• Raindear shares her sonic synthwave masterpiece, ‘World Below’

    December 15, 2018  /  Raindear


    Location: Stockholm, Sweden FFO: GEMS, Vaults, Tei Shi Label: Vanguard Music Boulevard If the neon-lit club-life of synthwave combined with powerful alt-pop noir, it might sound a little something like Raindear, the Swedish artist [READ MORE]

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  • Meadowlark share their poignantly personal ‘Family Tree’

    December 14, 2018  /  Meadowlark

    Location: Bristol, UK FFO: Fractures, Vancouver Sleep Clinic, Novo Amor Label: Fries Boom Barrier Records ‘Family Tree’ is the latest release from Bristol duo Meadowlark, following their ethereal single ‘Appetite.’ It’s a simmering effort that [READ MORE]

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  • The Dream Eaters share their intoxicating rework of ‘Caligula’

    December 14, 2018  /  The Dream Eaters

    Location: Brooklyn, NY FFO: Anna of the North, Kacy Hill Label: Song Dynasty Enter the eclectic dreamscape of Brooklyn duo The Dream Eaters. Their latest single ‘Caligula’ offers a more beat-oriented rework of the [READ MORE]

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  • Chirpy shares her haunting pop-noir video for ‘Another Version’

    December 14, 2018  /  Chirpy


    Location: Dublin, Ireland FFO: Jessie Ware, Banks Label: Unsigned ‘Another Version’ is the third and final 2018 single release for Dublin’s Chirpy, the singer-songwriter and performer who’s been turning heads and hearts across the [READ MORE]

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  • TENDER keep their emotions ‘Bottled Up’ on latest poignant single

    December 13, 2018  /  TENDER


    Location: London FFO: Tame Impala, Maribou State Label: Partisan Records ‘Bottled Up’ is the latest release from electronic duo TENDER, taken from their upcoming album Fear of Falling Asleep out January 19th. It’s a soul-searching, vulnerable [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Milky Woe’ is the latest spellbinding single from Vanity Fairy

    December 13, 2018  /  Vanity Fairy


    Location: London, UK FFO: Ariel Pink, Kate Bush Label: Unsigned Peppered with intensely dreamy vocals and drawn out ethereal sounds, Vanity Fairy‘s ‘Milky Woe’ is a uniquely spellbinding track. The showcase of the [READ MORE]

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  • Desiire, TiKA & Casey MQ combine for dynamic R&B effort ‘Goodbyes’

    December 12, 2018  /  Desiire


    Location: Toronto, Canada FFO: Kelechi, Ouri, On The Fence Label: Unsigned If the concept of psychedelic R&B is one that tantalises your musical taste-buds, Desiire‘s latest single ‘Goodbyes’ is just what the doctor ordered. [READ MORE]

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  • Tishmal tackles anxiety and mental health on ‘Heavy’ new single

    December 12, 2018  /  Tishmal


    Location: New York, US FFO: CVRCHES, Tove Lo, Lorde Label: Unsigned Looking for some hard-hitting electro with a little more depth? Look no further; Rising songstress Tishmal‘s new single ‘Heavy’ brings heart and soul [READ MORE]

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  • Make ‘Contact’ with Tiny Little Teeth’s swirling new single

    December 12, 2018  /  Tiny Little Teeth

    Location: London FFO: Venn, Fews, Drenge Label: Unsigned A little bit of synthwave dashed with some hard liquor. That’s probably the closest we could come to describing the sound of North London duo Tiny [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Look Up’ to the stars to find Moonlight Breakfast’s enchanting sound

    December 12, 2018  /  Moonlight Breakfast


    Location: Bucharest, Romania & Vienna, Austria FFO: Jamiroquai, GOLAN Label: Echoism Records ‘Look Up’ to the stars and beyond, and that’s where you might find Moonlight Breakfast‘s enchanting sound. The Vienna-based trio’s eclectic blend [READ MORE]

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  • JT Roach blends organic folkcraft with enchanting R&B on ‘Shivers’

    December 12, 2018  /  JT Roach

    Location: Los Angeles, US FFO: Jack Garrat, Zachary Knowles Label: Unsigned You know when a track’s so good you get the ‘Shivers?’ Well for fans of Bon Iver-style folk acoustics and dreamy [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Bad Dreams’ is an impeccably crafted pop-rock hit from kidsun

