The visual is the first part of the three part short film Extazus


M83 has revealed the first taste of upcoming album DSVII through his short film ‘Temple of Sorrow’.



The film will premiere in NY in collaboration with Mute and SONOS on September 9 at SONOS’s New York City storefront along with a first listen of the album. RSVP here.


Out September 20, DSVII is follows 2007’s Digital Shades Vol. 1.


Anthony Gonzales (M83) stated “DSVII is, in my opinion, far more advanced than Digital Shades Vol. 1. I wanted to come back with something stronger that featured the depth of a proper studio album without the pressure of providing pop music…”


DSVII Tracklist
1. Hell Riders
2. A Bit of Sweetness
3. Goodbye Captain Lee
4. Colonies
5. Meet The Friends
6. Feelings
7. A Word of Wisdom
8. Lune De Fiel
9. Jeux D’Enfants
10. A Taste of the Dusk
11. Lunar Son
12. Oh Yes You’re There, Everyday
13. Mirage
14. Taifun Glory
15. Temple of Sorrow