


    Location: Leeds FFO: Flyte, Marsicans, Fickle Friends Label: Unsigned Colliding 80s nostalgia with gritty, organic songcraft, Heir delivers an irresistible DIY-pop gem with their new single, ‘Need You the Most’ (mixed by Chris Kasych – Adele, HAIM, [READ MORE]

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  • Experience ‘Weightless’ with Adam French in his surreal new video

    October 26, 2017  /  Adam French


    Location: London via Congleton FFO: Martin Luke Brown, Leo Stannard, Chasing Grace Label: Virgin/EMI A serenade built on thorny guitar lines that creep underneath an icy soundscape, ‘Weightless’ reflects the importance of shared burden, [READ MORE]

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  • Glass Peaks Prove A Class Act With ‘Hold Me Closer’

    October 25, 2017  /  Glass Peaks

    Location: Kent,UK FFO: SHANGHAI BLUE, Faers Label: Rebel Rebel Artists Glass Peaks‘ latest offering is a moody, reverb soaked indie popper. Combining careful constructed bass and rhythm riffs and a [READ MORE]

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  • Hear Dutch Party’s track ‘Now’ & you’ll still hear it ‘Later’

    October 25, 2017  /  Dutch Party


    Location: Los Angeles, US FFO: Pajaro Sunrise, Belize Label: Ransom Music Group Brainchild of Ken Franklin, LA indie alt poppers Dutch Party return with ‘Now and Later’; a chilled out retro [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Dance Around the Fire’ – to this juicy, jazzy track

    October 25, 2017  /  Why These Coyotes


    Location: Oakland, California FFO: Toro Y Moi, Mac Demarco Label: 4am Records Delightfully beginning with the dulcet tones of Mac Demarco’s most recent release, ‘Dance Around the Fire’ by Why These Coyotes is delightfully [READ MORE]

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  • Underwater Boys make their debut with psychedelic masterpiece ‘Everyone You Know’

    October 24, 2017  /  Underwater Boy


    Location: London/Brighton FFO: Tame Impala, Koji Kondo Label: Cannibal Hymns   New kids on the block Underwater Boys released their debut single ‘Everyone You Know’ last month and are now showing us what they [READ MORE]

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  • Margot Polo delivers the energetic, Halloween-ready single ‘Turn You, Baby’

    October 24, 2017  /  Margot Polo


    Location: California FFO: Fialta, Michael Jackson Label: Unsigned   Inspired by 90’s and early 2000’s pop and R&B, David Provenzano (singer/guitarist of Fialta) delivers a fun, Halloween-spirited single under his solo project Margot Polo. ‘Turn [READ MORE]

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  • Get Your (Dog) Teeth into this track from the Orielles

    October 23, 2017  /  The Orielles


    Location: Halifax/Liverpool, UK FFO: ChorusGirl, Mt. Joy Label: Heavenly Recordings Following on from the psychedelic smash ‘Sugar Tastes Like Salt’, the Orielles time travel from the summer of ’67, to the sounds of [READ MORE]

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  • BE GOOD and listen to ‘Nightbus’

    October 23, 2017  /  BE GOOD


    Location: Oxford, UK FFO: Willie J Healey, Monograms Label: Communion Music On this juicy, jazzy single BE GOOD hone their pop skills. The stripped back verse, with its synth subtleties and groovy bass forms [READ MORE]

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  • Lauran Hibberd blends folk with “fuzzed up indie pop” for new single ‘Eliza’

    October 23, 2017  /  Lauran Hibberd


    Location: United Kingdom FFO: Wild Front, Freazy Label: Unsigned   20 year old Lauran Hibberd blends folk with “fuzzed up indie pop”, as she describes it, for her new single ‘Eliza’. The upbeat nature [READ MORE]

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  • Pet Fangs lurk in the ‘Afterglow’ of sultry new track