    December 12, 2018  /  kidsun


    Location: London, UK FFO: Sigrid, Twenty One Pilots Label: Tri-tone 23 year-old Singer/Songwriter Ben Kidson is kidsun. His music seems to skirt impossibly between widely accessible, hook-laden pop and fuzzy, distorted rock. His latest [READ MORE]

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  • Pi Ja Ma dreams of utopia amidst ‘Family’ at Christmas

    December 11, 2018  /  Pi Ja Ma

    Location: Paris, France FFO: Burning Peacocks, Papooz, Bon Voyage Organisation Label: Bleepmachine / Cinq7 / Wagram Music New alt-pop artist Pi Ja Ma releases the brand new single ‘Family’ from [READ MORE]

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  • Standing Before Kings share epic alt-rock anthem ‘St. Helena’

    December 7, 2018  /  Standing Before Kings

    Location: Los Angeles, US FFO: Muse, Mystery Jets Label: Leila&Leroy Records There’s nothing quite like a quick musical history lesson; Standing Before Kings‘ latest track is a sonic mystical landscape  inspired by Napoleon Bonaparte’s exile [READ MORE]

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  • Quiet Houses share enchanting new single ‘Spiral’

    December 7, 2018  /  Quiet Houses

    Location: Manchester, UK FFO: Laura Marling, Fleet Foxes Label: Unsigned If you’re looking for something to truly absorb yourself in, Quiet Houses‘ new single ‘Spiral’ is the perfect picture of enchantment. Combining wistful folk songcraft [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Godspeed’ is laidback rock given an alt-pop makeover by E.PARKER

    December 7, 2018  /  E.PARKER


    Location: London, UK FFO: Laurel, Florence and The Machine, Lorde Label: Cruel Women Records Louche, sultry and a touch of menacing, E.PARKER has delivered her most intense cut yet in the [READ MORE]

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  • Team Picture take a different approach to loneliness on ‘Clone You’

    December 7, 2018  /  Team Picture

    Location: Leeds, UK FFO: Avalanche Party, The Golden Age of TV, Vulgarians Label: Big Dumb Music An expansive and consuming alt-rock track, Team Picture gradually swirl down into a lovelorn abyss [READ MORE]

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  • Paige Bea shares the dark and poignant ‘After All’

    December 6, 2018  /  Paige Bea


    Location: London FFO: Banks, FKA Twigs Label: Lapsang House ‘After All’ is the latest single from songstress Paige Bea, a dark, soul-noir masterpiece revolving around the pain and humiliation of a cynical break-up. It’s [READ MORE]

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  • Lunarcy bring a dash of post-punk ‘Lunarcy’ with their debut single

    December 5, 2018  /  Lunarcy


    Location: Bristol FFO: King Krule, Wire Label: Unsigned Need to spice up your life with a little bit of ‘Lunarcy?’ The Bristol-based band debut their chaotic but controlled sound with a new self-titled [READ MORE]

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  • Caitlyn Scarlett shares her haunting club scorcher, ‘Nightmares’

    December 3, 2018  /  Caitlyn Scarlett


    Location: London FFO: Luna Shadows, Evalyn Label: Skint Records Thumping house beats, scorching hooks and a unique pop flavour; that’s the musical cocktail for Caitlyn Scarlett‘s latest release ‘Nightmares,’ featuring Segal. Elements of dance [READ MORE]

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  • Sasha shares her latest dazzling electro-pop single ‘Ouch!’

    December 3, 2018  /  Sasha


    Location: London FFO: foxgluvv, Caitlyn Scarlett, Liyv Label: Unsigned London singer-songwriter Sasha shares her latest dazzling dose of electro-pop in the form of new single ‘Ouch!,’ blending contemporary pop style with a euphoric dreampop [READ MORE]

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  • Elina shares her soaring new single ‘Champion’

    December 3, 2018  /  Elina


    Location: Stockholm, Sweden FFO: Aislin Evans, ORKID, L Devine Label: BLNK Music Stripped back instrumentation, soaring piano-led soundscapes and powerfully poignant lyricism; these are the immersive ingredients for Elina‘s fiery new single ‘Champion.’ Elina is [READ MORE]

