• London model/actress Suki Waterhouse releases a new video for her sultry track ‘Good Looking’

    March 20, 2019  /  Suki Waterhouse

    Location: London, UK FFO: Fenne Lily, Rosie Carney Label: This Rough Magic London-based model/actress Suki Waterhouse is pleased to announce details of a brand new visual clip for ‘Good Looking’ directed by rising [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Elevator’ is the alluring new R&B single from Gavin Turek

    March 20, 2019  /  Gavin Turek


    Location: Los Angeles, US FFO: Amber Mark, Raveena Label: Madame Gold Gavin Turek has shared the alluring and flirtatious ‘Elevator’, the lead single from her debut full-length album due out this summer. ‘Elevator’ [READ MORE]

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  • Shreya Preeti continues to establish herself as a pop force with latest single ‘Think I’d Like to Be You’

    March 20, 2019  /  Shreya Preeti

    Location: Chicago, US FFO: Ariana Grande, Chaka Khan Label: Unsigned Indian/American alt-pop songstress Shreya Preeti has emerged once again with her latest single ‘Think I’d Like to Be You’. With an off-of-center sound, Shreya [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Like A Promise’ is the melancholy new single from electo-pop upstarts XY&O

    March 20, 2019  /  XY&O


    Location: Cardiff, UK FFO: HONNE, Years & Years Label: Electric MVM With over 40 million Spotify streams and a number of notable festival appearances, Welsh haze-pop trio XY&O return with their latest single, ‘Like A Promise’. On Like [READ MORE]

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  • ‘One’ is the redefining, nostalgic debut from Natalie Lynn

    March 20, 2019  /  Natalie Lynn


    Location: Toronto, Canada FFO: Haim, The 1975, Stevie Nicks Label: Unsigned Redefining the lines between pop, indie and rock, Natalie Lynn debuts with her full of life single, ‘One’. Making [READ MORE]

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  • A crocodile awaits inside every Flamingo in Voodoo Bandits ‘Sink Below’

    March 20, 2019  /  Voodoo Bandits


    Location: Isle of Man FFO: Circa Waves, Peace, Hockey Dad Label: Unsigned Isle of Man based indie-pop quartet Voodoo Bandits make their 2019 debut with ‘Sink Below’, outshining their musical [READ MORE]

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  • HeyRocco make quite the comeback with ‘Destroyer’

    March 20, 2019  /  HeyRocco


    Location: California, United States FFO: Smashing Pumpkins, Weezer, Pavement Label: Vital Music Group Back with their matured and modern take on 90s grunge, HeyRocco release their 2019 returning single ‘Destroyer’, [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Gimme My Cash’ is the new era release from Dre Skuffs

    March 20, 2019  /  Dre Skuffs


    Location: New Jersey, United States FFO: J. Cole, Lupe Fiasco Label: Paid in Full Entertainment Dre Skuffs releases his latest single ‘Gimme My Cash’ featuring Khalil Jibran, with his modernised east [READ MORE]

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  • Alekxandr releases the aquatic celebration in ‘Still’

    March 20, 2019  /  Alekxandr

    Location: London, United Kingdom FFO: Perfume Genius, Lana Del Rey, Björk Label: Unsigned Alekxandr releases the aquatic new single ‘Still’, from the forthcoming EP ‘Little King’ of which he labels as, [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Montaña’ is the latest single from self-described death-gospel artist Louise Lemón

    March 19, 2019  /  Louise Lemón


    Location: Sweden FFO: Chelsea Wolfe, Anna von Hausswolf Label: Icons Creating Evil Art Up and coming Swedish death-gospel artist Louise Lemón intertwines the dark, windy and cold Scandi ambiance into her music. Her latest track [READ MORE]

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  • Marble Arch release their shiny new lo-fi single ‘Gold’

    March 19, 2019  /  Marble Arch

    Location: Paris, France FFO: Rendez Vous, MNNQNS Label: Géographie Yann Le Razavet and his project Marble Arch have released the second single from their album Children of the Slump, entitled ‘Gold’. Their DIY sensibilities are prevalent [READ MORE]

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  • Yes We Mystic exceed all expectations in ‘Young Evil’

    March 19, 2019  /  Yes We Mystic


    Location: Winnipeg, Canada FFO: The National, Tame Impala, The Killers Label: DevilDuck Records Ahead of their forthcoming album ‘Ten Seated Figures’, the band Yes We Mystic release their brand new single [READ MORE]

