• Oh Maddie explore the brutal realities of ‘Youth’ as a Romanian adoptee

    February 16, 2018  /  Oh Maddie

    Location: Chelmsford FFO: Underwater Boys, Childhood Label: Dog Heart Records New duo on the block Ben Rowntree and Jack Pepper, aka Oh Maddie, have released their ardent debut single ‘Youth’. All too often, songwriters are rendered [READ MORE]

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  • Speak, Brother reveal vulnerability in ‘Magnesium Burn’

    February 16, 2018  /  Speak, Brother


    Location: Rugby FFO: Cameron Douglas, The Sun Kite Label: Unsigned Midlands indie-folk-rock five-piece Speak, Brother have released their third single ‘Magnesium Burn’ from their hotly anticipated upcoming album, Young & Brave. Synonymous to early Mumford [READ MORE]

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  • All The Luck In The World evoke unadulterated emotion in ‘Contrails’

    February 15, 2018  /  All The Luck In The World


    Location: Berlin, Germany FFO: Patrick James, Winterbourne Label: Unsigned   In 2013 when Ben Connolly and Kevin Barr joined Neil Foot to collaborate, All The Luck In The World’s was born and a debut record [READ MORE]

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  • Be uplifted by Highland Kites’ confessional ‘I Didn’t Belong’

    February 13, 2018  /  Highland Kites


    Location: Los Angeles, CA FFO: Salamanda, Warehouse Eyes Label: Independent LA anti-folk duo Highland Kites, comprised of singer-songwriter Marissa Lamar and drummer Neil Briggs, are back with their first single of the year, the confessional ‘I [READ MORE]

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  • Vance brings summer Joy with latest release ‘Saturday Sun’

    February 6, 2018  /  Vance Joy


    Location: Melbourne, Australia FFO: George Ezra, James Bay, Of Monsters And Men Label: Atlantic Recording Corporation ‘Saturday Sun’ is the latest release from multi-platinum Australian singer-songwriter Vance Joy, the fourth track from the artist’s [READ MORE]

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  • Chase McBride showcases his trademark breezy folk aesthetic

    February 6, 2018  /  Chase McBride


    Location: San Francisco, United States FFO: Old Sea Brigade, Sam Burchfield, Jon Bryant Label: Unsigned ‘The Color Blue’ is the dangerously catchy new release from West Coast singer-songwriter Chase McBride, following the success of [READ MORE]

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  • Ohsergio returns with genre-blurring new single ‘FIDITL’

    February 2, 2018  /  Ohsergio


    Location: Los Angeles FFO: Lauran Hibberd, Wild Front Label: Unsigned Swiss singer-songwriter Ohsergio released her first single ‘Hunter’ back in 2016, but has finally returned with new material which will please her growing following. As [READ MORE]

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  • Nick Shattuck continues to woo with the thraoty ‘Cliffside’

    February 2, 2018  /  Nick Shattuck


    Location: Los Angeles, CA FFO: Old Sea Brigade, James Quick Label: 627531 Records DK Indie-folk singer-songwriter Nick Shattuck has grown a rapid following since the release of his debut album Chorus and Verse back in 2010. Having supported [READ MORE]

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  • Charlie Straw’s stirring new release flows like water

    February 1, 2018  /  Charlie Straw


    Location: Leeds / London FFO: Kyle Lionhart, Leo Stannard, The Beach Label: Unsigned ‘Water Flows’ follows Wirral-born Cornwall enthusiast Charlie Straw‘s immensely successful debut ‘St Ives,’ which reached a top #3 placement in the UK [READ MORE]

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  • The Singer and the Songwriter celebrate women’s empowerment and diversity

    February 1, 2018  /  The Singer and The Songwriter


    Location: California FFO: The Staves, Laura Marling, Lucy Rose Label: Unsigned ‘Wild Heart’ is the brilliant track from California duo The Singer and The Songwriter‘s Directions EP released in October 2017, and the duo have [READ MORE]

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  • Berlin-based Dino Joubert crafts authentic and organic acoustic jams

    January 31, 2018  /  Dino Joubert


    Location: Berlin FFO: Damien Rice, Lukas Herbertson, Jimmy Nash Label: Neverland Music Dino Joubert is not only the name of this Berlin-based composer and musician, but his entire band is incorporated in this moniker. [READ MORE]

