• ‘Heartshaker’ is the rousing, upbeat new single from Tom Speight

    March 6, 2019  /  Tom Speight


    Location: London, UK FFO: Paul Simon, Vampire Weekend Label: AWAL Recordings ‘Heartshaker’ is the the latest single pulled from Tom Speight‘s debut album Collide. The track is a rousing and upbeat triumph from [READ MORE]

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  • Covey Paints A Masterpiece On ‘Gecko’

    March 5, 2019  /  Covey


    Location: New York, USA FFO: Fleet Foxes, Neutral Milk Hotel, Nick Drake Record Label: AntiFragile Music A masterful folk-rock song, Covey’s ‘Gecko’ is a joy to behold, a piece of music that demands attention and [READ MORE]

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  • Glasgow’s Joesef is left in ‘LIMBO’ on his soaring, emotional debut single

    February 22, 2019  /  Joesef

    Location: Glasgow, UK FFO: Lewis Capaldi, Tom Speight Label: Unsigned The idea of selling out your debut show before releasing any music is truly bizzare, but not for Glasgow’s Joesef. The young artist has [READ MORE]

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  • We want more ‘Times Like These’ with Liam Duncan

    February 18, 2019  /  Liam Duncan


    Location: Canada FFO: Hozier, Dermot Kennedy Label: Unsigned Canadian born Liam Duncan has releases the emotive debut single ‘Times Like These’, an anthemic folk-inspired track with huge possibilities. Liam’s lyricism is [READ MORE]

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  • The only ‘Company’ you’ll need is The Western Den

    February 9, 2019  /  The Western Den


    Location: Boston, United States FFO: The Civil Wars, Honeysuckle Label: Unsigned Discovering eachother across oceans, The Western Den bring us their brand new single ‘Company’. A song detailing a coming-age-age, [READ MORE]

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  • Vince Allen shares his poignant new single ‘Wine Stain Valentine’

    February 8, 2019  /  Vince Allen

    Location: New York, US FFO: Leonard Cohen, Jeff Buckley Label: Unsigned For some people, Valentine’s Day isn’t the joyful, loved-up time it’s made out to be. And since it’s just round the corner, Vince [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Same Old Thing’ is the latest piece of acoustic goodness from singer-songwriter Toby Charles

    February 6, 2019  /  Toby Charles

    Location: Worcestershire, UK FFO: Jeff Buckley, Bob Dylan Label: Unsigned Toby Charles continues to establish his stripped-back sound on his latest single ‘Same Old Thing’. The track begins in typically subdued fashion with [READ MORE]

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  • Aerialists release genre-defying single ‘Group Manoeuvre II’

    January 31, 2019  /  Aerialists


    Location: Toronto, Canada FFO: Jenna Moynihan, Mike Vass, Hawktail Label: Fiddlehead Records Canadian Folk Music band Aerialists have released their newest single ‘Group Manoeuvre II’. Having been previously nominated for [READ MORE]

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  • ‘TELL JACKSON’ is a powerfully poignant piece from A l e k x a n d r

    January 31, 2019  /  A l e k x a n d r


    Location: London FFO: London Grammar, Half Waif Label: Unsigned ‘TELL JACKSON’ is the latest single from A l e k x a n d r, an artist who’s poignant, powerful cinematism more than [READ MORE]

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  • As ‘The Seasons’ change, Freedom Fry stay with their lovable sound

    January 25, 2019  /  Freedom Fry

    Location: Los Angeles, CA FFO: Sure Sure, Yoke Lore Label: Caveman Arts Society Lovable duo, Freedom Fry debut the title track of their EP; The Seasons. Soaking the air with pop, folk, alternative rock [READ MORE]

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  • Requiem is the latest indie-folk triumph from Gabriella Rose

    January 23, 2019  /  Gabriella Rose

    Location: Idaho, US FFO: Lana Del Rey, Laura Marling Label: Unsigned Indie-folk songwriting prodigy Gabriella Rose has released the third and final single from her debut EP. ‘Requiem’ a sunny daydream of a track [READ MORE]

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  • The Parachute Brigade showcase their tranquil brand of indie-folk on ‘Wanderer’

    January 22, 2019  /  The Parachute Brigade

    Location: West Virginia, US FFO: Fleet Foxes, Iron and Wine Label: Unsigned “A parachute slows you down and brings you to safety, that’s what music does for us and we want to [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Wisdom/Boredom’ is a warm taste of Daniel Trakell’s rich songwriting