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  • Hussy delivers dark dreampop noir on enchanting new single ‘Forever’

    November 30, 2018  /  Hussy


    Location: London, UK FFO: Snail Mail, Soccer Mommy Label: Unsigned Self-made, self-produced and certainly self-assured, Hussy is the pseudonym of South London’s Sophie Nicole Ellison, an artist wholly in control of her craft. With a [READ MORE]

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  • Hallan work up a ‘Fish Frenzy’ on gritty new single

    November 30, 2018  /  Hallan

    Location: Portsmouth, UK FFO: IDLES, Interpol Label: Scum Sludge Records If down-to-earth, no-nonsense post-punk is what you’re after, Portsmouth four-piece Hallan are sure to float your boat. Putting “truth, honesty and humility” first, Hallam craft [READ MORE]

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  • Luca Chesney brings ‘Something Brand New’ on emotive new single

    November 30, 2018  /  Luca Chesney

    Location: Los Angeles, US FFO: Pacific Clouds, TALA Label: Unsigned Looking for ‘Something Brand New?’ New York songstress Luca Chesney is here to supply with her eclectic blend of contemporary R&B and bass-heavy trap, taken [READ MORE]

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  • Hideous Sun Demon return with scorching new single ‘Ssppuunnkk’

    November 29, 2018  /  Hideous Sun Demon

    Location: Perth, Australia FFO: Mesa Cosa, Pist Idiots, The Love Junkies Label: HELL BEACH Rollicking rock ‘n’ roll summoned from the depths of the psych-rock underworld, Hideous Sun Demon return with their latest scorching [READ MORE]

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  • Baby FuzZ shares the dazzlingly dynamic ‘I’m Still Holding Out For You’

    November 29, 2018  /  Baby FuzZ


    Location: Canada FFO: Sterling Fox, Charlie Burg Label: Unsigned Canadian artist Baby FuzZ takes his dynamic sound to dizzying new heights on latest single ‘I’m Still Holding Out For You.’ Ringing true of his trademark [READ MORE]

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  • Kitzl shares her striking debut single ‘Armadilla’

    November 29, 2018  /  KITZL


    Location: Ontario, Canada FFO: FKA Twigs, Karen O Label: Unsigned Canadian producer and songstress Kitzl has shared her debut single and video for ‘Armadilla’ – an enchanting delve into her unique sonic psyche. It’s an [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Another Mad Crab’ by BETA WAVES

    November 28, 2018  /  BETA WAVES


    Location: Scotland, United Kingdom FFO: Parliamo, Sahara, Walt Disco Label: Unsigned   BETA WAVES release their new single ‘Another Mad Crab’. The electronic pop duo are smashing the speakers hit by [READ MORE]

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  • Darcy Holmes’ debut single ‘Honour’ is powerful musical theatre

    November 28, 2018  /  Darcy Holmes

    Location: Birmingham FFO: Young Fathers, SBTRKT Label: Unsigned If theatre could be expressed entirely by music, Darcy Holmes‘ debut single ‘Honour’ featuring P. Shand and Francis Mott would be the impressive curtain call. Building anthemic [READ MORE]

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  • Unwind with Caolifhionn Rose’s breezy new single, ‘Unravelled’

    November 28, 2018  /  Caoilfhionn Rose


    Location: Manchester FFO: Allysha Joy, Noya Rao Label: Gondwana Records Soul, blues and contemporary R&B combine in this smooth-sailing new offering from singer-songwriter and producer Caolifhionn Rose, the third single from her debut album Awakened. Stemming [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Always the Same’ from HAVVK tackles female objectification head on

    November 28, 2018  /  HAVVK


    Location: London/Dublin/Berlin FFO: Warpaint, The Cranberries Label: Veta Records ‘Always the Same’ is a huge statement from HAVVK. The track is a powerful, punching rallying crying against female objectification. Frontwoman Julie Halk utilises [READ MORE]

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  • Alexander Biggs is here to comfort ‘Whatever Helps You Sleep’

    November 27, 2018  /  Alexander Biggs


    Location: Melbourne, Australia FFO: Kyle Lionhart, Riley Pearce, Tia Gostelow Label: Sony Music ‘Whatever Helps You Sleep’ by Alexander Biggs is the title track from his second EP released earlier [READ MORE]