    October 21, 2017  /  Pet Fangs


    Location: New Orleans, U.S FFO: Banfi, GUM, Foxygen Label: Self-released Pet Fangs lurk in the ‘Afterglow’ of sultry new track. The New Orleans based band have created a darkly groove-ridden atmosphere in their [READ MORE]

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  • OUTLYA Erupt with Title Track from New EP

    October 20, 2017  /  OUTLYA

    Location: UK FFO: Ten Tonnes, The Old Pink House Label: Harbour Masters OUTLYA continue their rise with latest single ‘Volcano’, the first track off the EP of the same name. It [READ MORE]

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  • Off Bloom are On the Money with Latest Track

    October 20, 2017  /  Off Bloom


    Location: Copenhagen-London FFO: Scarlet Pleasure, Soleima Label: Polydor Copenhagen via London trio of producers Off Bloom, share latest track ‘Lover Like Me’. It is an RnB infused pop masterpiece, with careful touches [READ MORE]

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  • Sälen strip back on new song

    October 20, 2017  /  Sälen


    Location: London, UK FFO: Cosima, Anna Straker Label: Universal Stripped back with retro-electro drums, 80s keys and an RnB bass, Sälen sacrifice instrumental or lyrical complexity for Ellie Kamio’s vocals to take [READ MORE]

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  • Fun infused RnB pop from London’s Loop

    October 20, 2017  /  Loop


    Location: Brixton, London FFO: AlunaGeorge, MØ Label: MUK Tropical beats, titillating lyrics and a terrifically catchy chorus all combine in Loop‘s latest about late night mistakes. Coming after an acclaimed EP, festival appearances [READ MORE]

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  • Artificial Pleasure are ‘Wound Up Tight’ in their dark, funky new track

    October 19, 2017  /  Artificial Pleasure


    Location: London FFO: The Moonlandingz, Sweat Label: East City Rockers   Artificial Pleasure’s new track mixes funky influences with a dark, dangerous tone in an epic, quite Bowie-y way. The [READ MORE]

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  • FAUX release their video for stunning debut single ‘Take Back Time’

    October 19, 2017

    Location: London FFO: Frances, MUNA, Shura Label: One Too Many   FAUX have released a video for their stunning debut single ‘Take Back Time’. The sugary, retro track is the first of three [READ MORE]

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  • Ider and co. enjoy life in their ‘Learn to Let Go’ video

    October 19, 2017

    Location: London, UK FFO: Skött, Anna of the North, Overcoats Label: Glassnote Entertainment  

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  • ‘I Feel Again’ is a brilliantly 80s introduction from pop artist Tallulah

    October 19, 2017

    Location: London FFO: Cyndi Lauper Label: Independent   On her debut track, Tallulah channels 80s style pop with a unique, modern twist. Despite being her first track out, it sounds like she’s been [READ MORE]

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  • Don’t ‘Play Dead’ – just play this

    October 18, 2017  /  Feather Beds


    Location: Dublin, Ireland FFO: Vansire, Come To My Party Label: Moderna Records Michael Orange aka Feather Beds is back, with the second single off second album ‘Blooming’ (out 27/10 on [READ MORE]

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  • Shiffley Show off Synths in ‘Up & Down’

    October 18, 2017  /  Shiffley


    Location: New York, US FFO: Trash Panda, Tipling Rock Label: Unsigned New York indie-poppers, Shiffley combine synths from the eighties and styles from the noughties on latest track ‘Up and [READ MORE]

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  • Janet Kim’s ‘Alone’ is New Wave for the New Age

    October 18, 2017  /  Janet Kim


    Location: New York FFO: HAIM, Clean Bandit Label: Seaside Melodies The final single to be taken from debut EP ‘Lovely’, ‘Alone’ is a soaring and spellbinding song from Janet Kim. Combining [READ MORE]

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  • Good Luck getting ‘Evolve’ out Your Head