    January 22, 2019  /  Daniel Trakell


    Location: Melbourne, Australia FFO: Dustin Tebbutt, Bon Iver Label: Unsigned ‘Wisdom/Boredom’ is the latest single from Melbourne singer-songwriter Daniel Trakell. The track is the young artists first release of 2019 and is an [READ MORE]

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  • Merival releases skin tingling new single ‘Sinner’

    January 17, 2019  /  Merival

    Location: Toronto, Canada FFO: Joy Williams, You+Me, Stevie Nicks Label: Unsigned Honing in on her craft, Merival releases the blossoming new track ‘Sinner’. Drawing inspiration from tension and longing of [READ MORE]

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  • LYZA releases debut single ‘SYA’

    January 15, 2019  /  LYZA


    Location: Manchester, United Kingdom FFO: Gabrielle Aplin Label: Gingersville Records Manchester based singer/song-writer LYZA has released her brand new debut single ‘SYA’. Aiming to transcend listeners on an emotional rollercoaster, [READ MORE]

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  • Leah Nobel channels the joy of nature on new single ‘Earth & Sky’

    January 11, 2019  /  Leah Nobel


    Location: Nashville, TN FFO: Nina Nesbitt, Aislin Evans Label: Big Yellow Dog Music Fusing the catchy melodies of pop with the tell-tale style of singer-songwriter folk, Leah Nobel‘s music holds a sound that’s both [READ MORE]

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  • Chloe Foy shares her festive rendition of ‘In the Bleak Midwinter’

    December 13, 2018  /  Chloe Foy

    Location: Manchester, UK FFO: Laura Marling, Sharon Van Etten Label: Scope Music Management The nights are getting longer, the days are getting colder… but Christmas is getting closer! Manchester’s Chloe Foy is getting into the [READ MORE]

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  • Aaron Taos’ sings of ‘Loneliness’ on striking new single

    December 12, 2018  /  Aaron Taos

    Location: Brooklyn, NY FFO: Des Rocs, 8 Graves, Island Apollo Label: Unsigned If there’s one thing that always seems to feel worse in the Winter, it’s ‘Loneliness.’ Aaron Taos‘ latest single tackles exactly that, [READ MORE]

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  • Fil Bo Riva explore the twists and turns of romance on ‘L’over’

    December 7, 2018  /  Fil Bo Riva

    Location: Berlin, Germany FFO: Peach Pit, Club Kuru Label: 12.50 Records Fil Bo Riva returns with another enthralling appetiser from their upcoming album Beautiful Sadness; ‘L’over’ is a beautifully folk-tinged effort rich in feeling. Following [READ MORE]

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  • Quiet Houses share enchanting new single ‘Spiral’

    December 7, 2018  /  Quiet Houses

    Location: Manchester, UK FFO: Laura Marling, Fleet Foxes Label: Unsigned If you’re looking for something to truly absorb yourself in, Quiet Houses‘ new single ‘Spiral’ is the perfect picture of enchantment. Combining wistful folk songcraft [READ MORE]

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  • River Meets Sea create a sense of intimacy on ‘Won’t You Stay’

    November 23, 2018  /  River Meets Sea


    Location: London, UK FFO: Ben Howard, James Vincent McMorrow, The Tallest Man On Earth Label: Round Table River Meets Sea have openly undergone a renaissance. The sprawling post-rock that is [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Meet Me In The Chaos’ from Speak, Brother was made to give catharsis to fans

    November 16, 2018  /  Speak, Brother


    Location: Rugby, UK FFO: Coldplay, Swell Season, Doves Label: Unsigned A hymnal track that swells into a grand unleashing of pain and darkness bottled inside, folk five-piece Speak, Brother take [READ MORE]

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  • Corey Harper sings of ‘Wild Nights’ in this folk-pop wonder

    November 15, 2018  /  Corey Harper

    Location: Los Angeles, US FFO: The Beach, Jake Howden, Kris Orlowski, Label: Tuxedo Records Traditional folk songcraft, modern pop gusto and a soulful dash of the blues; these are the genre-spanning ingredients needed for [READ MORE]

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  • WILD share their wild ‘n’ wonderful video for ‘I’ll Let You Know’

