From the moment we heard ‘Indigo’, we fell in love with MOLLY MOORE. The LA-dwelling solo-artist creates the sort of intoxicating electro-pop that you did not know you needed in your life – until now. Luckily – for all of us – she has many arrows to her bow; this year alone has seen her release her new Now You See Me EP as well as collaborate in a second musical project known as Cosmos & Creature. So, how does she find the time and inspiration for both? We had a feeling the answer lay within the artists that influence her the most, and so we too can absorb some of those creative secrets, Molly made us a playlist of the tracks that spark her creative juices. So pop it on and grab a coffee, as we’re going to get to know Molly that little bit better…

We’ve been loving your new EP, Now You See Me! How does it feel to finally have it out in the world? Has it been a long time coming?

I feel so relieved. We’d been working on the record for the past five months or so, so it feels extremely gratifying to have it out in the world and available for people to discover.

Your EP is a solid body of work that shifts between different sounds, from the uplifting pop of ‘Indigo’ to the smoky tones of ‘Just A Dream’. How do you succeed in keeping your music distinctly “Molly Moore” despite having such a variety of sounds at play?

To be honest, I try not to overthink it. I worked on ‘Indigo’ with a producer named Sanford and when we got in the studio this song happened really organically. I’d had most of the melody/lyrics written and we talked about the direction I saw for the song. Sanford seemed to really get where I was trying to go with fusing darker electronic elements and more soulful organic live instruments. Same goes for working with Brandyn on ‘Just a Dream’ (and the majority of the rest of the EP). It’s all about painting a creative world where the songs can live without distracting from the message.

Violet Sky’ was a highlight for us. Could you tell us a little about what went into creating the track? Do you have a personal favourite from the EP?

‘Violet Sky’ began on a piano in Woodstock. We finished the record a bit later and Brandyn really took it home when he went in on the production. We also got our friends Ben Masters (drums) & Elliot Kim (guitar) to play on the record which really helped bring it to life. My favorite from the EP would have to be ‘Imaginary Friends’.

Surprisingly, your solo music isn’t your only project as you are also part of a pop duo, Cosmos and Creature. Tell us a little about the project and why you feel it is important that you do both?

Cosmos & Creature is the duo that Brandyn [Burnette] and I started together. We love performing and creating together so it only felt right to build a cohesive project where we could really take what we already do to another level. Cosmos & Creature is another creative outlet for us that leans in the direction of pop while still totally encompassing what we’re about as creative people.

How do you stay inspired with so much going on? Do you ever get creative fatigue or writers block?

Sometimes I get overwhelmed but I really try to let that fuel me. Even when I’m uninspired or go through writer’s block, I try and put that into music still. It can be trying but still it’s really gratifying to have creative control over what you make at the end of the day.

What was your childhood and upbringing like? Were you from a creative household? 

I had a really blessed upbringing. My mom is a chiropractor and my father is a musician. They raised my sister and I holistically which I feel extremely grateful for. It gave me a perspective on life that I don’t think I ever would’ve had otherwise. Everyone in my family is very creative so it was really inspiring being around so much music as a kid. I’ve always loved singing, writing and art. I was always encouraged by my family to continue doing it which had a big impact on me as I got older to really pursue what I love.

When did you know that you had to make music? Were your family supportive?

My family is extremely supportive. My parents took me to voice lessons and musical theater classes throughout my life – I’m so beyond grateful for that. My sister bought me my first electric-acoustic guitar so that I could start playing out.

I always say that I’ve known that I wanted to make music since I was really little because I wanted to pursue music from the time I started speaking. But I didn’t really know that I had to make music until I was faced with adversity in life. I didn’t know how important it was until I was spending all my time working a job waiting tables, and then odd jobs, and then background on sets. I felt really uninspired and my energy wasn’t fully there in the music I was trying to make, and I felt like I didn’t have the means to really develop or grow. So I made it a priority that I find a way to only make music. I tried writing for other artists, eventually found my way back to my own artistry. God has shown me enough opportunities in the past year that I’ve been lucky enough to do just that: focus on music.

Can you remember your first musical project? What was it like? 

My first musical project was very underdeveloped. I threw some pop-rock demos on MySpace and they were the first songs I ever wrote. It was kind of embarrassing but also got some people interested in what I was doing and where it would go.

You’re from LA; is it an inspiring place to be a creative person? Do you feel like that community has helped to nurture you as a creative?

I’m actually from New York, but I live in LA now and it’s totally inspiring. There are many types of people here for many different reasons, that in itself is probably the most interesting thing about Los Angeles. Also, getting to collaborate with so many different types of writers and producers has been really amazing. Not every session yields a great song but what I have learned is what kind of artist and songwriter I am and want to be, and that has been instrumental in my development.

Are you already preparing your next project? What can we expect? 

Yes! I have so many new songs that I’m finishing now and we’re also wrapping up the first EP for Cosmos & Creature. I have an original coming out with Win & Woo at the top of next year as well as a few other features. So there is A LOT of new music on the way. 🙂


MOLLY MOORE Picks… Inspirational Tracks

BANKS – ‘Trainwreck’

This is my new favorite song. BANKS is one of my favorite current artists and I love how unique she is. She never sounds like she’s trying to emulate anyone. She finds power in all of her darkness, which is something I strive for as well.

Donna Missal – ‘Sick’

Donna is an awesome independent artist. We have mutual friends but have never met and I might (probably) have a girl crush. This song is sooooo sexy…. and her voice is absolute fire madness.

Local Natives – ‘You & I’

You’ll find two other songs from Local Natives on this playlist. I’m clinically obsessed. Everything about them is right, I don’t even know how to formulate intelligent sentences to describe how/why I love them so much…  it’s just a soul connection.

Eminem – ‘Infinite’

I was just recently reminded of this song from Spotify. Eminem’s early lyric game & flow are absolutely insane – just listen to what he’s saying. It’s so spiritual, it’s hard to not love it.

Lianne La Havas  – ‘What You Don’t Do’ (Tom Misch Remix)

This is the best love song! The lyrics are so wonderfully clever & powerful : “It’s what you don’t do, I know you love me, I don’t need proof.”

Local Natives – ‘Sun Hands’

Probably my all time favorite Local Natives song. They have a way of describing a moment that brings you into their world. I could listen to this song over and over and still hear new things in the music/lyrics each time. “I’ll endure the night for the promise of light” like… WHAT! Massive lyricism.

Elle Watson – ‘Losing Any Sleep’

I found this song on a Spotify playlist recently. I love Elle’s songwriting, voice and creative production style. It’s pretty hard for me to get into new artists these days but Elle Watson broke through all my walls.

Ledinsky – ‘DonaldTrumpMakesMeWannaSmokeCrack’

Speaking of new artists, Lewinsky is absolutely a new favorite. Channeling the 90’s & everything wonderful about alt-rock, his sound is uplifting in the realest way possible. It always comes down to the song for me and this one is all there – seeing the title, there’s really no disclaimer necessary.

The Carpenters – ‘(They Long To Be) Close To You’

I’m heavily inspired by the classics & The Carpenters are no exception. This might feel like a departure from the rest of the playlist but I felt it was important to include.

Local Natives – ‘Fountain of Youth’

Most enlightened lyrics I’ve heard in a long time. This song is SO AMAZING!