• Prinze George Are Going ‘Airborne’ On Their Latest Track

    June 18, 2018  /  Prinze George

    Location: Brooklyn, USA FFO: The 1975, Sølv Record Label: AntiFragile Music Quite like the title of this new single, Prinze George are elevating above the rest on the powerful new song ‘Airborne’. This Brooklyn based [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Hibernator’ Sees Dumaresq Create Beautiful Post-Rock

    June 18, 2018  /  Dumaresq


    Location: Brisbane, Australia FFO: Sigur Ros, Godspeed You! Black Emperor Record Label: harrisia A sprawling seven minute odyssey, Dumaresq‘s new single ‘Hibernator’ is a fantastic feat of song-writing, musicianship, and pure artist talent. On [READ MORE]

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  • Drifting back with her new single Drifting Away

    June 18, 2018  /  Katie Cunningham


    Location: United States FFO: Jordo, Luca Fogale Label: Unsigned After two years of not releasing any new music, singer/songwriter Katie Cunningham from New York is back with her new single [READ MORE]

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  • Before You Go ‘On The Run’, Check Out Pastis’ New Single

    June 18, 2018  /  Pastis


    Location: Helsinki, Finland FFO: The Kooks, The Libertines Record Label: Stupido Records Who knew that indie-rock would be revived in Finland? Pastis help bring back the forgotten sound with new single ‘On The Run’. Pastis [READ MORE]

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  • Lulu James’ New Single ‘Mto (River)’ Is A Fantastic Rebrand

    June 18, 2018  /  Lulu James aka 3rdCultureKid


    Location: Arusha, Tanzania and South Shields, UK Record Label: SPIL IT As the 3rdCultureKid, Lulu James new single ‘Mto (River)’ has re-branded into a sound that explores her heritage and home culture in [READ MORE]

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  • Hippo Campus return with their new single ‘Passenger’

    June 18, 2018  /  Hippo Campus


    Location: United States FFO: Colony House, COIN, Night Riots Label: Grand Jury Records/ Transgressive Records They’re back. After a year away, Hippo Campus have come back with their new track ‘Passenger’, following [READ MORE]

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  • Celebrate Your ‘Tame Teens’ With Grace Inspace

    June 18, 2018  /  Grace Inspace

    Location: London, UK FFO: Chelsea Wolfe, Laura Marling, The Verve Record Label: Unsigned Grace Inspace blends folk, hard rock and even country on her fantastic debut ‘Tame Teens’. Grace Inspace, the moniker of Grace Garner, [READ MORE]

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  • Lea Rue is back with her beautiful new track ‘River’

    June 18, 2018  /  Lea Rue

    Location: Belgium FFO: Anna Naklab,Tep No, Emma Bale Label: Smash the House The 22-year-old, Belgian singer-songwriter Lea Rue is back with her beautiful new single ‘River’. You will instantly be [READ MORE]

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  • Australian punk-rock band Halfwait release new track ‘Who Are You’

    June 18, 2018  /  Halfwait


    Location: Australia FFO: Green Day, Sidewise, Within the Grey Label: Independent After the band’s success from their first album ‘Stand Alone’, Halfwait have just released a full length album ‘The Official’, [READ MORE]

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  • Have a taste of Telete’s dreampop lullaby, ‘Like Honey’

    June 16, 2018  /  Telete


    Location: Perth FFO: PLANET, Aegean Sun, Mane Label: Unsigned Love a big, ugly cry to pretty music? Then you’ve hit the sweet spot with Perth’s Telete. Having released their debut single ‘Drip Dry,’ followed [READ MORE]

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  • Vibe out to ‘CRYPTK’ by The Solarists

    June 15, 2018  /  The Solarists


    Location: Utah, America FFO: The Kooks, The New Electric Sound Record Label: Unsigned American indie rock band, Clint, Nate, Justin & Kaua make up The Solarists. ‘CRYPTK’ is the new song [READ MORE]

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  • Get your feet of the ground with Timsters ‘I Need to Know’

    June 15, 2018  /  Timsters


    Location: France FFO: Justin Timerblake, The Weeknd Record Label: Elephant And Castle France artists Timsters, releases the brilliant ‘I Need to Know.’ ‘I Need to Know’ is a light, smooth, summery [READ MORE]

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  • Don’t be ‘Basic’ and listen to Organised Scum

    June 15, 2018  /  Orgainsed Scum


    Location: London FFO: Tame Impala, Noel Gallaghers High Flying Birds Record Label: Unsigned London based band Organised Scum release ‘Basic’, it is a rock soft pop alternative composed of a [READ MORE]