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  • No false alarms – Grymm are actually bringing grunge back on ‘BR-EA-THE’

    November 26, 2018  /  Grymm

    Location: Brighton, UK FFO: Savages, IDLES, Royal Blood, Alice In Chains Label: Unsigned A lot of artists in this era get wrongly dubbed ‘grunge’, but Grymm may actually warrant the [READ MORE]

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  • Thyla are bringing us out of winter with ‘Blue’

    November 26, 2018  /  Thyla


    Location: Brighton FFO: Saltwater Sun, VALERAS, Breathe Panel Label: REX Records Thyla are back with their new single release ‘Blue’. An adrenaline lined post-punk, melodic treasure to captivate us all. The [READ MORE]

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  • Wyland whisk you off to alt-rock dreamland on ‘Nowhere Now’

    November 24, 2018  /  Wyland

    Location: New Jersey FFO: Snow Patrol, Elbow Label: Bridge & Castle LLC ‘Nowhere Now’ is the latest single from New Jersey alt-rockers Wyland – a band who nod to the timeless feel of alt-rock in [READ MORE]

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  • Anna Karenina shares scintillating new single ‘Cat Got Your Tongue’

    November 24, 2018  /  Anna Karenina


    Location: Stockholm, Sweden FFO: Young Fathers, Kate Bush Label: Kusklippen Records ‘Cat Got Your Tongue’ is the second single from Anna Karenina‘s album Acting and Reacting, and it’s a brilliant introduction to the weird and [READ MORE]

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  • SHY Nodi brings the heat on second single ‘No Vibe’

    November 23, 2018  /  SHY Nodi


    Location: Stockholm, Sweden FFO: 6LACK, Khalid Label: BLNK Music If atmospheric hip-hop with a downtempo R&B edge is what you’re looking for – SHY Nodi is set to be your new favourite artist. Combining contemporary [READ MORE]

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  • Hear ‘The Calling’ and enter the alt-pop dreamworld of Matilda Eyre

    November 22, 2018  /  Matilda Eyre


    Location: London FFO: Banks, Tei Shi Label: Unsigned Following her debut single ‘F.Y.A,’ London-based Matilda Eyre returns with ‘The Calling,’ a haunting, poignant piece that serves as a reminder that your true “calling” [READ MORE]

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  • TĀLĀ continues her self-made pop crusade with ‘Birthday Cake’

    November 22, 2018  /  TĀLĀ


    Location: London, UK FFO: Tei Shi, Empress Of, Banks Label: The Duchess Records Sultry, dark and undeniably TĀLĀ, ‘Birthday Cake’ is the latest release from the London producer and songstress dead set on championing [READ MORE]

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  • Enter the tangerine dreams of CLAY’s soulful new single, ‘Orange’

    November 22, 2018  /  CLAY


    Location: Los Angeles, US FFO: Mahalia, Nia Wyn, Nilufer Yanya Label: Unsigned Soulful, vivid and delightfully colourful, ‘Orange’ is the latest enchanting offering from San Fran singer-songwriter CLAY. Blending elements of sultry R&B, pop-blues [READ MORE]

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  • Kings of Edelgran tell a ‘Tall Tale’ on enchanting new single

    November 22, 2018  /  Kings of Edelgran


    Location: Belgium FFO: Volcano Choir, Fleet Foxes Label: Unsigned ‘Tall Tale’ is the latest release from Jérome Caudron and Josias Delcourt of Kings of Edelgran, a duet who put atmosphere and aesthetics at the heart [READ MORE]

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  • LUNIR cut and paste together electric future soul on ‘Wadidi’

    November 22, 2018  /  LUNIR


    Location: Edinburgh, UK FFO: Thundercat, NAO, Kelela Label: Unsigned It’s hard to pinpoint LUNIR in terms of sound, but you’ll have a lot of fun trying as you listen to [READ MORE]

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  • Melbourne’s Press Club release their excellent explosive new single ‘Headwreck’

    November 21, 2018  /  Press Club


    Location: Melbourne, Australia FFO: Joyce Manor, Cloud Nothings Label: Hassle Records Press Club‘s new single ‘Headwreck’ can only be described as explosive. The young Australian band are a forceful shot of adrenaline to [READ MORE]

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  • HUMAN share thumping new trip-pop anthem ‘TRACKSUIT BOY’