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  • UK indie-disco trio Patawawa release their latest single ‘All The Time’

    March 19, 2019  /  Patawawa


    Location: Derbyshire, UK FFO: Foals, Franc Moody Label: Splinter Hotly tipped UK trio Patawawa have shared their new single ‘All The Time‘, ahead of its full release on Friday. Their new EP, ‘Paris, [READ MORE]

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  • GRACEY debuts with the breathtaking and evocative ‘Different Things’

    March 19, 2019  /  GRACEY


    Location: Brighton, United Kingdom FFO: Sia, Lorde Label: Polydor/ UMG Future pop dream queen GRACEY debuts with the breathtaking single ‘Different Things’, an effortlessly forward-thinking and vividly atmospheric raw depiction of [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Just Because’ is the sunny new single from Suns Up

    March 19, 2019  /  Suns Up


    Location: United Kingdom FFO: The 1975, Pheonix, Vampire Weekend Label: Unsigned Releasing their third single, Suns Up unveil the sunny new single ‘Just Because’, sat upon the wall of fairytale [READ MORE]

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  • ‘The Pool’ is the latest lo-fi excursion from Mon Nobi & J. Fisher

    March 19, 2019  /  Mon Nobi & J. Fisher

    Location: US FFO: M4, megadead Label: Unsigned Mon Nobi and J. Fisher have collaborated once again to bring their latest release ‘The Pool’. The release is a short, abstract, lo-fi insight into their [READ MORE]

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  • BAD CHILD will have you ‘Breathing Fire’

    March 19, 2019  /  BAD CHILD


    Location: Canada FFO: Lion Bark, The F16s, Camp Howard Label: Unsigned Buzzworthy BAD CHILD releases ‘Breathing Fire’, the third single to be released since his self-titled debut and second single [READ MORE]

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  • Turn on ‘Airplane Mode’ and listen to Nadia Rose’s latest

    March 18, 2019  /  Nadia Rose

    Location: UK Label: Relentless FFO: Rihanna, Stormzy, RAY BLK, Little Simz Former writer for and now best mates with Rihanna, cousin of Stormzy and having just been on tour with The Black Eyed [READ MORE]

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  • lennixx get soulful on new track ‘Bad Bird’

    March 18, 2019  /  lennixx


    Location: Sweden Label: TEN Music Group FFO: TLC, Aaliyah, Brandy & Monica Following debut banger ‘Always On My Mind’ two years ago, lennixx’s ‘Bad Bird’ exceeds all expectations and cements the duo on their way [READ MORE]

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  • Keep ‘Holding On’ With Arctic Lake

    March 15, 2019  /  Arctic Lake

    Location: London, UK FFO: James Blake, Tuvaband, Ghostly Kisses Record Label: Unsigned Arctic Lake astound once more with their spell-binding new electro-pop single ‘Holding On’. The music of London trio Emma Foster, Paul Holliman [READ MORE]

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  • Flawes’ ‘When We Were Young’ Is Nostalgic Electro Pop

    March 15, 2019  /  Flawes

    Location: London/Yorkshire, UK FFO: kwassa, Grace Carter Record Label: Red Bull Records The Great Escape show-stoppers Flawes dazzle the world once again with their latest single ‘When We Were Young’. Electro-pop at it’s finest, the [READ MORE]

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  • Age is a Box releases the rejuvenating ‘Rush’ from his upcoming album

    March 15, 2019  /  Ages is a Box


    Location: Isreal FFO: Iain Howie, Bob Moses Label: Unsigned Warming up for his debut album, Age is a Box releases his first single ‘Rush’, a heavenly taster for listeners. Age [READ MORE]

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  • Nia Wyn has the ‘Last Laugh’

    March 15, 2019  /  Nia Wyn


    Location: United Kingdom FFO: Zuzu, Amy Whinehouse, Millie Turner Label: Unsigned Emerging artist Nia Wyn releases her latest single ‘Last Laugh’ produced by Nutty P (Ghetts, Wretch 32). Already named [READ MORE]

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  • Producer Young Clancy’s new single is drop ‘Dead’ smooth