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  • Indulge in the ‘Year Of Self’ by Talk Time

    June 15, 2018  /  Talk Time


    Location: LA FFO: MGMT, Washed Out, War on Drugs. Record Label: Unsigned Talk Time is a Los Angeles band made of Edson, Mike, Andrew, John, and Derek. ‘Year Of Self’ is [READ MORE]

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  • Listen to the The Tin Pigeons ‘Always The Same’

    June 15, 2018  /  The Tin Pigeons


    Location: Uppingham FFO: No Hot Ashes, Larkins, Bedroom/Bedroom Record Label: Unsigned Leicestershire band The Tin Pigeons have released the track ‘Always The Same’. The Tin Pigeons are composed of Fraser, Geroge, Antonio [READ MORE]

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  • Enough ‘Friday Fighting,’ it’s time to ‘Leave Fast’ with Sam Fender

    June 14, 2018  /  Sam Fender

    Location: Newcastle FFO: Bad Sounds, The Night Café Label: Unsigned BBC Sound of 2018’s short-lister and all-round man of the moment Sam Fender returns with another beautifully raw track. Following on from his uplifting anthem, [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Ava’ listen to the new Let’s Eat Grandma track here

    June 14, 2018  /  Let's Eat Grandma


    Location: UK FFO: SOPHIE, Charli XCX, FKA twigs Record Label: Transgressive Records The British teenage singers Rosa Walton and Jenny Hollingworth make up the duo Let’s Eat Grandma. They have released the beautiful [READ MORE]

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  • Listen to the storming new ‘Lilac’ from Estrons

    June 14, 2018  /  Estrons

    Location: Cardiff FFO: Black Honey, Husky Loops, Otherkin Record Label: Gofod Records Estrons are a band composed of Tali, Rhodri, Steff, and Adam, they share their new single ‘Lilac’, a smashing [READ MORE]

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  • Paddle Paddle want you to ‘Speak Your Mind’

    June 14, 2018  /  Paddle Paddle


    Location: Paris FFO: The Howlin’, Calamity The Kid Label: Unsigned Exhilarating, experimental and powerfully unique; It’s near impossible to describe Parisian trio Paddle Paddle in just three words, but we thought we’d give it [READ MORE]

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  • Soothe yourself with CLEF’s ‘Pain Killer’

    June 14, 2018  /  CLEF

    Location: Texas FFO: XamVolo, Ady Suleiman Label: Independent “Brutal honesty” are the words that come to mind when describing CLEF‘s music. Arriving on the scene with his debut track, ‘Pain Killer,’ the fresh-faced artist teams [READ MORE]

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  • Listen to the dreamy breakup anthem ‘You and Jennifer’ by Bülow

    June 14, 2018  /  Bülow


    Location: German FFO: Tove Lo, Kim Petras Record Label: Wax Records/Republic Records/Universal Music Canada Megan Bulow is Bülow a pop viral sensation with ‘Not A Love Song’, she has just released [READ MORE]

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  • Listen to the blissful ‘Ana’ by Say Lou Lou

    June 14, 2018  /  Say Lou Lou

    Location: Sweden/Australia FFO: Shura, Broods, Florrie Record Label: á Deux/Cosmos Music Say Lou Lou is a musical duo from Sweden and Australia consisting of twin sisters Miranda and Elektra Kilbey. They [READ MORE]

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  • Silverbacks Are Astounding On New Single ‘Dunkirk’

    June 13, 2018  /  Silverbacks


    Location: Dublin, Ireland FFO: The Fall, LIFE Record Label: Unsigned 2018 seems to be the year of great post-punk, and we are all for it. Silverbacks deliver with the astounding new single ‘Dunkirk’. This [READ MORE]

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  • Hudson Scott’s ‘Lone Wolf’ Is A Funky Pop Song With A Deeper Meaning

    June 13, 2018  /  Hudson Scott


    Location: London, UK FFO: Friendly Fires, Arthur Russell, Metronomy Record Label: Squareglass Hudson Scott is his usual fantastic self on the funky yet deceptively somber new single ‘Lone Wolf’. It’s no surprise to [READ MORE]

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  • KYLPSO Bring The Beach To Your Room With New Single ‘Honestly’

    June 13, 2018  /  KYLYPSO


    Location: London, UK FFO: Two Door Cinema Club, Chromeo, Friendly Fires Record Label: Art Casual Fittingly named, KYLYPSO deliver with the perfect beach song on latest track ‘Honestly’. This latest track is a real [READ MORE]