    October 18, 2017  /  Good Luck Shop


    Location: Toronto FFO: Mac Demarco, Sufjan Stevens Label: Unsigned Mike McDonnell aka Good Luck Shop has his guitar in his hand and heart on his sleeve on second single ‘Evolve’. [READ MORE]

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  • Band of Gold Live Up To Name In Their Latest

    October 18, 2017  /  Band of Gold


    Location: Oslo, Norway FFO: Frøkedal, The Switch Label: Jansen Records Band Of Gold are certainly a group who live up to their name. Their 2016 debut album won the Nordic Music [READ MORE]

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  • Bessie Turner has a way with ‘Words You Say’

    October 17, 2017  /  Bessie Turner


    Location: East Anglia FFO: Courtney Barnett, Japanese House, Slowclub Label:  Don’t Try After releasing her debut single in April 2017, not to mention an incredible follow-up… Bessie Turner is back with ‘Words [READ MORE]

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  • Listen to Ava Rae Heatley’s ‘Grin And Bear It’

    October 17, 2017  /  Ava Rae Heatley


    Location: New York FFO: Lucy Spraggan Label: Unsigned All about the anxiety of being totally independent, Ava Rae Heatley’s vocals are emotive and powerful whilst delivering these relatable lyrics in an infectious style. [READ MORE]

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  • The Tin Pigeons are fleeing the nest in new track ‘Home’

    October 17, 2017  /  The Tin Pigeons


    Location: East Midlands FFO: The Shimmer Band, Riscas, Ryland’s Heath Label: Unsigned Four-piece indie band, The Tin Pigeons, are back with their new single ‘Home’. On their way to mastering that festival fun sound, with [READ MORE]

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  • Harrison Kipner gives us ‘Heaven and Lemon’ – mixed together!

    October 17, 2017  /  Harrison Kipner


    Location: Venice Beach FFO: Escapades, Casey Lowy Label: Unsigned Super infectious, smoothly produced and a fun level of silly, Harrison Kipner has near perfected easy listening, whilst bringing in a multitude of genres. [READ MORE]

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  • White Kite’s ‘Devil’s Pact’ is as chilled out as it is chilling

    October 16, 2017  /  White Kite


    Location: London FFO: Artificial Pleasure Label: Independent Released on Friday 13th, White Kite’s spooky new track is as chilled out as it is chilling. The downbeat, dark and relatable theme [READ MORE]

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  • ‘You Instead’ is the perfect addition to San Scout’s repertoire

    October 16, 2017  /  San Scout


    Location: London FFO: Zola Blood Label: Independent   The airy, emotional ‘You Instead’ is the perfect addition to San Scout’s repertoire. Its understated, simple opening precedes the track growing into [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Everest’ is getting us very excited for Klangstof’s upcoming EP

    October 16, 2017  /  Klangstof


    Location: Amsterdam FFO: Ten Fé, Luwten Label: Mind Of A Genius   The first single from their upcoming EP of the same name, ‘Everest’ is exactly as brilliant as you’d [READ MORE]

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  • Amy Milner gives us the ‘Light Of Day’

    October 14, 2017  /  Amy Milner


    Location: Suffolk FFO: Bryde, Bloom Twins, East Of My Youth Label: Aesop Produced by Aquilo, the track flows into an ethereal soundscape that will hypnotise and fascinate, the developing sound continuing [READ MORE]

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  • The New Coast have found ‘Home’

    October 13, 2017  /  The New Coast


    Location: East London FFO: Kyko, Cape Cub, The Wild Life Label: LAB Records The New Coast have found ‘Home’ in the new single taken from their ‘My Kind of Medicine’ [READ MORE]

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  • Boniface impresses us ‘Again & Again’

    October 13, 2017  /  Boniface


    Location: Winnipeg, Canada FFO: Shadowlark, Low Island, Mauwe Label: ParadYse Boniface impress us ‘Again & Again’ in their short but sweet release. Having not only recently debuted as an artist, his sound [READ MORE]

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