    November 21, 2018  /  HUMAN

    Location: Stockholm, Sweden FFO: JUNG, Maskinen Label: Universal Music Sweden Taken from their debut album IRL, Swedish collective HUMAN – headed by Swedish Grammy award-winning artist Daniel Adams-Ray – share their latest single ‘TRACKSUIT BOY.’ Not only [READ MORE]

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  • Ethereal, stirring dream pop from Glacial Palms on ‘Dreams Elusive’

    November 21, 2018  /  Glacial Palms


    Location: Los Angeles, USA FFO: Grizzly Bear, Deerhunter, The Microphones, Local Natives Label: Unsigned Whirring arpeggiated guitars in a constant state of transit, LA’s Glacial Palms recreate the headrush of [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Lately’ by Only Me is as raw and lofi as it gets

    November 21, 2018  /  Only Me


    Location: Los Angeles, USA FFO: My Bloody Valentine, Mudhoney, Slowdive Label: Unsigned Sincerity is the word to describe Only Me. Openly subverting expectations of alternative these days, the underground band [READ MORE]

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  • Wilder Daze will have you swimming in the deep end with the ‘Mermaids’

    November 20, 2018  /  Wilder Daze

    Location: United States FFO: Andrew Cole, Under The Mango Tree, Philip Peters Label: Unsigned Wilder Daze’s latest single Mermaids is the 2nd single from his upcoming album named ‘True Nature’. Mermaids is a funky but sexy song about [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Champagne Ladies’ is the latest piece of indie goodness from And The Kids

    November 19, 2018  /  And The Kids


    Location: Massachusetts, US FFO: Lady Lamb, Big Thief Label: Signature Sounds ‘Champagne Ladies’ is the rousing new single from And The Kids. Soft, angelic vocals offset the tracks profane lyrics and cynical [READ MORE]

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  • Ålesund’s new single is a ‘Lucid’ dreamscape of ethereal bliss

    November 18, 2018  /  Ålesund


    Location: Bristol, UK FFO: Daughter, London Grammar Label: Unsigned Revolving around that ‘Lucid’ state in-between sleep and waking, Bristol four-piece Ålesund‘s new single is a swirling dreamscape of ethereal bliss. Haunting, lofty vox soar over [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Until I See Her’ is haunting minimalism from Bell Always

    November 17, 2018  /  Bell Always


    Location: Tel Aviv FFO: Jakspin, Wildhart Label: Kame’a ‘Until I See Her’ is the latest release from Tel Aviv trio Bell Always, following on from their August 2018 album Daylight Slowly Fades.  Revolving around long-distance [READ MORE]

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  • Highasakite share their enchanting new single, ‘Mexico’

    November 16, 2018  /  Highasakite

    Location: Oslo, Norway FFO: Daughter, Aquilo, Novo Amor Label: Propeller Records If enchanting ethereality and powerful pop is what you’re looking for, Highasakite have exactly what you need to have you feeling, well, “high [READ MORE]

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  • Takykardia will have your heart racing on ‘Ritula’

    November 16, 2018  /  Takykardia


    Location: Copenhagen, Denmark FFO: Manila, Lucy Rose Label: Turbulence and Pharaohs With backgrounds in classical music, art-punk, jazz and performance art, Danish trip-soul trio Takykardia are masters of their own musical world; a captivating, [READ MORE]

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  • Black Lime inject a little ‘Mania’ into the daily routine

    November 15, 2018  /  Black Lime


    Location: Hull, UK FFO: Idles, Interpol Label: Futureproof Records Black Lime want to “inject a burst of energy” into your routine, and when it comes to swirling post-punk madness, a little ‘Mania’ never hurt [READ MORE]

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  • RALE share scorching new single, ‘Looks Like Fire’

    November 15, 2018  /  RALE


    Location: Sheffield, UK FFO: The Human League, Yukon Blonde, TUSKA Label: Unsigned Hailing from the Steel City, home to the legendary Arctic Monkeys, The Human League and electronic influencers I, Monster, RALE nod to [READ MORE]

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  • Women of the Night share the suave ‘n’ sleazy ‘Moscow Mansions’