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  • ‘It’s Our Time’ To Listen To The Light The Heat’s Summer Jam

    June 13, 2018  /  The Light The Heat

    Location: USA FFO: Brandon Flowers, Bleachers, Paul Simon Record Label: Unsigned Combining a folk sound with modern pop sensibilities, duo The Light The Heat are ready for summer lover with their new single ‘It’s Our [READ MORE]

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  • Don’t miss the ‘Sunrise In The East’ Becky Hill

    June 13, 2018  /  Becky Hill

    Location: London FFO: Mabel, MNEK, RAYE Record Label: Polydor Becky Hill invites you to watch the ‘Sunrise In The East’. Becky Hill the London 24-year-old who started off as a [READ MORE]

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  • Debut Of The Week: See the ‘Spiders’ in Martha Hill’s head

    June 13, 2018  /  Martha Hill


    Location: Newcastle FFO: Rae Morris, Banks, Feist Record Label: Unsigned Debut of the week: Martha Hill ‘Spiders’. Newcastle Alternative pop singer Martha Hill releases her debut track ‘Spiders’. She left [READ MORE]

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  • Let Benedikt take you to ‘Havana Nights’

    June 13, 2018  /  Benedikt

    Location: Berlin FFO: Kygo, Simon Green, Flume Record Label: Kaiku studios ‘Havana Nights’ by Canadian artist Benedikt, is a storming electronic track for 2018, following up from his debut EP [READ MORE]

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  • Let Grace Arckerman give you ‘Faith’

    June 13, 2018  /  Grace Arckerman


    Location: Watford FFO: Marina And The Diamonds, Banks, Florrie Record Label: Unsigned English singer Grace Arckerman stuns in new track ‘Faith’. This is Grace’s second single following ‘Feels Like Home’. ‘Faith’ [READ MORE]

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  • Drench yourself in pop with UHURU’s ‘Thirsty’

    June 13, 2018  /  UHURU

    Location: Southampton FFO: Mike Posner, The Chainsmokers, Jonas Blue Record Label: Unsigned UHURU are the British duo composed of Robert Jones and Connor Daniel. They have just released their addictive new club single ‘Thirsty’, following [READ MORE]

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  • Take A Flight With Alex Siegel And His New Single ‘Daydreaming Pilot’

    June 12, 2018  /  Alex Siegel


    Location: California, USA FFO: Toro y Moi, Peter Bjorn and John Record Label: Unsigned Alex Siegel‘s latest single ‘Daydreaming Pilot’ has a sound that is akin to floating in the clouds. On his [READ MORE]

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  • Avantist Bring Chaotic Fun On Latest Track ‘this_could_be_it’

    June 12, 2018  /  Avantist


    Location: Illinois, USA FFO: Mr Bungle, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Melt-Banana Record Label: No Trend Records Get ready for your ears to explode. Illinois avant-garde rockers Avantist are back with ‘this_could_be_it’, a blistering a [READ MORE]

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  • TS Graye Stuns On Debut ‘MY2’

    June 12, 2018  /  TS Graye


    Location: Bristol, UK FFO: The Knife, Jorja Smith, SZA Record Label: Unsigned Well, debut’s aren’t normally supposed to be like this. TS Graye is eclectic and fantastically unique on her debut track ‘MY2’. With [READ MORE]

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  • Weslee Are Effortlessly Cool On New Single ‘Somebody’

    June 12, 2018  /  Weslee

    Location: UK/USA FFO: Litany, Cautious Clay Record Label: Unsigned Weslee continue their path to stardom with their new single ‘Somebody’, a lustful, sexy pop song. Continuing the lush, high-quality production of all their previous [READ MORE]

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  • Tiaryn Soars On New Single ‘Who Is This’

    June 12, 2018  /  Tiaryn


    Location: Melbourne, Australia FFO: Little Dragon, Lauryn Hill, Kali Uchis Record Label: Unsigned Combining soulful r’n’b with Australian influences, Tiaryn is truly unique on latest track ‘Who Is This’. Marrying the Timbaland-esque production of [READ MORE]

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  • Mi von Ahn Is Sick Of These ‘Childish Games’

    June 12, 2018  /  Mi von Ahn


    Location: Umeå, Sweden FFO: The War On Drugs, Johan Airijoki Record Label: Bolero Recordings Mi von Ahn‘s latest single ‘Childish Games’ is a melancholic look at investing to heavily with your emotions, and [READ MORE]

