• NAO releases electro funk filled banger ‘Nostalgia’

    September 17, 2017  /  NAO

    Location: London FFO: Shy Girls, Majid Jordan Label: Little Tokyo Recordings Get down and get downright funky with NAO’s brilliant tune ‘Nostalgia’. NAO has an amazingly great track history, and [READ MORE]

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  • SHE get intimate on our debut of the week ‘Body Talk’

    September 15, 2017  /  SHE

    Location: Wolverhampton, UK FFO: Muna, Fickle Friends, Vaults Label: Lab Sounds T/A Killing Moon Electro-pop quintet SHE get intimate on debut single ‘Body Talk’. The Killing Moon signings emerge with a slinky slow-burning [READ MORE]

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  • Oxford’s Low Island Go From Strength To Strength

    September 13, 2017  /  Low Island


    Location: Oxford, UK FFO: Pumarosa, Little Cub Label: Unsigned Oxford experimental electronic four piece Low Island combine subtle sounds and subdued indie songwriting on latest track ‘The Lines’. Opening with a dance groove, [READ MORE]

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  • Listen up to ‘Loosen Up’ – B00ty’s latest track

    September 13, 2017  /  B00ty


    Location: Los Angeles FFO: Leach, Magic Bronson Label: Geffen Records On Loosen Up, B00ty combine 70s funk with 00s dance. The handclaps of the opening fade into the funk guitar of Nile Rodgers, before [READ MORE]

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  • Chill out with Electro duo Silk Cinema

    September 11, 2017  /  Silk Cinema


    Location: London FFO: GLADES, Headclouds Label: Ferocious Label Services On ‘Say You Love Me’ London duo Silk Cinema combine ambient electronics with ethereal vocal lines. It is a chilled out track, which gradually adds [READ MORE]

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  • Vasser’s ‘Puzzle Of Us’ is an intricate, sublime piece of electronic music

    September 11, 2017  /  Vasser


    Location: Kent FFO: BAYNK, Jon Hopkins Label: Independent   Taken from his stunning new EP, ‘Puzzle Of Us’ from Kent electronic artist Vasser is a sublime, intricate and beautiful track [READ MORE]

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  • Bellringer’s latest track is ‘All That You Need’

    September 9, 2017  /  Bellringer


    Location: American/Sweden FFO: Space log., Terrell King Label: Bellringer Productions After it was featured on TV series ‘Power’, we haven’t been able to get enough of Bellringer’s latest track ‘All That I Need’ [READ MORE]

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  • Dysplay emerge with catchy electronic hooks in ‘Long Way to Go’

    September 7, 2017  /  DYSPLAY


    Location: LA FFO: The XX Label: Unsigned After spending time working behind the scenes on music ranging from television scores to writing and touring with an eclectic range of artists, [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Staring at the Sun’ is an end of summer banger from LCAW

    September 6, 2017  /  LCAW


    Location: Munich FFO: FDVM, Niklas Ibach Label: Sony Columbia   Perfectly encapsulating the “end-of-summer vibes”, ‘Staring at the Sun’ sees LCAW team up with Sophie Hintze for a clear message; [READ MORE]

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  • Devoted and Billionaire make the perfect pair on ‘Santa Fe’

    September 6, 2017  /  Devoted - 'Santa Fe' feat. Billionaire


    Location: Los Angeles FFO: Chaser, Pointless Label: Record Record LA based Producer DEVOTED teams up with UK vocalist Billionaire on new track ‘Santa Fe’. Sonically, it is a song which lingers in [READ MORE]

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  • ‘KWYMO’ by Halina Rice is a wonderfully experimental electronic pop song

    September 4, 2017  /  Halina Rice


    Location: London FFO: Burial, Oneohtrix Point Never Label: Blurred   A wonderful mix of electronic effects, styles and instruments, KWYMO is take from up and coming experimental producer Halina Rice’s [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Remain’ is a dark, brooding new track from SKOTT

    September 4, 2017  /  SKOTT


    Location: Scandinavia FFO: Luna Shadows, MØ Label: Sony Music   Named Zane Lowe’s ‘World First’ on Beats 1, ‘Remain’ is a brilliant, brooding new song from SKOTT. Building on an already brilliant [READ MORE]