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  • Towne showcase their new sound with the hauntingly evocative ‘Waiting’

    January 29, 2018  /  Towne

    Location: Nashville FFO: Sinclair, The Shadowboxers Label: Blue Tile Music LLC ‘Waiting’ is a notably different sound from Towne‘s debut EP released in 2016 Games We Play. With more new [READ MORE]

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  • Sam Eagle releases his genre-fluid new single ’15/8′

    January 24, 2018  /  Sam Eagle


    Location: Essex FFO: Grizzly Bear, BADBADNOTGOOD Label: Unsigned After achieving some recognition from his first EP in 2016, Sam Eagle is back with his new single ’15/8′. At just 18 years old, Sam has a very [READ MORE]

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  • Max García Conover’s melancholic release captures the transience of time

    January 24, 2018  /  Max García Conover


    Location: Maine, United States FFO: Lydia Cole, GoldenOak, Douglas Firs Label: Unsigned ‘Streetlights’ is the latest release from Maine-based one-man band Max García Conover. A dreamlike lullaby of a track that [READ MORE]

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  • Eli releases uplifting acoustic-led ‘Harder Than It Needs To Be’

    January 22, 2018  /  Eli

    Location: Australia FFO: Leo Stannard, Jake Isaac, Tom Speight Label: Unsigned ‘Harder Than It Needs To Be’ is a brilliantly honest acoustic track from singer-songwriter Eli. With an upbeat, guitar [READ MORE]

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  • Tom Grennan releases a ‘Sober’-ingly personal guitar-led anthem

    January 19, 2018  /  Tom Grennan

    Location: Bedford FFO: Tom Speight, Lewis Capaldi, Leo Stannard Label: Insanity Records Limited ‘Sober’ is a powerful, personal release from Bedford singer-songwriter Tom Grennan ahead of his full length debut [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Listen To Your Friends’ and checkout Declan McKenna’s new video

    January 18, 2018  /  Declan McKenna


    Location: Hertfordshire, UK FFO: Jake Bugg, The Hunna, Day Wave Label: Sony Music Entertainment UK The closing track of young Hertfordshire artist Declan McKenna‘s album ‘What Do You Think About The [READ MORE]

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  • Lucy Dacus shares captivating track ‘Addictions’ with self-directed video

    January 17, 2018  /  Lucy Dacus


    Location: Richmond, Virginia FFO: Molly Burch, Lady Lamb, Big Thief Label: Matador Records The second single from her forthcoming album ‘Historian’, Richmond-based singer-songwriter Lucy Dacus releases ‘Addictions’, complete with self-directed [READ MORE]

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  • Leo Leoson shares an atmospheric and soothing ‘Morning Lullaby’

    January 17, 2018  /  Leo Leoson


    Location: Stockholm, Sverige FFO: José González, Fleet Foxes, The Shins Label: If Music Could Talk Swedish artist Leo Leoson releases an atmospheric and ambient track with ‘Morning Lullaby.’ It’s a [READ MORE]

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  • We’re addicted to Adam French’s new visuals for ‘My Addiction’

    January 11, 2018  /  Adam French


    Location: London FFO: Leo Stannard, George Ogilvie, Tom Grennan Label: Universal Music Operations Ltd. After a phenomenal year in 2017 with the release of his Weightless EP, garnering support from [READ MORE]

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  • Indie folk duo Small Parade showcase their musical chemistry

    January 9, 2018  /  Small Parade


    Location: Amherst/Hadley, United States FFO: Laura Gibson, Sera Cahoone Label: Unsigned Indie-pop/rock outfit Small Parade are Nicole Blum and Peter Michaels, who formed the group in earnest back in 2017, [READ MORE]

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  • Rosie Tucker takes old school indie for a spin

    January 9, 2018  /  Rosie Tucker


    Location: Los Angeles FFO: Baker Grace, The Nova Darlings, Minimall Label: Unsigned Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Rosie Tucker showcases her sense of humour with this wistful and clever indie rock [READ MORE]

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  • Rosie Carney showcases raw poetic talent in melancholic release ‘K.’