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  • Goldilox Is On Killer Form With ‘Touch You Where It Hurts’

    June 12, 2018  /  Goldilox


    Location: Paris, France FFO: LAOISE, La Roux, Robyn Record Label: Room Oneoeight Goldilox adds to her slew of successful 2018 singles with the killer ‘Touch You Where It Hurts’. Accompanied with a fantastic video [READ MORE]

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  • Sølv’s ‘All To You’ Shows Her Skill As An Artist

    June 12, 2018  /  Sølv


    Location: London, UK FFO: Goldilox, Banks, Lana Del Ray Record Label: Ferocious Label Services Sølv‘s latest single ‘All To You’ is a track for dusk, when the windows in the car are down [READ MORE]

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  • Flip Rushmore share their rock anthem, ‘Phife & Merle’

    June 11, 2018  /  Flip Rushmore

    Location: Minneapolis FFO: Queens Of The Stone Age, Fizzy Blood, Dead! Label: Unsigned If ripping riffs, powerhouse beats and a heavy rock ‘n’ roll vibe is what you’re after, look no further than [READ MORE]

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  • Enter the beautiful ‘Mind’ of Black Grapefruit

    June 11, 2018  /  Black Grapefruit


    Location: New York FFO: Mo Laudi, Jumping Back Slash Label: Unsigned Starting out as experimental pop duo SOS, Brian Dekker and Randa Smith have rebranded and rediscovered themselves as Black Grapefruit, announcing their hugely anticipated [READ MORE]

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  • Feel the intoxicating beat of Druma’s ‘Drunken Hearts’

    June 11, 2018  /  Druma

    Location: South East Asia FFO: H.eund, Kainalu, Le Youth Label: Unsigned From trip-hop to punk, Asian folk to contemporary electro, experimental trio Druma aka. Trish, Indra and Mok craft a musical cocktail that spans genre [READ MORE]

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  • You ‘Can’t Do Better’ Than Kim Petras’ New 80’s Throwback Single

    June 11, 2018  /  Kim Petras


    Location: Los Angeles, USA FFO: Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Charli XCX Record Label: BunHead After announcing she’ll be supporting Troye Sivan on tour, Kim Petras returns with the fabulous ‘Can’t Do Better’, an 80’s throwback. [READ MORE]

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  • ‘To You’ Is A Dancefloor Ready Single From The Fantastic Loveday

    June 11, 2018  /  Loveday


    Location: Midlands, UK FFO: James Blake, Oh Wonder, Ider Record Label: Ferocious Label Services Hot on the heels of previous single ‘Closer’, producer and singer Loveday is back with the dance-ready lo-fi smash hit ‘To You’. [READ MORE]

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  • Let SAATSUMA’s New Single ‘Overflow’ You

    June 11, 2018  /  SAATSUMA


    Location: Melbourne, Australia FFO: Little Dragon, FKA Twigs Record Label: Unsigned Coming from their debut album of the same name, SAATSUMA‘s latest single ‘Overflow’ is a heart-wrenching electro-pop song that moves like a crashing [READ MORE]

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  • Hannah’s Little Sister Pen ’20’, A Song For All The New Adults

    June 11, 2018  /  Hannah's Little Sister


    Location: Liverpool, UK FFO: The Lovely Eggs, Broken Baby, WAVVES Record Label: Unsigned This is in your-face, unpretentious punk, and Hannah’s Little Sister are ready to take over everyone’s airwaves with their new [READ MORE]

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  • Chackie Jam Bring Back The Disco With ‘Shotokan’

    June 11, 2018  /  Chackie Jam

    Location: Belgium FFO: Yung Bae, Skylar Spence. Friendly Fires Record Label: CNR Music Belgium N.V. Belgium group Chackie Jam are back with their new single ‘Shotokan (Take Me With You)’, an epic sounding 80’s [READ MORE]

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  • Rue Royale return with the ethereal ‘Thrown By The Wind’

    June 10, 2018  /  Rue Royal


    Location: Nottingham FFO: The Black Atlantic, I Am Oak, Brown Feather Sparrow Label: Sinnbus “Life got weird and difficult over the last few years – both personally and in the world around us,” explain [READ MORE]

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  • Summer goes ‘On & On’ with Futuro Pelo’s new bouncy bop