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  • Check out Queen Alaska’s synthy new ‘Run To You’

    September 4, 2017  /  Queen Alaska


    Location: Berlin FFO: W O L F, Das Paradies Label: finetunes   Composer, producer, vocalist and audiovisual artist Queen Alaska has just released her new single ‘Run To You’. Theough [READ MORE]

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  • Check out Vallis Alps emotive ‘Oceans’

    September 1, 2017  /  Vallis Alps


    Location: Seattle FFO: Astronomyy, Japanese Wallpaper Label: Independent   Based on a conversation about “Tahirih, a 19th century woman who fought and died for the emancipation of women in Iran”, [READ MORE]

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  • Mauwe’s ‘THAT’S ALL’ is our debut of the week

    August 30, 2017  /  Mauwe


    Location: Bristol FFO: Oh Wonder, Halsey, Charli XCX Label: Unsigned Making one hell of a musical entrance into the world, Mauwe’s ‘That’s All’ is a smooth, electronic number with the softness of Oh Wonder, the [READ MORE]

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  • Elohim electrify on intense new track ‘Eclipse’

    August 24, 2017  /  Elohim


    Location: LA FFO: Ofelia K, XYLØ, NVDES Label: Unknown In lieu of the solar eclipse, Elohim got to work playing around with sounds, eventually leading to the spontaneous release of ‘Eclipse’, as if the phenomenon [READ MORE]

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  • Margot Polo get ‘Dangerous’ on their hip shaking new single

    August 21, 2017  /  Margot Polo


    Location: San Luis Obispo, California, U.S FFO: Little Dragon, The Naked and Famous, Chvrches Label: Self-released Margot Polo get ‘Dangerous’ on their hip shaking new single. The Californian outfit return hot on the [READ MORE]

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  • Weslee turn up the heat in new track ‘Bathwater’

    August 21, 2017  /  Weslee


    Location: UK FFO: Bearcubs, Flume, AlunaGeorge Label: Self released Weslee turn up the heat in new track ‘Bathwater’. The mysterious outfit only has two singles to their name currently – including ‘Gassed’, which [READ MORE]

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  • Haux extends past the sublime on new track ‘Cologne’

    August 21, 2017  /  Haux


    Location: The Berkshires FFO: Tourist, Siv Jakobsen, Leo Stannerd Label: Unsigned There aren’t enough words in the dictionary to describe just how simply sublime Haux and all of his music is. Recent release ‘Touch’ was [READ MORE]

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  • Georgia Meek shares her ‘Anti Social’ new single

    August 20, 2017  /  Georgia Meek


    Location: UK FFO: Salt Ashes, Mozart’s Sister Label: Self released Georgia Meek does well by her name as she shares her new single ‘Anti Social’. The UK electro-pop artist channels retro synths sounds and [READ MORE]

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  • Mysterious outfit BOGA share the understated ‘What Do You Say?’

    August 18, 2017  /  BOGA


    Location: Paris/ Toronto/ Los Angeles FFO: Sneaker Pimps, Portishead, Massive Attack Label: Unknown Mysterious outfit BOGA share the understated ‘What Do You Say?’ Hot on the heels of debut single ‘Soft Goodbye’, ‘What [READ MORE]

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  • Alt-pop duo VÕS turn the ‘Tide’ in their new single

    August 18, 2017  /  VÕS


    Location: London FFO: Jessie Ware, Banks, Rainer Label: Unsigned Alt-pop duo VÕS turn the ‘Tide’ in their new AA single. Building on from the blogworthy buzz of previous single ‘Patience’, ‘Tide’ itself is an [READ MORE]

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  • Summer Heart’s lo-fi pop is pure summertime bliss on ‘Follow’

    August 16, 2017  /  Summer Heart


    Location: Sweden FFO: LANY, Tourist, Bleachers Label: Unsigned Describing the new single ‘Follow’, David says: “To follow your dreams you must figure out what they are,” Alexander says of the tune. “‘Follow’ is [READ MORE]