    November 15, 2018  /  Women of the Night

    Location: Brooklyn, NY FFO: Lightfoils, Yuck, Diiv Label: 720393 Records DK Women of the Night  are – quite frankly – a musical enigma. Based out of Brooklyn by way of Adelaide, Seoul and Alabama, [READ MORE]

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  • Chillwave-punk pioneers Bad Visuals share ‘Phantom Passing’

    November 15, 2018  /  Bad Visuals

    Location: San Francisco, US FFO: Wild Nothing, Balance and Composure Label: Unsigned Had enough of saturated sugary sounds and over-production? Sometimes you can lose the heart and soul of a sound in the [READ MORE]

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  • In need of ‘Entertainment’? Balthazar are happy to oblige

    November 14, 2018  /  Balthazar


    Location: Belgium FFO: The Sore Losers, Foxwarren, Deep Sea Arcade Label: Play It Again Sam Now that’s ‘Entertainment.’ Caught in the midst of a gritty live performance, Balthazar‘s new video features new band member Tijs [READ MORE]

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  • Lose yourself in LOST CAT’s obscure fuzz-pop ‘Postcode’

    November 14, 2018  /  LOST CAT


    Location: Bristol, UK FFO: Sunset Rollercoaster, Snail Mail Label: Precious Snowflake Records Obscure, fuzzy and just how we like it. LOST CAT‘s sound is an intricate blend of old-school psych, lo-fi fuzz and dreamy [READ MORE]

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  • Take ‘Control’ of those mid-week blues with Aaron Taos

    November 14, 2018  /  Aaron Taos


    Location: Brooklyn, NY FFO: Des Rocs, 8 Graves, Island Apollo Label: Unsigned Ever feel like you’re just not in ‘Control’? Life goes on, and on, and you still feel stuck in the same [READ MORE]

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  • Meadowlark have an ‘Appetite’ for haunting sonic brilliance

    November 14, 2018  /  Meadowlark

    Location: Bristol, UK FFO: Fractures, Vancouver Sleep Clinic, Novo Amor Label: Fries Boom Barrier Records If you’ve got the ‘Appetite’ for some fresh electronic brilliance, sink your teeth into this new one from [READ MORE]

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  • South London’s Mella returns with the dark and atmospheric ‘What It Is’

    November 14, 2018  /  Mellah


    Location: London, UK FFO: whenyoung, Boy Azooga Label: Sony Music Liam Ramsden is Mellah, South London’s upstart singer, songwriter and producer. On his latest single, ‘What It Is’, Mellah delves into dark, atmospheric territory. His [READ MORE]

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  • ‘The Perfect Life’ is the perfect showcase of Pip Hall’s DIY talents

    November 13, 2018  /  Pip Hall


    Location: Preston, UK FFO: Big Thief, EAT FAST Label: My Little Empire Pip Hall has been lauded as an artist who unapologetically wears her scars as trophies. Who takes her vulnerability and adversities and [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Reluctant Love’ is a timeless, burning ballad from Joseph of Mercury

    November 13, 2018  /  Joseph of Mercury

    Location: Toronto, Canada FFO: Little Cub, TENDER Label: Unsigned ‘Reluctant Love’ is a slow burning, brooding ballad from Joseph W. Salusbury, aka Joseph of Mercury. Following up on the success of his breakout [READ MORE]

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  • ‘John the Collector’ is the troubled central character of YOWL’s latest single

    November 13, 2018  /  YOWL


    Location: Peckham, UK FFO: Phobophobes, LICE Label: Unsigned ‘John the Collector’ is the eccentric new single from Peckham’s YOWL. Gabriel Byrde’s eclectic vocal style, the tracks bizarre imagery, and the bands ceaseless energy ensure [READ MORE]

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  • The Holy Knives unleash the slow grooves on ‘Memory Book’

    November 12, 2018  /  The Holy Knives

    Location: San Antonio, Texas, USA FFO: The Black Keys, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Band of Skulls Label: Los Maxicos Delivering sultry and seductive desert rock, that unwinds into a psychedelic [READ MORE]

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  • Take a relaxing ‘Bath’ in some smooth-sailing indie from TOLEDO

    November 9, 2018  /  TOLEDO


    Location: Brooklyn FFO: Covey, Alvvays, The Shins Label: Unsigned Brooklyn self-made pair TOLEDO bring some more HotStuff fresh off their debut EP out in February next year. ‘Bath’ is their latest single, completely self-written, recorded [READ MORE]

