• Lady Roshack breaks boundaries on ‘Gab Szab’

    July 22, 2019  /  Lady Roshack


    If you’re not already familiar with Lady Roshack, she’s an independent all-round musical genius. An independent producer, multi-instrumentalist, composer, vocalist and general innovator, she’s set on breaking boundaries with her music. Something [READ MORE]

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  • Go on a ‘Trip’ with Geena Fontanella’s new effort

    July 22, 2019  /  Geena Fontanella


    Super catchy indie-pop ahoy! LA’s Geena Fontanella has absolutely nailed it in her latest track ‘Trip’. Polished, clean and flawlessly infectious, you best get into this before you trip trip trip trip. [READ MORE]

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  • WPK & Lil Tonnie are ‘Rolling Down’

    July 22, 2019  /  WPK


    If you’re not already familiar, WPK came to attention back in 2018, when he dropped some tracks on Soundcloud to an incredible reaction. Those tracks were ‘My Life Story’, ‘Ghost [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Push Away’ from real life with the tropical des hume

    July 19, 2019  /  des hume

    Vancouver’s des hume returns with the tropical tones of ‘Push Away’, taken from the forthcoming new album Bub. Switching up his time spent crafting folk-pop (as 41st & Home) and ambient electronic (as Kinship) [READ MORE]

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  • Are you Bevan’s ‘P.T.L’?

    July 18, 2019  /  Bevan


    Hailing from Bournemouth, Bevan is a breath of fresh air to the alt-pop world. Full of that effortless confidence from start to finish that you might not see from many artists until they’re [READ MORE]

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  • Embrace the smooth sounds of La Felix’s ‘Past Life’ with Bonnydeon

    July 18, 2019  /  La Felix


    Following previous release ‘Give Me Your Love’, La Felix, New Zealand’s new funk prodigy is back at it again. This time with the help of Bonnydeon on vocals. Smooth funk sounds, with hints [READ MORE]

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