    January 8, 2018  /  Rosie Carney

    Location: Donegal, Ireland FFO: Brooke Bentham, Sam Pinkerton, Phoebe Bridgers Label: Akira Records Donegal-based singer-songwriter Rosie Carney releases a personal, introspective track with ‘K.’ With melancholic, soft guitar chords, ambient [READ MORE]

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  • London-based The Beach releases anthemic folk track ‘Toxic Love’

    January 8, 2018  /  The Beach

    Location: London FFO: Tom Speight, Lewis Capaldi Label: RCA Records London based singer-songwriter The Beach releases an anthemic and catchy folk track with ‘Toxic Love’, an instantly relatable track revolving [READ MORE]

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  • Immerse yourself into the universe of Little Quirk’s folky fairytale in ‘Unwinding’

    December 18, 2017  /  Little Quirks


    Location: Australian FFO: The Belligerents, Alex the Astronaut Label: Unsigned   Hot off their latest EP Suzie Knows, Little Quirks bring a refreshingly spiritual sense of joy into a world currently fuelled by a tumultuous, [READ MORE]

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  • Less is More on Ali Morrison’s ‘Real Love’

    December 17, 2017  /  Ali Morrison


    Location: UK FFO: Gabrielle Aplin, James Bay Label: Unsigned What you see is what you get on ‘Real Love’. Ali Morrison strip things right back, with just his voice whispering [READ MORE]

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  • Sylvan Esso showcase their cross-genre talent

    December 15, 2017  /  Sylvan Esso

    Location: North Carolina, United States FFO: Phantogram, Tei Shi Label: Loma Vista Recordings Not many electro-pop artists can release a track as raw and personal-sounding as Sylvan Esso‘s cover of [READ MORE]

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  • Naked Flame Music glow with vibrant and catchy songwriting

    December 11, 2017  /  Naked Flame Music


    Location: London FFO: Jake Morley, Striving Vines Label: Unsigned From their garden-studio in south east London, Peter Lewis and Tony Huwe of Naked Flame Music release a heartfelt, raw guitar-led [READ MORE]

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  • Tom Speight’s ‘Young Heart’ runs free on this mellow track

    December 8, 2017  /  Tom Speight

    Location: London FFO: Nathan Ball, Leo Stannard Label: Unsigned Singer-songwriter Tom Speight brings a ‘nostalgia for a warm summer-evening’ vibe with this heartfelt track from the London-based artist. Speight’s distinctive [READ MORE]

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  • Shelley Segal gets political in her powerful new track ‘Somebody Like You’

    November 27, 2017  /  Shelley Segal


    Location: Los Angeles / Australia FFO: Adam Levy, Baba Brinkman Label: True Music ‘Somebody Like You’ is a heavy track, and not just in sound; it details the trauma of [READ MORE]

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  • Chemical plant worker by day, indie-folk rockstar by night, Connecticut artist Johnny Frank lives

    November 27, 2017  /  Johnny Frank


    Location: Connecticut, United States FFO: Tame Impala, Aaron Taos Label: Clam Club Connecticut-born singer-songwriter Johnny Frank is chemical-processing plant worker by day, but by night, Frank assumes his rightful position [READ MORE]

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  • Paradisia take you to paradise in new track ‘Dreamer’

    November 24, 2017  /  Paradisia


    Location: London FFO: Lucy Rose, Violet Skies Label: Long Branch Records Beautiful lead vocals, awesome keys and the delicacy of a harp; this is what london-based trio Paradisia bring to the [READ MORE]

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  • Isaac Gracie exudes raw emotion on new release ‘Terrified’

    November 24, 2017  /  Isaac Gracie

    Location: London FFO: Damien Rice, Dallas Green Label: Buried Crowns Ltd There is something mesmeresing and poetic about the wearied tones of singer-songwriter Isaac Gracie‘s voice. With his signature lo-fi [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Older’ than his years? Berlin singer-songwriter Luutzen gets philosophical

    November 22, 2017  /  Luutzen


    Location: Berlin FFO: Bon Iver, The Notwist, Label: Krakow Records ‘Older’ is a very thoughtful, melancholic release from Berlin-based singer-songwriter Luutzen, which expresses a worldliness and experience that one would [READ MORE]

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  • ‘All I’ve Got’ is a soft spot for Alex Francis, here’s why…