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  • Trevor James Tillery gets minimalistically honest on ‘Lonely With You’

    August 16, 2017  /  Trevor James Tillery


    Location: Nashville / LA FFO:  Label: Unsigned Minimalistic, pure and fragile yet with an unblushing confident honesty, there’s more than enough to charm even the coldest of hearts in Trevor James Tillery’s new track [READ MORE]

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  • Shannon Saunders stuns us with the heartfelt emotional track ‘Still’

    August 11, 2017  /  Shannon Saunders


    Location: UK FFO: Nina Nesbitt, Gabrielle Aplin Label: Lovejoy Records ‘Still’ is a beautiful track, purely stunning, an emotional roller coaster, dealing with Shannon Saunders’ personal issues of anxiety and [READ MORE]

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  • Mry brings us tropical, sunkissed sounds with ‘Way We Go’

    August 10, 2017  /  MRY


    Location: LA FFO: Tourist, Jungle, Metronomy Label: Unsigned ‘Way We Go’ embodies the sounds of summer. Sweeping background vocals, electric guitar, and an island vibe all come together on this track, leaving you [READ MORE]

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  • Electro-pop duo Me Nd Adam put you in a trance with latest single ‘Love Me’

    August 9, 2017  /  Me Nd Adam


    Location: New York FFO: Dog Orchestra, Blame Candy Label: Unsigned Me Nd Adam’s latest electro-pop effort is a balancing act. Complexity and simplicity, expansiveness and introspection, and light and shade are all [READ MORE]

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  • Submerse yourself in the Summer and Seduction of Nite Swim’s ‘Pool Party’

    August 9, 2017  /  Nite Swim


    Location: Unknown FFO: Anderson Paak, Jack Garratt Label: Unsigned Opening with a funk bass line and beat boxed vocals, this track develops into an experimental electro-pop piece of seductive sweltering [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Past Life’ is White Kite doing what they do best

    August 4, 2017  /  White Kite


    Location: London FFO: Artificial Pleasure, Strong Asian Mothers Label: LTD LTD Records   On their latest release, Born faves White Kite combine their funky guitars, serene vocals and electronics to [READ MORE]

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  • PLGRMS continue their brilliant streak of singles with ‘Crawling Back’

    August 4, 2017  /  PLGRMS


    Location: Sydney FFO: Lastlings, Vera Blue Label: 0E0E   “‘Crawling Back’ was one of the first songs we conceived as PLGRMS” the band explain. “Lyrically, the song is based around [READ MORE]

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  • Vilde uses glitchy electronica drums to shape ‘Stimuli’

    August 3, 2017  /  Vilde


    Location: Stockholm, Sweden FFO: Tourist, Maribou State Label: Unsigned Glitchy electronica drums usher in a warm layering of synths, accompanied by Savage’s unique vocal style. Blindsiding pauses and tempo-shifts keep [READ MORE]

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  • CYMBALS are back with latest effort ‘Where Nothing Can Be Defined’

    August 3, 2017  /  CYMBALS


    Location: London, UK FFO: Wild Beasts, Klaxons, New Arcades Label: Tough Love Records CYMBALS are back with latest effort ‘Where Nothing Can Be Defined’. It marks a welcome return from [READ MORE]

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  • Freya Zai’s ‘Blame’ is our Debut Of The Week

    August 2, 2017  /  Freya Zai


    Location: London FFO: Frank Ocean, Little Dragon, Dev Hynes Label: Unknown A dense minimalist hip-hop beat instrumental shrouded in a thick aura of angelic vocal nuances and celestial moments of [READ MORE]

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  • Brika chills out with new track ‘Just Wanna Be Single’

    August 2, 2017  /  Brika


    Location: Miami FFO: Tei Shi, Grace Mitchell, Astronomyy Label: Art House Records A chill, alt-pop jam from her upcoming EP. The track is co-written/produced by R&B singer-songwriter and producer Shy Girls with Grammy-award [READ MORE]

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  • New Arcades – Fade

    July 30, 2017  /  New Arcades


    Location: London FFO: Sunglasses Kid, Vincenzo Salvia Label: Electronic Rumours Electronic synth pop act New Arcades’ latest release is a slow burning electronic dream. With a strong beat and sharp [READ MORE]