    November 11, 2018  /  WILD


    Location: Los Angeles FFO: Of Monsters and Men, Radical Face, Family and Friends Label: Nettwerk Music Group Inc. ‘I’ll Let You Know’ is the latest track and video from colourful trio WILD. And when we [READ MORE]

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  • Hero Fisher lives ‘Life Through Closed Eyes’ in enchanting new video

    November 8, 2018  /  Hero Fisher


    Location: London FFO: Bryde, VON GREY Label: ie too Ltd British-born songstress Hero Fisher celebrates the release of her new album Glue Moon with an atmospheric new video for ‘Life Through Closed Eyes.’ Glue [READ MORE]

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  • Henry Jamison talks a walk down memory lane on ‘Boys’

    November 2, 2018  /  Henry Jamison


    Location: New York City, USA FFO: Sufjan Stevens, Band of Horses, The National Label: Akira Hotly-tipped New Yorker Henry Jamison has toxic masculinity as his target, and he looks at [READ MORE]

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  • Join Wolf & Moon on their latest musical ‘Getaway’

    October 31, 2018  /  Wolf & Moon

    Location: Netherlands FFO: Lucy Rose, Callum Pitt, Fenne Lily Label: AdP Records Modern day storytelling nomads Wolf & Moon share their howling new track ‘Getaway.’ It’s the first offering from their upcoming debut album Before [READ MORE]

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  • Black Sea Dahu’s ‘Take Stock Of What I Have’ is cinematic urban folk

    October 23, 2018  /  Black Sea Dahu

    Location:  Zürich, Switzerland FFO: Pearla, Lucy Rose Label: Unsigned Black Sea Dahu is the brainchild of Janine Cathrein, a project that sees her ethereal vocal timbre set to an orchestra of urban [READ MORE]

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  • Lou Stone’s dynamic debut ‘Fictions’ is real, raw emotion at its finest

    October 23, 2018  /  Lou Stone


    Location: London FFO: Aquilo, The Wild Ones Label: Unsigned Serene folk-tinged pop with a big slice of feeling, ‘Fictions’ is the debut release from soul-pop pioneer Lou Stone, the first tantalising taste from his [READ MORE]

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  • Lose yourself in Pip Hall’s beautifully bittersweet single, ‘My Eden’

    October 20, 2018  /  Pip Hall


    Location: Preston, England FFO: Big Thief, Lana Del Ray Label: My Little Empire Everyone loves an underdog story, and Pip Hall has always taken solace in being that scrappy underling. Using her music as [READ MORE]

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  • Belaver will steal your soul with his haunting new track, ‘Vampire’

    October 19, 2018  /  Belaver

    Location: New York, USA FFO: Lower Pink, Luutzen, Attic Giant Label: Feel Bad Records Can you feel the chill in the air? Halloween’s fast approaching, and what better way to prepare yourself for [READ MORE]

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  • Rosie Carney’s ‘Orchid’ is a blossoming bouquet of folk brilliance

    October 18, 2018  /  Rosie Carney


    Location: Donegal, Ireland FFO: Fenne Lily, Isaac Gracie Label: Akira Records Since moving to Donegal from Hampshire at the age of ten, singer-songwriter Rosie Carney found inspiration in the striking landscape of the Irish [READ MORE]

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  • Freedom Fry share their haunting Halloween serenade, ‘Zombie Love’

    October 11, 2018  /  Freedom Fry


    Location: Los Angeles, CA FFO: Yoke Lore, Morningsiders Label: Unsigned Prepare yourselves for all the spooky memes, seasonal decor and skimpy nurse outfits… Yep, it’s Halloween in a couple of weeks, and Freedom Fry have [READ MORE]

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  • ‘The Tides’ is wistful, existential folk from Of The Valley

    October 1, 2018  /  Of The Valley

    Location: Copenhagen, Denmark FFO: Tallest Man on Earth, Fleet Foxes, The National Label: Backseat Canadian-born Brian DellaValle has been quite the intrepid explorer, which has in turn inspired his musical [READ MORE]

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  • ‘People Change,’ but Maurice Amour’s heart stays the same

    September 25, 2018  /  Maurice Amour


    Location: Cornwall, UK FFO: The Careful Ones, Aquilo, Oh Wonder Label: Revanche Records Producer and musician Brandon Hargrave aka. Maurice Amour marks his return to the soundwaves with a brand new single, ‘People Change.’ First [READ MORE]