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  • Dirty Rugs are raucous rock’s finest on ‘We’re All Dying (I Feel Alive)’

    November 9, 2018  /  Dirty Rugs


    Location: Seattle, US FFO: Oh Sees, The Rare Occasions Label: Unsigned If a lust for life could be personified in one scorching riff, it’d probably sound something like Dirty Rugs latest effort ‘We’re All [READ MORE]

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  • Finnish outfit FEELS give us all the “feels” on personal track ‘Nye’

    November 9, 2018  /  FEELS

    Location: London / Helsinki FFO: Goth Babe, IMOGEN Label: Unsigned Ready to be hit right in the FEELS? Well you should be; The Finnish electro-pop outfit are masters of uplifting pop tinged with that [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Island’ showcases Manchester’s Corella at their soaring best

    November 8, 2018  /  Corella

    Location: Manchester, UK FFO: Floral Scene, Riscas Label: Unsigned Corella showcase their strengths on their latest single ‘Island’. Namely, these are their powerful vocals, indelible songwriting and guitars oozing with melody. ‘Island’ is [READ MORE]

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  • ROYAL escapes ‘The Hunter’ on her powerfully poignant new single

    November 8, 2018  /  ROYAL


    Location: Canada FFO: Banks, Lana Del Ray Label: Unsigned ‘The Hunter’ is a mystical journey into ROYAL‘s Heart of Shadows, a six track offering that captures the essence of her deep personal understanding; drawing on [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Happiness’ from Only Sun radiates exactly that on this feelgood anthem

    November 8, 2018  /  Only Sun


    Location: High Wycombe, UK FFO: We Are Scientists, Little Comets Label: Unsigned ‘Happiness (All My Friends)’ from Only Sun sounds like exactly what you’d expect. The track is an indelible, sunny joy. Only [READ MORE]

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  • Hero Fisher lives ‘Life Through Closed Eyes’ in enchanting new video

    November 8, 2018  /  Hero Fisher


    Location: London FFO: Bryde, VON GREY Label: ie too Ltd British-born songstress Hero Fisher celebrates the release of her new album Glue Moon with an atmospheric new video for ‘Life Through Closed Eyes.’ Glue [READ MORE]

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  • Childcare show off another facet of their sound on ‘Bamboo’

    November 8, 2018  /  Childcare

    Location: London, UK FFO: Superfood, Our Girl Label: Big Indie Records On ‘Bamboo’, Childcare frontman Ed Cares has stepped aside to allow bassist Emma Topolski to take the vocal reigns. The track is [READ MORE]

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  • Lyves is back with ‘Tell Me That You Feel It Too’

    November 8, 2018  /  Lyves


    Location: London, UK FFO: Lykke Li, St South, Henry Green, Listings, Shy Girls, EZA Label: Unsigned The London siren of a singer-song writer, Lyves, releases ‘Tell Me That You Feel It Too,’ [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Cheap Talk’ is killing LUCIA on their brand new single

    November 7, 2018  /  LUCIA


    Location: , Glasgow, UK FFO: Rascalton, Anteros Label: Sweet Jane Recordings Scotland’s LUCIA, and her band have returned with another pop-rock anthem. ‘Cheap Talk’ is both the name of their latest single and [READ MORE]

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  • NA•MA•STE puts the pedal to the metal on ‘Speed Limit’

    November 7, 2018  /  NA•MA•STE


    Location: Lanark, UK FFO: Tove Lo, Zara Larsson Label: Rum Kay Records Obeying the ‘Speed Limit’ isn’t in the NA•MA•STE rule-book when it comes to scorching pop bravado; Natasha Marie Stewart puts the pedal to [READ MORE]

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  • Our ‘Temporary Panic’ is over; Greta Jaime shares her new single

    November 7, 2018  /  Greta Jaime


    Location: London, UK FFO: Lorde, Banks Label: Unsigned There’s something truly organic and natural about Greta Jaime‘s music; She’s seen recognition by the likes of BBC 6music and been longlisted for Glastonbury Festival’s Emerging [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Scattered Hearts in the Parks of Cities’ is avant-garde perfection from CLARA-NOVA