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  • Gundelach – Holy Water

    July 28, 2017  /  Gundelach


    Location: Oslo, Norway FFO: Carl Louis, CLMD Label: U OK? Teaming up with John Calvert, Gundelach’s latest track builds from a simple, sparse opening of haunting vocals and grows gradually with [READ MORE]

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  • Draper – Worst of Us

    July 28, 2017  /  Draper


    Location: Kent, UK FFO: Grabbitz, Trivecta Label: Monstercat This latest track from French born, British producer Draper is a showcasing of upbeat beats and chiming pianos. The simple lyrics and structure make it [READ MORE]

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  • Crystal Bats – Killing Me

    July 28, 2017  /  Crystal Bats


    Location: London, UK FFO: Moon Boots, Du Tonc Label: Unsigned Electro rock duo Crystal Bats (Will Jones and Will Vaughan) teamed up with Whinnie Williams for this laid back number. [READ MORE]

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  • Elohim & Whethan – Sleepy Eyes

    July 28, 2017  /  Elohim & Whethan


    Location: Los Angeles FFO: Transviolet, Ofelia K Label: Independent LA Electronic artist Elohim has collaborated with Chicagoan ‘future bass’ producer Whethan for what is another fantastic track to add to her [READ MORE]

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  • Ella Rae – Someone Else

    July 27, 2017  /  Ella Rae


    Location: New York, U.S FFO: Maggie Rogers, Robyn Label: Unsigned Soaring electro pop hooks and addictive beats combine on this debut single from Ella Rae. It is a simple, yet effective track, [READ MORE]

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  • Luwten – Element of Surprise

    July 27, 2017  /  Luwten


    Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands FFO: The Coconut Kids, St. Vincent, Feist Label: Silence Du Monde Dutch electro-pop artist Luwten shares her latest intriguing release ‘Element of Surprise’. The track marks the third [READ MORE]

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  • Dominique – Use Me

    July 26, 2017  /  Dominique


    Location: New York FFO: KLOE, Annabel Jones Label: Unsigned ‘Use Me’ is no stranger from Dominique’s past production approach on previous releases but thrills in huge pop moments, this is [READ MORE]

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  • Georgi Kay – Scary People

    July 24, 2017  /  Georgi Kay


    Location: LA FFO: Resin Label: MONOKI Records, Parlophone UK   The dark, gritty sound of Georgi Kay’s ‘Scary People’ sounds built for night listening. Its doomy sound and lyrics of [READ MORE]

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  • Wayfarer// – Broken Wire

    July 24, 2017  /  Wayfarer//


    Location: Melbourne FFO: Synead, HIRA Label: Independent   The instrumental alone is insanely catchy, but with guest vocalist LANKS, it becomes even better. You can download this, among other great [READ MORE]

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  • Franc Moody – Super Star Struck

    July 20, 2017  /  Franc Moody


    Location: London FFO: Jungle, Parcels Label: Juice Box Records The mighty Franc Moody returns with otherworldly single ‘Super Star Struck’. The track is a cosmic concoction of funk rhythms and [READ MORE]

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  • We The Kids – Billion

    July 19, 2017  /  We The Kids


    Location: Sweden FFO: Zara Larsson, Icona Pop Label: Tenacity Records Fusing polished pop hooks with Summer vibes, the track adds to a strong start for the Swedish label and its [READ MORE]

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  • Aaron Taos – Not Over Yet

    July 17, 2017  /  Aarontaos


    Location: New York FFO: BAYNK, Punctual Label: Independent   Since his GUITS EP last year, New York’s Aaron Taos has been slowly releasing serene pop bangers, with this newest being probably [READ MORE]

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  • A-Minor – Next To You

    July 17, 2017  /  A-Minor


    Location: London FFO: Moglii, Punctual Label: Spinnin’ Records   London’s A- Minor recommends that new track ‘Next To You’ is “best served on a beach bed with a watermelon smoothie [READ MORE]

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  • BAYNK ft Shallou – Come Home