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  • Sketches of Dreams’ new single ‘Mirrors’ is raw artistry at its finest

    September 19, 2018  /  Sketches of Dreams


    Location: Brooklyn FFO: Anne Malin, Jonathan Barlow Label: Midnight Music Union ‘Mirrors’ is the latest track from Brooklyn’s Sketches of Dreams, the title track from his latest EP. Penned and composed by Hank Midnight, [READ MORE]

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  • Fly ‘Far From Here’ and lose yourself in Emma Charles’ unique folk-pop

    September 17, 2018  /  Emma Charles


    Location: Connecticut, USA FFO: Harfang, Luunes Label: Resilience Music Alliance LLC Blending thoughtful folk songwriting with intricate electronic production, Emma Charles is the up-and-coming alt-pop songstress you need on your radar. Produced and engineered [READ MORE]

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  • Luca Vasta searches for the “Dolce Vita” on ‘American Dream’

    September 13, 2018  /  Luca Vasta

    Location: Berlin FFO: Lola Marsh, Beirut Label: Gelato Records Born in Germany and raised in both Berlin and Sicily, Italian-German singer songwriter Luca Vasta began singing at an early age. Inspired by her father’s [READ MORE]

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  • Sean Christopher’s new single has ‘Everything’ you need

    August 29, 2018  /  Sean Christoper


    Location: Bristol, UK FFO: Fenne Lily, Aisha Burns Label: Dumont Dumont If you’re looking for something dynamic, smooth and full of soul, Sean Christopher has got ‘Everything’ you need on his latest single. Taken [READ MORE]

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  • We ‘Want You’ To Check Out Tom Speight’s Latest

    August 15, 2018  /  Tom Speight


    Location: London, UK FFO: Juke Ross, Declan J Donovan Label: Unsigned London based singer-songwriter Tom Speight returns with the first taste of his debut album, set for release in Spring 2019. ‘Want You’ [READ MORE]

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  • Give ‘All Your Love’ to Dustin Tebbutt’s new beautifully crafted song

    August 14, 2018  /  Dustin Tebbut


    Location: Australia FFO: Hollow Coves, Harrison Storm, Ben Howard Label: Eleven: A Music Company Australian singer-songwriter Dustin Tebbutt returns with his new single, ‘All Your Love’.  The single was originally released [READ MORE]

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  • Listen to TYGERMYLK’S beautiful new single ‘What God Would Keep Us Apart’

    August 13, 2018  /  TYGERMYLK


    Location: United Kingdom FFO: Laura Reznek Label: AWAL Brighton based indie-folk band TYGERMYLK release their debut single ‘What God Would Keep Us Apart’. A beautiful track, both vocally and musically. [READ MORE]

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  • Check Out Aaron James ‘Kauri Wood’

    August 10, 2018  /  Aaron James


    Location: Memphis, Tennessee, USA FFO: Bon Iver, Daughter Label: Unsigned The first taste of Aaron James’ upcoming EP Hibernate, ‘Kauri Wood’ is stripped back, simple, and shows a man at the [READ MORE]

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  • Grace Gillespie returns with a captivating new single, ‘Lady Make Believe’

    August 3, 2018  /  Grace Gillespie


    Location: London FFO: Laura Marling, Bon Iver Label: Kaleidoscope Following the release of her beautifully raw folk debut, ‘Restoration’ earlier this year, Grace Gillespie returns with a double-A-side featuring the balladical ‘Lady Make Believe,’ [READ MORE]

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  • Save yourself with Johan Danno’s powerful single, ‘Rescue Me’

    August 1, 2018  /  Johan Danno

    Location: South Florida, US FFO: Sam Ryder, John Mayer Label: Unsigned It’s not often you come across an artist who puts as much heart and soul into his music as Johan Danno, the South [READ MORE]

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  • Riley Pearce Creates A Beautiful Folk Backdrop On ‘If I Knew’

    July 27, 2018  /  Riley Pearce


    Location: Perth, Australia FFO: Bon Iver, Lucy Rose Record Label: Unsigned A beautiful, yet harrowing song, ‘If I Knew’ shows Riley Pearce‘s ability to combine his passionate vocals with grand, folk backdrops. ‘If I [READ MORE]