    November 20, 2017  /  Alex Francis


    Location: Hertfordshire FFO: Rothwell, Cattle & Cane Label: Unsigned   ‘All I’ve Got’ is the latest from Alex Francis’, striking an honest chord as he confesses “the way I live my life in [READ MORE]

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  • Rosie Carney Shares Cool Folk Track ‘Winter’

    November 17, 2017  /  Rosie Carney


    Location: Donegal, Ireland FFO: Mt. Joy, Astronaut Husband Label: X Novo With her effortless vocals drifting like smoke over her fluid fingerstyle guitar playing, Rosie Carney‘s latest track will take your [READ MORE]

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  • Bradley Stone Teams Up With SONIK For Folktronic Epic

    November 17, 2017  /  Bradley Stone & Sonik


    Location: Byron Bay, Australia FFO: Nick Cunnigham, Lakyn Label: Fyne Cutz Byron Bay singer-songwriter, Bradley Stone, has just dropped this jaw dropping single. ‘Fly to You’ is a collaboration with [READ MORE]

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  • Here’s something ‘for your consideration’: Jack Vanity’s soulful “gibber gabber”

    November 15, 2017  /  Jack Vanity


    Location: Los Angeles FFO: The Raconteurs Label: Unsigned   Jack Vanity, the stage name of self-titled crooner Max Goldenstein, has more than just a little soul. Hailing from Los Angeles, [READ MORE]

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  • Tia Gostelow gives us song to satisfy ‘Hunger’

    November 15, 2017  /  Tia Gostelow


    Location: Queensland, Australia FFO: ELKI, The Money War Label: Unsigned Indie folk singer Tia Gostelow doesn’t disappoint on third single ‘Hunger’. With guitar chords you swear you’ve heard before and [READ MORE]

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  • Sean Christopher Shares ‘Carry On’

    November 11, 2017  /  Sean Christopher


    Location: Bristol, UK FFO: Jono McCleery, Charles Pasi Label: Dumont Dumont The follow up to UK debut ‘Paper Plane Pilot’, Sean Christopher is back with ‘Carry On’.  Both tracks are taken from [READ MORE]

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  • Laure Z’s debut is both simple and symphonic

    November 8, 2017  /  Laure Z


    Location: Los Angeles, US FFO: Marika Hackman, Laura Marling Label: Unsigned French folk singer Laure Z shares her debut single ‘I Will Follow’. The first taste of her EP Girls [READ MORE]

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  • Tuvaband warm our hearts with ‘Mess’

    November 7, 2017  /  Tuvaband


    Location: Oslo/England FFO: Tusks, IDER Label: Brilliance Records   Tuvaband have been regularly regarded as one of the best new bands to come out of Scandinavia. The haunting, wintry atmosphere created by Tuva Marschhaüser’s [READ MORE]

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  • Lake Jons show their true ‘Colors’ with a stylish new video

    November 7, 2017  /  Lake Jons


    Location: Helsinki FFO: Antti Pouta, Rooxx Label: AntiFragile Music   Having been on the scene since 2014, Lake Jons have come along way as their new track ‘Colors’ points out the evolution their sound has [READ MORE]

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  • Lauran Hibberd blends folk with “fuzzed up indie pop” for new single ‘Eliza’

    October 23, 2017  /  Lauran Hibberd


    Location: United Kingdom FFO: Wild Front, Freazy Label: Unsigned   20 year old Lauran Hibberd blends folk with “fuzzed up indie pop”, as she describes it, for her new single ‘Eliza’. The upbeat nature [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Branscome’ by Wovoka Gentle gets an equally serene video

    October 19, 2017

    Location: London FFO: Tame Impala, Bloom, Kurt Vile Label: Yucatan Records   Wovoka Gentle’s beautiful, serene track ‘Branscombe’ now has a meditative video to match. The minimalist sights and sounds are filled with [READ MORE]

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  • Jazz inspired rock band LOUIZA release melancholic single ‘Forget Regret’

    October 18, 2017  /  LOUIZA


    Location: Oakland FFO: Joni Mitchell, Laura Marling Label: Unsigned   Born in San Francisco, Rebecca Mimiaga began her musical journey in her youth, studying contemporary vocal styles and listening to a daily dose [READ MORE]

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  • Bessie Turner has a way with ‘Words You Say’

