• Hey Jester continue shine on brand new single ‘Hey Jester’

    November 15, 2019  /  Hey Jester


    ‘Hey Jester’ is the latest single from West Midlands based progressive alt-rock trio Hey Jester. If you thought that the band naming their single after themselves was perplexing, unfortunately that [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Break You’ is the eclectic and infectious new single from Christofi

    November 14, 2019  /  Christofi


    The unusual warped production on Christofi’s ‘Break You’ is accented perfectly by the angelic vocals that greet it. The track is above all else, fun. Packed full of melody and [READ MORE]

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  • Featurette continue to craft unique electro-pop magic on ‘White Rabbit’

    November 14, 2019  /  Featurette


    ‘White Rabbit’ sees Featurette continue on their stellar run of form. Their trademark colourful sound is showcased in all of its force on the new track. The huge hooks and [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Last Time’ is the captivating and emotionally rich new single from Anson Seabra

    November 13, 2019  /  Anson Seabra


    Anson Seabra has made an emphatic statement on his new single ‘Last Time’. The track is a rousing and emotional powerhouse. From the glassy and deliberate vocals, to the simple [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Strange’ is a thoughtful piece of soul balladry from Celeste

    November 13, 2019  /  Celeste


    Celeste is on fine form on her latest offering ‘Strange’. The track cements the artists burgeoning reputation of one of the UK’s fiercest new talents. The number has an almost [READ MORE]

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  • Hi Frisco land our debut of the week with ‘Snowfall’

    November 13, 2019  /  Hi Frisco


    It’s no secret that we love a good debut here at BM. But, it’s even better when it’s as stunning as Hi Frisco’s ‘Snowfall’. With elements that are somewhat hypnotic, we know [READ MORE]

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