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  • Take a trip to ‘Uncertain, CA’ with Grace Inspace

    July 26, 2018  /  Grace Inspace

    Location: California FFO: Odina, Sam Valdez, Juliana Daugherty Label: AWAL A lyricist, singer, but a drummer at heart, Grace Inspace crafts pop that often begins its life as simple beats played on her own kit, with [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Go Easy’ With Chirpy’s Fantastic New Ballad

    July 24, 2018  /  Chirpy

    Location: County Dublin, Ireland FFO: Laura Welsh, Lykke Li, AWOLNATION Record Label: Unsigned A dark and sinister dream-pop track, Chirpy‘s ‘Go Easy’ is an excellent introduction to this Irish singer. Having released her debut [READ MORE]

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  • Second Hand Poet shares the stark and poignant ‘Loving You’

    July 13, 2018  /  Second Hand Poet


    Location: Surrey, UK FFO: Nick Mulvey, Fenne Lily Label: Unsigned ‘Loving You’ is the latest release from Surrey singer-songwriter Second Hand Poet, the secretive moniker of Jamie Tipson. Stripped back, raw and emotional to [READ MORE]

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  • Callum Pitt shares his latest finger-pickin’ folk anthem

    July 13, 2018  /  Callum Pitt

    Location: Newcastle FFO: Clouds And Thorns, Joe Hicks, Cape Cub Label: Kaleidoscope Looking for some finger-pickin’ folk doused in a healthy dose of summer? Newcastle’s Callum Pitt has got you covered with his latest foot-stomping [READ MORE]

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  • Spend your ‘Precious’ time listening to Jamie Johnson’s heartfelt debut

    July 6, 2018  /  Jamie Johnson


    Location: London FFO: Tom Speight, The Head and the Heart Label: Puerto Pollensa A heartfelt story of unrequited love, London’s Jamie Johnson shares his beautifully bittersweet debut, ‘Precious.’ With pure songwriting at its core, ‘Precious’ [READ MORE]

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  • Put yourself back together with Tender Glue’s nostalgic video, ‘Rudy’

    July 5, 2018  /  Tender Glue


    Location: New York City FFO: Sean Christopher, Kyle Morton Label: Don’t Label Me Records Tender Glue‘s the name, blissful lo-fi folk’s the game, and that’s exactly what the singer-songwriter brings on this tender [READ MORE]

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  • See a snapshot of JF Robitaille & Lail Arad’s brilliance on ‘Photograph’

    July 4, 2018  /  JF Robitaille, Lail Arad


    Location: Montreal / London FFO: Alexis Harte, Anna Burch, The Orielles Label: Sparks Music Montreal’s JF Robitaille and London’s Lail Arad are a musical match made in heaven. Both expressing a powerful musical individuality in their [READ MORE]

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  • Prepare for your ears to flood with harmonies on new track ‘Call Me a Fool’ by Perlo

    July 2, 2018  /  Perlo


    Location: United States FFO: Lists, Sam Pinkerton, Keith Johns Label: AntiFragile Music The duo, Henri Bardot and Marie Hsiao, also known as Perlo have released their new track ‘Call Me a [READ MORE]

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  • ‘God Knows’ why you haven’t heard Night Flight’s new tune yet

    June 22, 2018  /  Night Flight


    Location: London FFO: Sea Girls, Isaac Gracie, Adam French Label: CRC Records Having recently embarked on a full UK headline tour and a handful of festival slots already in the pipeline, London’s Night Flight are [READ MORE]

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  • Emina Sonnad shares her debut single ‘Pretending To See Stars’

    June 22, 2018  /  Emina Sonnad

    Location: Los Angeles FFO: Axel Mansoor, Phoebe Bridgers Label: Unsigned Calling Los Angeles home, singer-songwriter Emina Sonnad has been travelling abroad, teaching English in Spain alongside working on new music. As a result of her [READ MORE]

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  • Enough ‘Friday Fighting,’ it’s time to ‘Leave Fast’ with Sam Fender

    June 14, 2018  /  Sam Fender

    Location: Newcastle FFO: Bad Sounds, The Night Café Label: Unsigned BBC Sound of 2018’s short-lister and all-round man of the moment Sam Fender returns with another beautifully raw track. Following on from his uplifting anthem, [READ MORE]

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  • Rue Royale return with the ethereal ‘Thrown By The Wind’

