• Cautious Clay’s new single ‘Erase’ sees him return fully energised

    September 20, 2019  /  Cautious Clay


    Rising artist Cauious Clay returns with his new single ‘Erase’. Following in the wake of recent outings ‘Table of Context’ and ‘Swim Home’ – which found itself on the soundtrack for the [READ MORE]

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  • Merging genres for an original sound, Lonelyspeck returns with ‘Drown’

    September 20, 2019  /  Lonelyspeck


    Mysterious artist Lonelyspeck is back with their latest single ‘Drown’. Merging elements of R&B, electronica and rock for a sound that is truly original, their latest single carries a left-field sensibility and [READ MORE]

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  • Parkville want to know whether they can ‘Come Around’ on their remarkably warm and relateable new single

    September 20, 2019  /  Parkville


    Parkville’s new single Come Around is a hung-over-phoneless-anecdote for anyone that has had to call in sick to work. The lead single from the band’s upcoming sophomore EP “The Softest [READ MORE]

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  • NAHLI is calling out a ‘Mama’s Boy’ on her inflammatory latest single

    September 20, 2019  /  NAHLI

    Upcoming Essex pop-soul talent NAHLI has released her scathing new single ‘Mama’s Boy’. The artist brushes off any unwelcome memories of past love affairs by unloading some pent up, uncensored emotion. The [READ MORE]

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  • Talii celebrates self-empowerment and booty gains in ‘Thickness’

    September 19, 2019  /  Talii


    Orlando singer-songwriter Talii finds unapologetic confidence in her new single ‘Thickness’. Following in the wake of previous outing ‘Front Seat’, ‘Thickness’ is the latest track to be shared from her forthcoming debut [READ MORE]

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  • LOVA implores fathers to be positive role models on shining new electo-pop single ‘Daddy Issues’

    September 18, 2019  /  Lova

    At just 21-years-old, Swedish singer and songwriter LOVA is crafting thoughtful and catchy pop bops that belie her years. Her latest offering ‘Daddy Issues’ is a rallying call to dads, imploring [READ MORE]

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