meadowlarkFew bands are as quietly bewitching as Meadowlark. The duo – hailing from Bristol – have captivated over the past two years with their soft blend of electro-acoustic pop with tracks such as ‘Eyes Wide’, ‘Satellite’ or their more recent single ‘Headlights’. They are set to finally release their debut album in 2017, however they are first pausing for breath with the imminent unveiling of their new EP Nocturnes. 

Following in the wake of a handful of singles and EPs, Nocturnes itself is the perfect opportunity to recall the success of the past few years with acoustic reimaginings of their favourite tracks. To celebrate Meadowlark’s Nocturnes, we asked Kate McGill and Dan Broadley of the band to collect their favourite cover versions in one handy playlist, and as you can see the band picked some corkers!

Meadowlark’s EP Nocturnes is released on 10th March.



Ryan Adams – ‘Blank Space’ (Taylor Swift original)
Dan: This one is more my choice than it is Kate’s – she is a big Swifty fan. I, on the other hand, have a big soft spot for Ryan Adams and I loved what he did with this song and the whole 1989 cover record.

Johnny Cash – ‘Hurt’ (Nine Inch Nails original)
D: I think this song encouraged me to go back and listen to the entire Nine Inch Nails back catalogue again, but aside from that Cash gave this song a whole new meaning.

Nirvana – ‘The Man Who Sold the World’ (David Bowie original)
D: I grew up on a heavy diet of Nirvana and the Unplugged in New York album was one of my favourites. This version of Bowie’s classic is still incredible!

James Vincent McMorrow – ‘Higher Love’ (Steve Winwood original)
D: I remember first hearing this on a TV commercial and being absolutely blown away by it; James Vincent McMorrow’s voice has such a hold and it’s definitely made me like this version more than the original.

Bruce Springsteen – ‘Jersey Girl’ (Tom Waits original)
D: I actually had no idea this was a cover, such a cool song and a testament to Springsteen distinctive sound!
Jeff Buckley – ‘Hallelujah’ (Leonard Cohen original)
D: No one can dispute Leonard Cohens immense talent and everyone under the sun has done a cover of this song, but Buckley’s still remains my favourite.

Klaxons – ‘It’s Not Over Yet’ (Grace original)
D: This is another song that I didn’t realise was a cover when I first heard it. I loved this band when they first launched and I definitely over listened to this song.

Birdy – ‘1901’ (Phoenix original)
D: Nothing will ever compare to Phoenix’s original of this song but the song is so good that it doesn’t hurt to have multiple versions of it floating around the sonic airwaves of the world.

Passion Pit – ‘Dreams’ (The Cranberries)
D: I love both this version and The Cranberries’ version for totally different reasons, crazy how the same song played by different people can touch you in such different ways.