    June 10, 2018  /  Rue Royal


    Location: Nottingham FFO: The Black Atlantic, I Am Oak, Brown Feather Sparrow Label: Sinnbus “Life got weird and difficult over the last few years – both personally and in the world around us,” explain [READ MORE]

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  • You’ll be ‘Better Off’ after listening to Sjowgren’s dreamy new track

    June 1, 2018  /  Sjowgren


    Location: California FFO: Yoke Lore, Morningsiders, Mt. Joy Label: Long Time Friend Discount Looking for a chilled-out friday jam to prepare for a hectic weekend? Sjowgren have got you covered with their dreamy new [READ MORE]

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  • Jim Audet gets political on the folkish ‘Sex & Money’

    May 31, 2018  /  Jim Audet


    Location: Canada Label: Unsigned FFO: The War On Drugs, Ryan Adams, Deer Tick Jim Audet gets political on his new single ‘Sex & Money’. The Canadian artist channels folk and rock with a [READ MORE]

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  • Stroll down the ‘Cobblestone Streets’ of folk with Tommy Leahy

    May 28, 2018  /  Tommy Leahy

    Location: Philadelphia FFO: Liza Anne, Chris Renzema, Sawyer Label: Nauset Records Looking for some stripped-back, raw acoustics to wistfully stroll down some ‘Cobblestone Streets?’ Then look no further than Tommy Leahy‘s latest release, the fifth [READ MORE]

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  • Don’t get caught in life’s ‘Undertow,’ listen to Tommy Leahy instead

    May 28, 2018  /  Tommy Leahy

    Location: Philadelphia FFO: Liza Anne, Chris Renzema, Sawyer Label: Nauset Records From the stripped back folk of ‘Cobblestone Streets’ to the upbeat indie-rock of ‘Undertow,’ Tommy Leahy shows his versatility on his debut album The Summer I [READ MORE]

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  • Michael Legere just want’s you to be ‘Yourself’ in his new single

    May 24, 2018  /  Michael Legere


    Location: Toronto FFO: Century Thief Label: Unsigned   Toronto based multi-instrumentalist Michael Legere is opening our eyes to the world around us. Filled with meaningful lyrics, ‘Yourself’ compares our social [READ MORE]

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  • Cecilia Ebba releases the emotive and summery ballad ‘Cerulean Blue’

    May 18, 2018  /  Cecilia Ebba


    Location: Copenhagen, Denmark FFO:  Label: Vilda Recordings Swedish-born alternative singer-songwriter Cecilia Ebba has released ‘Cerulean Blue’ along with her new 7-track EP Just Fantasy. Before moving to Copenhagen, Cecilia lived in London for several years [READ MORE]

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  • Kevin Pearce provides RuN RiOT an emotive dimension in ‘Heartbeat Mind’

    May 15, 2018  /  RuN RiOT


    Location: London FFO: Neurodriver, The Funkrash Label: We Are Live Rock-infused big beat artist RuN RiOT has joined forces with folk singer Kevin Pearce and has released ‘Heartbeat Mind’, the first of three new collaborations between [READ MORE]

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  • Feel the gentle warmth of Richard Walter’s new single, ‘This Fire’

    May 14, 2018  /  Richard Walters


    Location: London FFO: Trent Dabbs, Matthew Perryman Jones, Andrew Belle Label: Pilotlights Music Gentle rawness and stripped-back emotion is what UK singer-songwriter Richard Walters brings to the table; and it’s simply fantastic. ‘This Fire’ [READ MORE]

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  • Come And Watch ‘Twin Peaks’ With Saint Sister

    May 11, 2018  /  Saint Sister


    Location: Ireland FFO: Jealous Of The Birds, James Blake, Bon Iver Record Label: Unsigned ‘Twin Peaks’ is a wonderfully delicate, serene letter to friendship and all the things Saint Sister love. With this latest single, Saint [READ MORE]

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  • Don’t Make ‘Plans’. VON GREY Are Back

    May 11, 2018  /  VON GREY


    Location: Atlanta, USA FFO: Fleet Foxes, St. Vincent, Bon Iver Record Label:  VON GREY have done it again. On new single ‘Plans’, the trio create a serene masterpiece that is delicate and immaculate in [READ MORE]

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  • Eleanor Nelly makes a stunning debut with ‘Polaroid’