    October 17, 2017  /  Bessie Turner


    Location: East Anglia FFO: Courtney Barnett, Japanese House, Slowclub Label:  Don’t Try After releasing her debut single in April 2017, not to mention an incredible follow-up… Bessie Turner is back with ‘Words [READ MORE]

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  • George Glew has eyes on his destination in ‘Home Love’

    October 6, 2017  /  George Glew


    Location: Bristol, UK FFO: Nick Mulvey, Tom Speight, Isaac Gracie Label: Atomizer Records George Glew has eyes on his destination in ‘Home Love’. The singer-songwriter combines elements of folk and rock to create [READ MORE]

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  • Meadowlark ask ‘May I Have This Dance’

    October 6, 2017  /  Meadowlark

    Location: Bristol FFO: Billie Martin, Haux, Leo Stannard Label: All Points Meadowlark ask ‘May I Have This Dance’ in their heart-shattering new single. The teardrops of a piano and the [READ MORE]

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  • Ella-grace Denton wows in ‘Here We Are Again’

    October 5, 2017  /  Ella-grace Denton


    Location: Unknown FFO: Laura Marling Label: Ont’ Sofa Records 2017 A truly delightful debut from folk newcomer Ella-grace Denton who wows with delightful guitar strings which pluck at the heartstrings in [READ MORE]

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  • Listen to Rocheman’s dreamy yet fragile debut ‘Windmill’

    October 2, 2017  /  Rocheman


    Location: London FFO: Animal Collective, Sufjan Stevens Label: NX Records   Though less than three minutes long, Rocheman’s debut release ‘Windmill’ is a dreamy, delicate song that can transport you [READ MORE]

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  • Tuvaband release heavenly, environment focused single ‘Trees’

    October 2, 2017  /  Tuvaband


    Location: Oslo FFO: Amanda Bergman Label: Brilliance Records   Taken from their upcoming EP, which is out November 1st, Norwegian folk duo Tuvaband have released the heavenly ‘Trees’. The melancholic new track [READ MORE]

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  • Meet Matt Elle’s latest acoustic offering

    September 29, 2017  /  Matt Elle


    Location: New York FFO: Bon Iver Label: Independent This new acoustic track from Matt Elle is a simple yet romantic track with lovely violin accompaniment. ‘Meet Me In Montauk’ follows [READ MORE]

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  • Swedish singer-songwriter Plàsi places people power in new track

    September 13, 2017  /  Plàsi


    Location:  Stockholm, Sweden FFO: José González, Passenger Label: UMI CREATIVE Inspired by the inequalities he witnessed on a recent trip to Brazil, ‘People’ by Swedish indie-folk singer Plàsi is a stripped back acoustic track [READ MORE]

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  • Morning Bear admits “You’re Right” on stunning folk ballad

    September 11, 2017  /  Morning Bear


    Location: Denver FFO: Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes Label: Independent   In this uplifting yet tragic song, Morning Bear confronts his own stubbornness to admit “You’re Right”. The track grows from [READ MORE]

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  • Amy Rosalyn takes us to the ‘Precipice’ in her latest track

    August 31, 2017  /  Amy Rosalyn


    Location: Austin FFO: Gabrielle Aplin Label: Banana Pop Records The title-track from Amy Rosalyn‘s debut EP, ‘Precipice’, lovingly builds into a giant orchestral soundscape. This moody acoustic song showcases Rosalyn’s [READ MORE]

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  • Alex the Astronaut’s comfortable and confident ‘Not Worth Hiding’ is definitely worth playing

    August 16, 2017  /  Alex the Astronaut


    Location: Sydney, Australia FFO:  Montaigne, Ali Barter Label: Minkowski Records The first taste of Alex The Astronaut’s forthcoming EP ‘See You Soon’, ‘Not Worth Hiding’ does not disappoint. It is a confident and [READ MORE]

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  • Let the exquisite sound of Lauran Hibberd fill you in ‘Old Head Young Shoulders’

    August 8, 2017  /  Lauran Hibberd


    Location: Isle of Wight FFO: Lucy Rose, Billie Marten Label: Unsigned Lauran Hibberd’s low-key, beautifully arranged nu-folk single “Old Head Young Shoulders” seems to drift through eardrums and straight into the [READ MORE]

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  • Siv Jakobsen previews new album with the wonderful ‘Berry & Wythe’