    July 14, 2017  /  BAYNK


    Location: New Zealand FFO: Verité, Punctual Label: Independent   Following the successes of ‘Poolside’, ‘What You Need’ and ‘About Me’, BAYNK’s new release ‘Come Home’ is a smooth and danceable [READ MORE]

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  • Drones Club – International

    July 14, 2017  /  Drones Club


    Location: London Label: Unsigned FFO: Ardyn, Pixx, SWEAT Name a club that you want to be a part of more than Drones Club right now, we’ll wait. Their new track [READ MORE]

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  • Strong Asian Mothers – Don’t Know Why

    July 13, 2017  /  Strong Asian Mothers


    Location: London FFO: Joseph J. Mercury, The Night Café, Magic Gang An infectiously chaotic tune from Londoners Strong Asian Mothers. ‘Don’t Know Why’ has got their trademark synths to a [READ MORE]

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  • Kllo – Virtue

    July 12, 2017  /  Kllo


    Location: Melbourne FFO: Mansionair, Joe Hertz Label: Different Recordings ‘Virtue‘ has it all at once. Slow to arc, the lead single hushes, stutters, and syncopates before locking into a club-ready groove in its [READ MORE]

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  • LUNAR – Pretty Face

    July 10, 2017  /  LUNAR


    Location: Unknown FFO: Meadowlark Label: Unsigned   On just her second track, LUNAR is giving the world a lot of reasons to take her seriously. At once ‘Pretty Face’ is [READ MORE]

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  • New Fashioned – How To Make You Smile

    July 10, 2017  /  New Fashioned


    Location: Finland FFO: The 80s Label: Unknown   The very energetic ‘How To Make You Smile’ is the latest offering from Finnish pop trio New Fashioned. Despite its in your [READ MORE]

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  • LOXE x Alyss – Safe To Me

    July 7, 2017  /  LOXE


    Location: London FFO: NAO Label: Dusty Records ‘x TAPE’ is the first mixtape by London-based writer/producer, LOXE, who has recently been working with a number of breakthrough artists, including BRIT [READ MORE]

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  • Grip Tight – Get To Know (feat. KBY)

    July 6, 2017  /  Grip Tight


    Location: Berlin, Germany FFO: Flume, How to Dress Well, James Blake Label: Musclemilk Records GRIP TIGHT shares his latest outing ‘Get To Know’. The British-born Berlin-based Benjamin Gregory uses electronic [READ MORE]

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  • PEAKES – Saint

    July 5, 2017  /  PEAKES


    Location: Leeds FFO: The Japenese House, HAIM Label: Metropolis Fusing lush electronic soundscapes with soulful vocals to create deeply emotive music. Saint, the new cut from PEAKES, further showcases their songwriting [READ MORE]

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  • The Japanese House – Count To Nine

    July 3, 2017  /  The Japanese House

    Location: London FFO: LANY, Shy Girls, Aquilo Label: Dirty Hit ‘Count to Nine’ follows recent tracks ‘Saw You In A Dream’, ‘Somebody you found’ and ‘3/3’, and completes The Japanese [READ MORE]

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  • Sian Cross – Gave Away

    June 30, 2017  /  Sian Cross


    Location: West Country / London FFO: Elohim Label: Unknown Sian Cross is back with new single ‘Gave Away’ from her highly anticipated second EP, ‘Catalyst’. It’s a heady, intense listen, [READ MORE]

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  • Tourist – We Stayed Up All Night (ft. Ardyn)

    June 29, 2017  /  Tourist


    Location: London, UK FFO: Kilter, Maribou State, Kilo Label: Monday Records Renowned composer Tourist is back with his killer new single ‘We Stayed Up All Night’. With vocals from folk-pop [READ MORE]

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  • Resin – HOARSE

    June 27, 2017  /  Resin


    Location: Los Angeles FFO: Portishead, Nine Inch Nails Label: Independent   “One-woman band” Resin has just released the incredible ‘Hoarse’, a track taken from her forthcoming album Fidget out this [READ MORE]

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  • Moglii ft. Novaa – Fantasy