    May 8, 2018  /  Eleanor Nelly


    Location: Liverpool FFO: Fenne Lily, Rosie Carney Label: Unsigned Brand new singer-songwriter Eleanor Nelly has finally dropped her debut single ‘Polaroid’. With roots in blues, country and folk, Eleanor is self-taught on guitar and began [READ MORE]

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  • Genre-blending h.eldritch releases the introspective ‘Ghost/Half a Man’

    April 26, 2018  /  h. eldritch

    Location: London FFO: Seth Lakeman, The Swoons Label: Antimatters London-based singer-songwriter and producer Harry Houseago has burst on the scene with his new project h. eldritch and new single ‘Ghost/Half a Man’. The genre-fluid artist has [READ MORE]

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  • Alex Lleo And His Band Craft Folk Magic On ‘Rising Water’

    April 23, 2018  /  Alex Lleo


    Location: Birmingham, UK FFO: Ben Howard, Half Moon Run Record Label: Harmony Road Records ‘Rising Water’ by Alex Lleo and his six-piece band is a beautifully rich, masterfully crafted but yet effortlessly laid-back song. [READ MORE]

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  • Jack Vallier drops his first single of 2018, ‘Love You Twice’

    April 17, 2018  /  Jack Vallier


    Location: Bournemouth, UK FFO: Lewis Capaldi, Nathan Ball, Tom Speight Label: Method Records 2018’s already been a busy year for Bournemouth singer-songwriter Jack Vallier, following tours supporting Jade Bird and Dermot Kennedy, riding the [READ MORE]

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  • Danielle Deckard explores regret and letting go on ‘Honey’

    April 14, 2018  /  Danielle Deckard


    Location: Sydney, Australia FFO: Emily James, Ariela Jacobs, Meadowlark Label: Danielle Deckard Music ‘Honey’ is the latest single from Australian singer-songwriter Danielle Deckard, following her earlier release ‘Happy’ back in 2017. Directed at [READ MORE]

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  • ‘T.R.U.S.T.’ us, you need to hear Lydia Evangeline’s new track

    April 13, 2018  /  Lydia Evangeline

    Location: Brighton FFO: Tori Harper, Lucy Rose, Wayward Daughter Label: Bespoke Records ‘T.R.U.S.T.’ is the third single from Lydia Evangeline‘s solo project, and trust us… it’s brilliant. Evangeline brings feel-good vibes and indie-pop realness [READ MORE]

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  • Pale Green Things returns with ‘The Islands’, a tribute to the world

    April 6, 2018  /  Pale Green Things


    Location: Manchester FFO: The Modern Strangers, Vistas Label: Just Maybe Records Solo alternative folk act Jack Traynor from Manchester has released ‘The Islands’, the opening track to his upcoming album Beast In The Hearts [READ MORE]

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  • Experience a peaceful journey listening to ‘Arrows’ by Haux

    April 3, 2018  /  Haux


    Location: London FFO: Bon Iver, Fractures, Daughter Label: Ultra Records Woodson Black aka ‘Haux’ shares his previously unheard track ‘Arrows’ from his new EP ‘Something To Remember’ available now everywhere. “Haux delivers a dreamy [READ MORE]

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  • We say Yes to brand new Tors single!

    March 28, 2018  /  Tors


    Location: Devon/London FFO: Saint Raymond, The New Coast, Plested, Stereo Honey, Martin Luke Brown Label: Unsigned Tors is a UK indie folk band. They’re named after a “collection of different [READ MORE]

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  • Dessie Magee reveals an impassioned side with second single ‘Bandit’

    March 28, 2018  /  Dessie Magee


    Location: Brighton FFO: Frank Turner, Mumford & Sons, Lumineers Label: Unsigned Irish modern folk-pop singer-songwriter Dessie Magee incorporates elements of an array of genres in new single ‘Bandit’. Currently residing in Brighton, Dessie spent previous years [READ MORE]

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  • Fenne Lily releases ‘Car Park’. A song about power from her debut LP

    March 28, 2018  /  Fenne Lily


    Location: Bristol FFO: Laura Marling, Sharon Van Etten, Agnes Olsen Label: Unsigned   Fenne Lily describes her genre as urban strife. It’s a great reason to listen to her new [READ MORE]

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  • From writer to solo-artist, RuthAnne launches her debut single ‘The Vow’