    August 4, 2017  /  Siv Jakobsen


    Location: Asker, Norway FFO: Field Division, flora cash Label: Independent   The lead single from Norweigan folkster Siv Jakobsen’s debut album The Nordic Mellow has set expectations high. ‘Berry & [READ MORE]

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  • The Saturday Boy delivers sweet alt-country with ‘By The Tree’

    August 3, 2017  /  The Saturday Boy


    Location: London FFO: Father John Misty, Bill Ryder-Jones, Richard Hawley Label: Northview Records For fans of alt-country, The Saturday Boy has a right treat for you with ‘By The Tree’. From [READ MORE]

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  • Lydia Rose – Cold

    August 1, 2017  /  Lydia Rose


    Location: London FFO: Bon Iver, Iron and Wine Label: Unknown An intricate, stunning song by Lydia Rose. ‘Cold’ is filled to the brim of emotion, with a voice that could [READ MORE]

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  • The Burning Glass – Parasol

    July 26, 2017  /  The Burning Glass


    Location: Unknown FFO: Frank Turner Label: Unsigned   With an album called Happiness is Egg Shaped’ out next August, these fantastic folky musicians have made a beautifully thoughtful and serene [READ MORE]

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  • Ian Randall Thornton – Do You Rise

    July 20, 2017  /  Ian Randall Thornton


    Location: Norfolk, US FFO: Johnny Flynn, Marcus Mumford Label: Unknown Ian Randall Thornton’s sound resides in a delicate balance between Americana, timeless folk, and progressive post-rock. His sound provides a [READ MORE]

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  • Siv Jakobsen – Shallow Digger

    June 29, 2017  /  Siv Jakobsen


    Location: Asker, Norway FFO: Laura Marling, Fenne Lily, Sivu Label: The Nordic Mellow Nordic singer-songwriter Siv Jakobsen returns with the enchanting sound of new single ‘Shallow Digger’. Following on the [READ MORE]

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  • ONBC – Tombstone

    June 22, 2017  /  ONBC

    https://play.spotify.com/album/33Sgx52R2DdiMpWfj07cdx?play=true&utm_source=open.spotify.com&utm_medium=open Read more
  • Winter Aid – The Night Goes

    June 20, 2017  /  Winter Aid


    Location: Dublin FFO: Peter Broderick, DM Stith, Efterklang Label: Bluestack Records You know how nice it is when you’re in a tent and you can hear the rain outside? Well, [READ MORE]

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  • Jonathan Something – Spooky Delight

    June 13, 2017  /  Jonathan Something


    Location: LA FFO: Your Heart, A-Love Label: “Celebrating the mundane through the visceral” LA’s Jonathan Something has crafted some pretty special folk-rock. You’ll be sure to have your own spooky [READ MORE]

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  • Frøkedal – ‘Stranger’

    June 5, 2017  /  Frøkedal


    Location: Oslo, Norway FFO: A Fine Frenzy, Regina Spektor Label: Propeller Recordings Oslo-born singer-songwriter Frøkedal showcases her beautifully lilted vocal with her latest track ‘Stranger’. Having already been nominated for [READ MORE]

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  • Ed Prosek – Flesh & Blood

    June 1, 2017  /  Ed Prosek


    Location: Berlin / Brighton / California FFO: Johnny Flynn Label: Unknown “Flesh & Blood was the first song written for this EP. I wrote it on the first day of the [READ MORE]

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  • Natalie Bouloudis – Raging Forcestress

    May 31, 2017  /  Natalie Bouloudis


    Location: London FFO: Amelia Coburn Label: Unsigned From the EP ‘Dead Sea Scripts’, Natalie Bouloudis brings a stellar folk track with ‘Raging Forcestress’.