    June 27, 2017  /  Moglii


    Location: Germany FFO: The Derevolutions, MIYNT Label: Majestic Casual Records   Taken from “wunderkind producer” Moglii’s debut EP Naboo (based on that planet in Star Wars), this Novaa featuring track [READ MORE]

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  • Secret Weapons – Ghost

    June 27, 2017  /  Secret Weapons


    Location: New York FFO: Depeche Mode, Daft Punk Label: Epic Records   From writing music by day and putting on parties by night to topping Spotify’s viral chart and performing [READ MORE]

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    June 27, 2017  /  FOXLOVE


    Location: Unknown FFO: Dua Lipa, Dagny, Mabel Label: Unsigned Smoother than smooth beats and production, paired with angelic vocals that will leave you keen for a bop in the summer [READ MORE]

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  • LANKS – Comfortable

    June 26, 2017


    Location: Melbourne FFO: Temper Trap, George Maple Label: Independent   On this new track, LANKS’ soft, soothing voice glides atop delicate electronics, creating a dreamy effect. Following last year’s Viet Rose [READ MORE]

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  • Matt Elle – Come out with Me

    June 22, 2017  /  Matt Elle


    Location: New York, USA FFO: Joseph of Mercury Label: Unsigned “‘Come out with Me’ is an upbeat track for the quiet OTHER voice in my head saying Yes.” Releasing in digital [READ MORE]

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  • Vasser – Little Things

    June 21, 2017  /  Vasser


    Location: London FFO: Jacqui Sui Label: Unsigned Effortlessly blending organic, acoustic textures and atmospheric electronics, ‘Little Things’ details the minutiae of a relationship which is slowly but surely dying out. [READ MORE]

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  • Lunar – Glad You Stayed

    June 20, 2017  /  Lunar


    Location: London FFO: Loop, Mabel, Liv Dawson Label: Unsigned Brand new London artist here for you, meet Lunar, the new electro-pop, soul-infused artist who’s going to steal your heart.  

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  • LCAW – Nobody Else But You

    June 20, 2017  /  LCAW


    Location: Munich FFO: London Grammar, Mansionair, RUFUS Label: Columbia Records ‘Nobody Else But You’ continues LCAW’s undeniable talent for combining pop with modern beats and electronic structures, supporting warm, classical [READ MORE]

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  • Crooked Teeth – Mirrors

    June 15, 2017  /  Crooked Teeth


    Location: London, UK FFO: Hot Chip, The Knife, Depeche Mode Label: Lost in the Manor London trio Crooked Teeth are back with their latest single ‘Mirrors’. The track is a [READ MORE]

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  • Sunset Exotic – Ghosts

    June 14, 2017  /  Sunset Exotic


    Location: Unknown FFO: Tame Impala, Talking Heads Label: BMI “‘Ghosts’ is probably the sappiest breakup song I’ve written since I was a teenager. The song is more specifically about how two people [READ MORE]

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  • Punctual – What I Love

    June 9, 2017  /  Punctual


    Location: Bristol FFO: Kideko Label: Independent   Taken as the lead track from their debut 4-Track ep ‘Fading Youth’ due for release later this Summer, ‘What I Love’ is an [READ MORE]

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  • Marin – Exhale

    June 9, 2017  /  Marin


    Location: London FFO: Tara Carosielli, Mabel Label: Unknown   Marin returns with her latest single ‘Exhale’. The artist – from North London – solidifies her sound with ‘Exhale’s dark and [READ MORE]

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  • RIVRS – Man Of My Dreams

    June 8, 2017  /  RIVRS


    Location: Berlin, Germany FFO: Charli XCX Label: Kitsuné Hot off the heels of banger ‘Bad Karma’, RIVRS say on their new single, ‘Man of My Dreams was something we wrote in [READ MORE]

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  • einar​Indra – Take Me Down

    June 7, 2017  /  einar​Indra


    Location: Reykjavík, Iceland FFO: James Blake Label: Moller records “Those unspoken moments that flow between us, just glitches you notice when you immerse yourself fully in the moment, just then you [READ MORE]

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  • Limitless – Lightspeed

    June 6, 2017  /  Limitless


    FFO: Disclosure, Odd Mob   ‘Lightspeed’ by Limitless is, in their own words, “a blur of retro-futurism and city lights”, which is somehow the perfect description for the track, which [READ MORE]