    March 14, 2019  /  Young Clancy


    Location: Toronto, Canada FFO: Chris LaRocca, Harrison, Lou Val Label: Unsigned Toronto based producer Young Clancy unveils his smooth new single ‘Dead’ featuring vocalist Chris LaRocca, taken from his forthcoming [READ MORE]

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  • Jake Morse releases ‘Quintessential Qualms’ featuring Alè

    March 14, 2019  /  Jake Morse


    Location: Massachusetts, United States FFO:  Mac Miller, JID, J Cole Label: Unsigned Independent producer and rapper Jake Morse releases his latest single ‘Quintessential Qualms’ featuring singer Alè. Morse’s use of [READ MORE]

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  • You’ll be hooked on ‘Primitive’ by The Sickly Hecks

    March 14, 2019  /  The Sickly Hecks


    Location: Colorado, United States FFO: Together Pangea, Wavves, Buzzcocks Label: Unsigned The Sickly Hecks release the first single from their brand new album ‘Go To Heck’. With a high energy soundtrack, [READ MORE]

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  • You’ll be dancing all night with ‘Palazzo’ from E.Parker

    March 14, 2019  /  E.Parker


    Location: London, United Kingdom FFO: Lana Del Rey, MARINA, Lorde Label: Unsigned Australian born E.Parker releases the lively new single ‘Palazzo, taking her sultry pop to soaring new heights of [READ MORE]

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  • Shy shy shy show off their indie-pop songwriting prowess on colourful new single ‘Neon’

    March 14, 2019  /  Shy shy shy

    Location: Copenhagen, Denmark FFO: Lana Del Rey, Frank Ocean Label: Unsigned Danish charmers Shy shy shy are back with a new EP called Gloss which is accompanied by a beautiful slow motion video for the brand new [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Rita’ is the anthemic new single from indie upstarts Cosmo Calling

    March 14, 2019  /  Cosmo Calling


    Location: Manchester, UK FFO: Diving Station, Marsicans Label: Northern Quarter Records ‘Rita’ is the lead single off an upcoming EP from Cosmo Calling. The song is an anthemic love-letter to Manchester, the city [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Him & Her’ is a classy single and video from throwback indie rock act FUR

    March 14, 2019  /  FUR


    Location: Brighton, UK FFO: The Kinks, The Growlers Label: Nice Swan FUR have released their near perfect pop single “Him & Her” alongside an accompanying video. The video, with its [READ MORE]

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  • Fixate on their name, Slide releases ‘If You Say’

    March 13, 2019  /  Slide


    Location: Sweden FFO: Tame Impala, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Lewis Del Mar Label: Unsigned Rising Swedish indie-rock duo Slide release their third single ‘If You Say’, taken from their debut EP [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Commitment’ never looked so good thanks to Molly Rainford

    March 13, 2019  /  Molly Rainford


    Location: United Kingdom FFO: Mabel, L Devine, Emily Burns Label: Unsigned Britst newcomer Molly Rainford releases her latest single ‘Commitment’, a slick offering of shimmering pop co-written by MADFUN (Ellie [READ MORE]

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  • Lupa J releases the majestic video for ‘You’re In My Headphones’

    March 13, 2019  /  Lupa J


    Location: Sydney, Australia FFO: Grimes, FKA Twigs, Bjork Label: Unsigned The phenominal Lupa J releases the music video for ‘You’re In My Headphones’, depicting the conflicting energy that consumes individuals [READ MORE]

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  • D.Harmon releases debut single ‘Sober’

    March 13, 2019  /  D.Harmon


    Location: Arkansas, United States FFO: Kanye West, Andre 3000, Label: Trickfingers Records / MGMT Embarking on a US takeover, D.Harmon releases his debut single ‘Sober’ from the highly anticipated mixtape ‘Value [READ MORE]

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  • Get to know Lo Lo’s ‘Sweater Collection’

    March 13, 2019  /  Lo Lo


    Location: Toronto, Canada FFO: Laye, ASHS, Delaney Jane Label: Unsigned Rising Canadian electro-pop artist Lo Lo releases her latest single ‘Sweater Collection’, a dreamy modern day love story of being [READ MORE]

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  • bdrmm unveil twinkling new single ‘Heaven’

    March 13, 2019  /  bdrmm


    Location: Hull, United Kingdom FFO: Slowdive, Far Caspian, Real Estate Label: Permanent Creeps Hull based 5-piece bdrmm unveil their twinkling slacker-pop cut single ‘Heaven’. Combining the bands knack for weaving [READ MORE]