    June 9, 2018  /  Futuro Pelo


    Location: Paris FFO: The Pirouettes, Lewis OfMan Label: Pain Surprises Records Benjamin Sportès aka. the groove maestro Futuro Pelo brings the summer vibes with his latest single, ‘On & On’ featuring the vocal stylings of Neysa [READ MORE]

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  • Bloxx don’t need a ‘Second Opinion’ – their new track is killer

    June 8, 2018  /  Bloxx


    Location: Uxbridge, UK. FFO: The Night Cafe, YONAKA, VANT Label: Chess Club With their classic grunge-infused indie undertones, Uxbridge’s Bloxx make a storming return to the scene with ‘Second Opinion.’ Sitting perfectly alongside previous [READ MORE]

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  • Cuesta Loeb craft an anthem ‘Out Of’ grief

    June 8, 2018  /  Cuesta Loeb


    Location: Los Angeles FFO: The Bilinda Butchers, Valley Queen, Pip Blom Label: Unsigned If you’re looking for raw, personal songwriting and truly heartfelt emotion and introspection, then look no further than Los Angeles-based Cuesta Loeb. Following [READ MORE]

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  • From dating apps to debut track, Kalon are ready to storm the scene

    June 8, 2018  /  Kalon

    Location: Berlin FFO: Blinders, Avalanche Party, RedFaces Label: Unsigned With their debut recorded in Berlin and mixed by Audio Engineer Richard Flack (Florence & the Machine, Queens of the Stone Age), Kalon are the ones-to-watch indie [READ MORE]

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  • Enter the dreamy pop world of Willemijn May’s ‘Make-Believe’

    June 8, 2018  /  Willemijn May

    Location: Netherlands FFO: Skott, VÉRITÉ, Luna Shadows Label: Willemijn May Music Born and raised in the Netherlands, singer-songwriter Willemijn May began writing and composing songs in her early teens, as a result releasing a string [READ MORE]

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  • Don’t wait a ‘Day, Month, Second’ to check out GIRLI’s “breakup anthem”

    June 8, 2018  /  GIRLI

    Location: London FFO: GFOTY, Hannah Diamond, EASYFUN Label: Jasmine Music Ltd. “Strut down the street to this. Dance like no-one’s watching. Block them and buy yourself a pizza and scream in the street.” [READ MORE]

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  • Embrace Your Inner ‘Hot Mess’ With Saltwater Sun

    June 7, 2018  /  Saltwater Sun


    Location: Reading, UK FFO: Team Picture, WAVVES, The Lovely Eggs Record Label: Hand In Hive Photo Credit: Rosie Florence Saltwater Sun delight and entertain on their loud, bold and fantastic new single ‘Hot [READ MORE]

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  • Grenadeers Explode Onto The Scene With New Track ‘Bending Bricks’

    June 7, 2018  /  Grenadeers


    Location: Netherlands FFO: Canshaker Pi, Queens Of The Stone Age Record Label: Unsigned So, it turns out three guitarists aren’t too many. Grenadeers show how loud three guitars can be on new single ‘Bending [READ MORE]

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  • IDLES Pen The Pro-Immigrant Anthem ‘Danny Nedelko’

    June 7, 2018  /  IDLES


    Location: Bristol, UK FFO: Metz, Savages, Protomartyr Record Label: Partisan Records In anticipation of their sophomore album, IDLES release the gratifying ‘Danny Nedelko’, a fantastic pro-immigration song. At this point, IDLES need no introductions. [READ MORE]

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  • HMLTD share the provocative new visuals for ‘Pictures Of You’

    June 7, 2018  /  HMLTD


    Location: London FFO: Ought, Sleaford Mods Label: Sony Music Entertainment UK Ltd. Industrial-pop provocateurs HMLTD return with their haunting new single ‘Pictures Of You’, written and produced by the band and Justin Tranter (Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Julia [READ MORE]

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  • Take a trip with Moscow Apartment with ‘Be You’

    June 7, 2018  /  Moscow Apartment


    Location: Toronto, Canada FFO: Feist, Laura Marling, Cat Powers Record Label: Unsigned Brighid and Pascale make up Moscow Apartment the Canadain duo, launched in 2017 and released their award-winning EP. ‘Be [READ MORE]

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  • Flex your ‘Music Muscle’ to Namosh’s dance masterpiece

    June 7, 2018  /  Namosh


    Location: Berlin FFO: Nakhane, DJ Koze Label: Weltgast Music With a new studio album set for release on the 8th June, Berlin’s Namosh unveils the title-track and all-round dance masterpiece, ‘Music Muscle.’ It’s a [READ MORE]

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