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  • Gundelach – Garden

    June 2, 2017  /  Gundelach


    Location: Oslo, Norway FFO: Chromatics, Phoenix, The Weeknd Label: Unknown Norwegian artist Gundelach debuts his latest single ‘Garden’. The track – his first since the release of last year’s self-titled [READ MORE]

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  • Anna Of The North – Lovers

    June 2, 2017  /  Anna Of The North

    https://open.spotify.com/track/3CQt4XAgI8i3cZYlgkLfza Read more
  • Dua Lipa – New Rules

    June 2, 2017  /  Dua Lipa

    Location: London, UK FFO: Anne Marie, Rita Ora, Ariana Grande Label: Warner Bros. Records Dua Lipa debuts her new single ‘New Rules’. The pop hit maker finally drops her self-titled debut album today [READ MORE]

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  • Vérité – Saint

    June 2, 2017  /  Vérité

    Location: New York, US FFO: Anna of the North, Phoebe Ryan, XYLØ Label: Unsigned American electro-pop artist Vérité returns with her latest effort ‘Saint’. The track merges stomping beats and [READ MORE]

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  • Touch Sensitive – Lay Down

    June 1, 2017  /  Touch Sensitive


    Location: Australia FFO: Flume Label: Future Classic Carving the foundations for electronic music with his infectious and undoubtedly retro sound is none other than Touch Sensitive, here to unveil his much-anticipated return with [READ MORE]

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  • Cult Exciter – Get

    May 29, 2017  /  Cult Exciter


    Location: LA FFO: Drake, The xx Label: Point Records ‘Get’ is the smooth, light and funky second single to come from LA based duo, Cult Exciter, taken straight from their [READ MORE]

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  • Low Island – That Kind of Love

    May 29, 2017  /  Low Island


    Location: Oxford FFO: Caribou, Alt-J, Wild Beasts Label: Unsigned ‘That Kind Of Love’ opens with a hypnotic groove of rolling bass and understated synths that are accompanied by soothing vocals. The [READ MORE]

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  • jACQ – Back To Life

    May 26, 2017  /  jACQ


    The second single from the upcoming Cosmic Affair EP, ‘Back To Life’ is an “expert combination of pop and electronic” music and one sure to gain her a lot of [READ MORE]

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  • Marnie – Electric Youth

    May 26, 2017  /  Marnie


    Location: Glasgow FFO: Ladyhawke Label: Disco Piñata Ladytron‘s Helen Marnie (AKA Marnie) has released her single ‘Electric Youth’; channelling 80’s mall pop over just under three and a half glorious minutes, [READ MORE]

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  • Madou – Nowhere Else

    May 26, 2017  /  Madou


    Location: Belgium FFO: Jamie XX Label: NEST “Nowhere Else” is the debut single from Madou, the recently upstarted project from Belgian production duo, Jochen Sablon and Vincent De Boeck.

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  • Puma Blue – Soft Porn

    May 25, 2017  /  Puma Blue


    Location: South London FFO: James Blake Label: Unsigned “‘Soft Porn’ is about loneliness,” Puma explained to The FADER. “Being isolated away from a lover and falling into a depression — [READ MORE]

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  • Gourmet – Yellow

    May 24, 2017  /  Gourmet


    Location: South Africa FFO: The Neptunes, Kero Kero Bonito Label: 1991   Probably the most interesting song about colours you’ll ever hear, this ‘Spaghetti Pop’ is a fantastically quirky and [READ MORE]

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  • Wafia – 83 Days

    May 24, 2017  /  Wafia


    Location: Unknown FFO: Banks Label: future classic Straight from her forthcoming sophomore EP, Wafia is learning the ways of an anthemic chorus and relatable verse.

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  • Yoke Lore – Goodpain

    May 23, 2017  /  Yoke Lore


    Location: New York FFO: Panda Bear, M83 Label: B3SCI Records   The third single from his forthcoming EP of the same name (out June 16), ‘Goodpain’ is an upbeat yet [READ MORE]

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