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  • No Violet give us ‘Lemons’ so we can make lemonade

    March 13, 2019  /  No Violet


    Location: Bristol, United Kingdom FFO: Pip Blom, Sœur, Nirvana Label: Unsigned No Violet return with their latest offering ‘Lemons’. And like the life-long quote ‘when life gives you lemons, make [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Youth’ is the graceful orchestral return from The Wild State

    March 13, 2019  /  The Wild State


    Location: Brighton, United Kingdom FFO: The National, Bon Iver, The Wars on Drugs Label: Beverly Martel Young Brighton band The Wild State return with their newest single ‘Youth’, an orchestral [READ MORE]

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  • Sit back and ‘Rewind’ with The Audiots

    March 13, 2019  /  The Audiots


    Location: Los Angeles, United States FFO: The Strokes, Interpol, Arctic Monkeys Label: Unsigned Los Angeles born and raised The Audiots present their newest single ‘Rewind’, returning with news of a [READ MORE]

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  • TUIMI debut’s with fierce single ‘Purpose’

    March 12, 2019  /  TUIMI


    Location: Berlin, Germany FFO: Ava Max, Charlie XCX Label: Unsigned Tuimi releases her debut single ‘Purpose’ featuring Gizmo. Coming fresh from Berlin, she brings her unique mix of Vietnamese-German infused [READ MORE]

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  • ‘They’re Playing My Song’ is the infectious, soaring new single from Aussie pop rock outfit MONATOMIC

    March 12, 2019  /  MONATOMIC


    Location: Sydney, Australia FFO: LCD Soundsystem, Esbie Fonte Label: Unsigned MONATOMIC is a pop rock band formed in 2017 under extraordinary circumstances. Their unique sound is a pop-rock vibe with electronic influences. The [READ MORE]

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  • James Beau Barclay reconsiders with ‘There Is No Love’

    March 12, 2019  /  James Beau Barclay


    Location: London, United Kingdom FFO: Yellow Days, Mac De Marco, Rex Orange County Label: Unsigned Returning with his second single, James Beau Barclay releases the peacefully open penned single ‘There [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Year After Year’ is the catchy new electo-pop hit from Maw

    March 12, 2019  /  Maw


    Location: Los Angeles, US FFO: Louis The Child, The Mura Masa Label: Create and Conquer LA producer Maw invites listeners to experience familiar territory through a new lens. With his roots in writing [READ MORE]

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  • EGOISM need saving from themselves on wonderful new dreampop single ‘Enemies’

    March 12, 2019  /  EGOISM

    Location: Sydney, Australia FFO: Body Type, Courtney Barnett Label: Unsigned EGOISM began when Scout Eastment and Olive Rush started catching the same bus together in high school. Their regular morning arguments about music became the catalyst for them [READ MORE]

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  • ‘In a Phase’ is the exceptional new track from Aerborn with a similarly incredible video

    March 12, 2019  /  Aerborn

    Location: Brisbane, Australia FFO: Flume, Alison Wonderland Label: Unsigned Whilst Aerborn isn’t playing shows, you’ll often find her in a makeshift studio in the outer suburbs of Brisbane. With only her laptop, voice [READ MORE]

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  • ‘The Thinker’ is the cathartic new single from a grieving Flaural

    March 12, 2019  /  Flaural

    Location: Denver, US FFO: Holy Wave, Acid Tongue Label: Staycation Records Flaural is the unified sum of four equal parts. The hypnotic pulse of Nick Berlin’s kraut rock drum grooves crystalize as the [READ MORE]

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  • Being Dead really mean hot in their new single ‘Hot Car’

    March 12, 2019  /  Being Dead

    Location: Texas, United States FFO: SMiiLE, Beach Boys, The Stooges Label: Unsigned Texas duo Being Dead release their racy new single ‘Hot Car’, as they prepare for the launch of [READ MORE]

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  • Wrapped in a bow Easy debut with ‘I Want To Marry You’

    March 12, 2019  /  Easy


    Location: California, United States FFO: Phoenix, Tame Impala Label: Hello Forever Newly formed California collective Easy make a phenominal debut with ‘I Want To Marry You’. Entering with such dreamy [READ MORE]

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  • Talu releases gleaming single ‘Butterflew’