    November 6, 2018  /  CLARA-NOVA


    Location: Los Angeles, USA FFO: James Blake, Broods, Sam Valdez Label: Unsigned Earning hype across the board for her experimental pop, French-American singer CLARA-NOVA is gearing up for her next [READ MORE]

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  • ‘The Race’ from Zebra Troop gives laidback grooves from a Free Love era

    November 5, 2018  /  Zebra Troop


    Location: Arlington, Texas, USA FFO: Tame Impala, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Pond Label: Sheph Delivering heady doses of optimism, Zebra Troop know things are going to get better on their psychedelic [READ MORE]

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  • You can’t ‘Help Yourself’ but love False Heads’ grungy new single

    November 5, 2018  /  False Heads


    Location: London, UK FFO: Nirvana, Radiohead Label: These Bloody Thieves Records Post-Grunge has often been a dirty word to describe bands. As young men with dirty, bleached hair did their best Kurt [READ MORE]

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  • ‘4AM’ is the explosive new indie rock riot from Spielbergs

    November 5, 2018  /  Spielbergs


    Location: Oslo, Norway FFO: Insomniac Bears, Wild Pink Label: By The Time It Gets Dark Oslo trio Spielbergs have released their latest single, the up-tempo indie rock riot ‘4AM’. The track features pounding, constant guitars [READ MORE]

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  • The Flavians invent ‘office worker blues’ on ‘Non Stop Fun (All I Wanted)’

    November 2, 2018  /  The Flavians

    Location: Berlin, Germany FFO: Foxygen, The Divine Comedy, The Lemon Twigs Label: Independent The Flavians cultivate a classy rock sound with a 60s throwback, acting as the perfect background for barbed [READ MORE]

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  • Fly Felix is reborn with the eclectic and eccentric ‘Beautiful Animal’

    November 2, 2018  /  Fly Felix


    Location: Austin/Los Angeles, USA FFO: Tame Impala, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, MGMT Label: Unsigned Ditching the DJ career to return to his roots, Drew Tyler of Fly Felix has resurrected his [READ MORE]

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  • On ‘Stay’ Lost Cousins look to come to terms with change and loss

    November 1, 2018  /  Lost Cousins


    Location: Canada FFO: Modern Aquatic, Close Talker Label: Pheromone Recordings Fresh from their upcoming debut album, Lost Cousins have released their celestial new single  ‘Stay’. The anthemic track is both upbeat and [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Are You Entertained?’ is the unapologetic new single from Pretty Vicious

    November 1, 2018  /  Pretty Vicious


    Location: Merthyr Tydfil, UK FFO: My Chemical Romance, Shame Label: Big Machine/John Varvatos Records The latest single from Merthyr mob Pretty Vicious has been released, showcasing their indie-punk sound. ‘Are You Entertained?’ is [READ MORE]

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  • Take a look inside Cecil’s haunted Halloween ‘Toybox’

    October 31, 2018  /  Cecil


    Location: London FFO: ives., Tula, Banks Label: Stormcraft Music Can you feel a chill in the air? Maybe it’s just the heating’s off, but more likely…  it’s because Halloween is upon us! Luckily, [READ MORE]

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  • Rosemary Fairweather returns to the airy pop airwaves with ‘MTV’

    October 30, 2018  /  Rosemary Fairweather


    Location: Toronto, Canada FFO: Geowulf, Hazel English Label: Universal Music Canada Inc. Toronto’s Rosemary Fairweather returns to the airwaves with a fascinating blend of airy electro-pop meets downtempo dream. Her latest single ‘MTV’ has [READ MORE]

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  • American Wolf goes back to the future on ‘Lust For Loss’

    October 30, 2018  /  American Wolf


    Location: Chicago, US FFO: Toro Y Moi, Neon Indian, Washed Out Label: Unsigned Blending the sauciest of 80’s keys with an icy breath of vaporwave bliss, Chicago producer American Wolf shares his latest synth-pop wonder, ‘Lust [READ MORE]

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  • CKAY’s punchy pop piece is guaranteed to make you ‘Feel Good’

    October 30, 2018  /  CKAY


    Location: New York, US FFO: Saltwater Sun, No Doubt, Ames Label: Unsigned If there’s anything guaranteed to make you ‘Feel Good,’ it’s this latest power-pop piece from New York songstress CKAY. Blending an old-school [READ MORE]

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