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  • Saint Sister – Causing Trouble

    May 26, 2017  /  Saint Sister


    Location: Belfast, Ireland FFO: Portishead, Massive Attack, TUSKS Label: Unknown Irish duo Saint Sister debut their latest single ‘Causing Trouble’. Combining understated beats and trip-hop tones, the Dublin-based duo mesmerise with [READ MORE]

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  • Hayden Calnin – Waves

    May 19, 2017  /  Hayden Calnin


    Location: Melbourne FFO: Bon Iver Label: Independent   Taken from his EP ‘Dirt’ (which is out now), Waves is a slice of hushed electronic folk thats sure to give you [READ MORE]

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  • Nick Mulvey – Unconditional

    May 17, 2017  /  Nick Mulvey

    https://play.spotify.com/track/3LLKVuViyNMeOAIsrEdDrC?play=true&utm_source=open.spotify.com&utm_medium=open Read more
  • Havelin – Closing Time

    May 14, 2017  /  Havelin


    Location: Alberta, USA FFO: Passenger Label: Unsigned Havelin is the musical identity of 18-year-old singer/songwriter Alex Zaichkowski, born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta. Channelling his inner folk writer, Havelin strives [READ MORE]

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  • Ailbhe Reddy – Fingertips

    May 2, 2017  /  Ailbhe Reddy


    Location: Dublin, Ireland FFO: Farrah Elle Label: IMRO Ahead of her performance at Brighton’s Great Escape Festival this month, Ailbhe Reddy delights us with her folk/rock vibes for ‘Fingertips’.

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  • Mat Hunsley – Do You Need Me Near

    April 28, 2017  /  Mat Hunsley


    Location: Newcastle FFO: Andrew Combs, Johnny Flynn Label: Trellis Records Gentle folk with a touch of summer from Mat Hunsley. The Newcastle singer-songwriter should have a lot more up his [READ MORE]

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  • Rosie Carney – Your Moon

    April 27, 2017  /  Rosie Carney


    Location: Ireland FFO: Lucy Rose, Billie Marten, Label: Akira Records Following the incredibly emotive ‘Awake Me’, Rosie‘s follow up ‘Your Moon’ is sure to have just as much, if not [READ MORE]

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  • Axel Flovent – Quiet Eyes

    April 21, 2017  /  Axel Flovent


    Location: Reykjavík FFO: Lejónn, Novo Amor Label: Epic Amsterdam

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  • Yoke Lore – Only You

    April 20, 2017  /  Yoke Lore


    Location: Brooklyn, US FFO: Sure Sure, JR JR, Ten Fé Label: ILA Records Folk inspired melodies and a repetitive charm that will have you hooked in no time at all, wrap [READ MORE]

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  • Haux – Touch

    April 18, 2017  /  Haux


    Location: The Berkshires FFO: James Blake Poetically haunting dream folk drenched in electronic melancholy, Haux‘s infectious new track ‘Touch’ will leave you wanting more.

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  • Stac – Me And You

    April 13, 2017  /  Stac


    Location: London FFO: St Vincent, Perfume Genius, Mozart’s Sister Label: 2 Points Records Combining saccharine sweet vocals and a quirky disposition, STAC‘s latest track ‘Me and You’ is a delectable [READ MORE]

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  • Meadowlark – Postcards

    April 10, 2017  /  Meadowlark


    Meadowlark‘s debut album ‘Postcards’ has just been announced for release on April 30. Location: Bristol FFO: Fractures, Ding, EZA

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  • Chloe Foy – Flaws

    April 7, 2017  /  Chloe Foy


    Location: Manchester FFO: Laura Marling, Jesca Hoop, Amelia Coburn

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  • Amelia Coburn – Song of The Sea Rover

    March 31, 2017  /  Amelia Coburn


    Location: Middlesborough / Nottingham FFO: Billie Marten, The Unthanks  

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  • Andrew Combs – Rose Colored Blues

    March 29, 2017  /  Andrew Combs


    Location: Nashville, USA FFO: Nikki Lane, Dylan LeBlanc, Parker Millsap

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  • Fenne Lily – What’s Good

    March 24, 2017  /  Fenne Lily


    Location: Bristol FFO: Billie Marten, Lucy Rose, Lorde

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  • Tors – Merry Go Round

    March 24, 2017  /  Tors


    Location: Devon / London FFO: Lorne, Lion Bark

    Read more
  • Odina – Why’d You Make Me Cry

    March 23, 2017  /  Odina


    Location: Barcelona / London FFO: Wilsen, Perlo, Grace Pitts

    Read more
  • Charlie Straw – All I Know

    March 22, 2017  /  Charlie Straw


    Location: Leeds FFO: Elm, Leo Stannard, Juanita Stein

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  • Sasha – Gracious

    March 9, 2017  /  Sasha


    Location: London FFO: Gabrielle Aplin

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