    March 12, 2019  /  Talu


    Location: Sussex, United Kingdom FFO: Bombay Bicycle Club, Foals, The Wombats Label: Unsigned Indie Rock trio Talu release their second single ‘Butterflew’, drawing inspiration from influential outlets Bombay Bicycle Club, [READ MORE]

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  • Mating Ritual reveal second single and cadillac video for ‘U.N.I’

    March 12, 2019  /  Mating Ritual


    Location: Los Angeles, United States FFO: Eyes on the Shore, Ten Fé, Sjowgren Label: Smooth Jaws Mating Ritual reveal the second single and video ‘U.N.I’ from their new album ‘Hot [READ MORE]

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  • Dutch Criminal Record Are Ready To ‘Graduate’ On Their New Single

    March 11, 2019  /  Dutch Criminal Record


    Location: Chichester, UK FFO: Circa Waves, Alvvays, The Beach Boys Record Label: Unsigned Indie surf-rockers Dutch Criminal Record are ready to ‘Graduate’ on their perfect new beach listening single. So, we’ve had one of [READ MORE]

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  • Surf’s Up With Cayucas’ ‘Jessica WJ’

    March 11, 2019  /  Cayucas


    Location: Santa Monica, USA FFO: Vance Joy, Two Door Cinema Club, Record Label: Park The Van Records With a new music video directed by Sean Solomon and animated by Sarah Schmidt, Cayucas relive the [READ MORE]

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  • Laraw Is Sinister On Her Astounding Debut ‘I Should Call The Cops’

    March 11, 2019  /  Laraw


    Location: Montreal, Canada FFO: Grimes, Lorde Record Label: Unsigned Laraw has managed to create a sinister song that bends genre in so many ways, it is hard to describe what new single [READ MORE]

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  • Van Goose Are ‘On My Hand’ With Their Latest Single

    March 11, 2019  /  Van Goose


    Location: Brooklyn, USA FFO: Hot Chip, Daft Punk, Simian Mobile Disco Record Label: Unsigned Shlomi Lavie is perpetually trying to find the ground everyone else isn’t in, and his project Van Goose shows that [READ MORE]

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  • Don’t Tell bülow ‘Sweet Little Lies’

    March 11, 2019  /  bülow


    Location: Germany FFO: EZI, ORKID, Lorde Record Label: Republic Records Already a resounding success at such a young stage in her career, bülow‘s new single ‘Sweet Little Lies’ is guaranteed to be another hit [READ MORE]

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  • Yellow Shoot’s Is A ‘Magic Man’ On Latest Single

    March 11, 2019  /  Yellow Shoots

    Location: Brooklyn, USA FFO: Thundercat, Jamiroquai, Prince Record Label: La Reserve Records Taking on a much more atmospheric sound on his latest single ‘Magic Man’, Yellow Shoots is back with his brand of funky psychedelia. [READ MORE]

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  • Man Of Moon Break Through The Stratosphere On ‘Ride The Waves’

    March 11, 2019  /  Man Of Moon


    Location: Edinburgh, Scotland FFO: Mogwai, The Twilight Sad, Royal Blood Record Label: Instinctive Racoon With more material on the horizon, Man Of Moon tease us all with the tension building new single ‘Ride The [READ MORE]

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  • Noé Is Ready To Show Her ‘Color’ On Her New Single

    March 11, 2019  /  Noé


    Location: Paris, France FFO: BLAISE MOORE, Mothica, Gia Woods Record Label: Bebe Dior Noé is majestic on her latest single ‘Color’, a strpped-back take on her pop sensibilities and a deep look into real-life [READ MORE]

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  • Jules Gabriel releases organic single ‘Stand By My Crew’

    March 10, 2019  /  Jules Gabriel

    Location: Sweden FFO: José González, Ed Sheeran, Pete Doherty Label: Unsigned Jules Gabriel releases the organic new single ‘Stand By My Crew’, which uses unique improvision and sincere lyrcism. Jules [READ MORE]

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  • Golden Coast return with a ‘Legendary’ new pop anthem

    March 9, 2019  /  Golden Coast


    Location: Los Angeles FFO: Secret Weapons, XY&O Label: Golden Coast Music LLC Let’s head to the Golden Coast. Literally and figuratively, as the LA-duo drench their sound in such rich, shimmering summer vibes that [READ MORE]

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