    March 23, 2018  /  RuthAnne

    Location: Dublin FFO: Alice Phoebe Lou, Julie Byrne, Alela Diane Label: The Other Songs With an already illustrious career in writing music for artists such as Britney Spears, One Direction, Westlife and JoJo, [READ MORE]

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  • Sam Johnson hits close to home on his astutely political folk release

    March 20, 2018  /  Sam Johnson


    Location: Shropshire, UK FFO: Jack Patchett, Dawson Hollow, Tom Odell Label: Republic Of Music ‘Way Back Home’ is the latest release from singer-songwriter Sam Johnson. In what’s been described as a “rousing ode to [READ MORE]

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  • Swan Levitt kicks of 2018 with the emotive yet cinematic ‘Parkhurst’

    March 16, 2018  /  Swan Levitt


    Location: Isle of Wight FFO: Talmont, Laura Ann Brady Label: Twin Music Isle of Wight singer-songwriter Swan Levitt has released his first single of the year ‘Parkhurst’. The track continues the artist’s signature blend of [READ MORE]

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  • Henry Grace is ice cold and smooth on ‘Cold Hearted Woman’

    March 14, 2018  /  Henry Grace


    Location: Los Angeles FFO: Bon Iver, Nick Drake, Damien Rice Label: Unsigned ‘Cold Hearted Woman’ is the latest release from UK native singer-songwriter Henry Grace. Taken from Grace’s sophomore EP, What We Took From The Mountain, the [READ MORE]

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  • Spill Gold conjure hauntingly trance-like visuals for ‘Palms’

    March 14, 2018  /  Spill Gold


    Location: Amsterdam FFO: Blue Crime, STUFF. Label: Unsigned Taken from their self-titled EP released late last year, Dutch/American trio Spill Gold have released the entrancing visuals for ‘Palms.’ Reflecting the hauntingly trance-like sounds of the [READ MORE]

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  • Benjamin Lazar Davis shares the poignantly powerful ‘Right Direction’

    March 12, 2018  /  Benjamin Lazar Davis


    Location: Brooklyn FFO: No Kind of Rider, Purr, Frills Label: Unsigned ‘Right Direction’ is the latest release from Benjamin Lazar Davis, ahead of his debut solo album Nothing Matters set for release on 4th May. With a [READ MORE]

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  • Angie McMahon releases her “punchy sass and angst” on ‘Missing Me’

    March 7, 2018  /  Angie McMahon


    Location: Melbourne, Australia FFO: Jess Locke, Ruby Fields, Tia Gostelow Label: Unsigned ‘Missing Me’ is the latest release from singer-songwriter Angie McMahon, following the huge success of her debut single ‘Slow Mover’ released in [READ MORE]

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  • Get emotional with Kyle Cox’s revealing new single ‘Better Off Being Wrong’

    March 6, 2018  /  Kyle Cox


    Location: Nashville, TN FFO: Matt Hires, Joshua Pearson Label: Unsigned Kyle Cox is back with his addictively low, smooth voice in his second single ‘Better Off Being Wrong’ from his upcoming fourth, self-titled album. [READ MORE]

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  • Alice Phoebe Lou releases the haunting visuals for ‘She’

    March 5, 2018  /  Alice Phoebe Lou


    Location: Berlin FFO: Tiny Ruins, Julie Byrne, Lucy Rose Label: Unsigned Born in South Africa and having developed her ethereal indie-folk sound busking on the streets of Berlin, Alice Phoebe Lou has caught the [READ MORE]

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  • Baswod showcases his dream-like folk sensibility with ‘Sleep’

    March 5, 2018  /  BASWOD


    Location: Vienna, Austria FFO: Sufjan Stevens, Fleet Foxes, Local Natives Label: Unsigned ‘Sleep’ is the latest release from Baswod, the solo project of Vienna-based singer-songwriter Dominik Linder. Combining beautifully soft, layered acoustic guitar work, smooth banjo [READ MORE]

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  • Alex Lleo showcases music at its most genuine with ‘Bedroom Door’

    March 5, 2018  /  Alex Lleo

    Location: Lickey, Worcestershire FFO: Josh McGovern, The Careful Ones, Fleet Foxes Label: Harmony Road Records ‘Bedroom Door’ is the latest release from singer-songwriter Alex Lleo, showcasing music at its most honest and raw. The track [READ MORE]

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