Lucas Nord is in the UK! As if that wasn’t enough reason to rejoice, he’s set to play not one, but two shows this week! It’s a great week for music fans everywhere. He’ll be playing tomorrow in Brighton at Patterns and then again in London on Wednesday at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen.

Hey! For those who haven’t listened to you yet, how would you describe your sound?

I would describe it as some kinda mix of electronic soulful pop r&b-ish. Quite catchy too I hope. 

How did you come to get into music?

So my grandpa was a pretty big jazz musician, my mum was an artist and my uncle too so there was music non-stop in my house. I started off playing drums at an early age and went to a musicians high school and studied music with drums as my main focus. I’ve been writing songs since I was like 13 and picked up producing when I was like 16 

You have a new track ‘This Morning’ that came out on Wednesday, what can we expect from it?

It’s a special one for me. Wrote it literally 2 hours after a terrible, terrible break up. It’s like a funky throwback summer jam with pretty dark lyrics. 

You’re playing Brighton and London with CloseUp this week, have you got anything special planned for the shows?

Oh yeah, I’m gonna play so much new stuff for the first time that I’m super excited about. Been working on these new songs for a while now so it’s gonna be super fun to see how the reactions gonna be. And of course, I’ll play some the old favourites as well. Hopefully, I’ll get people to sing along and dance a bit too! 

How do your UK performances compare to your European ones?

This time I’m gonna play the shows entirely by myself tho for the first time so that’s definitely gonna be interesting. But I do love the UK crowd a lot, I feel like a lot of people are connecting with my music in the UK so that always creates a great vibe when I’m over to play. I love London too, I used to live there so it feels like my second home. 

Your last single ‘Mess It Up’ is super smooth, can you give us a bit more background to the track?

It’s a track I wrote last summer after the same break up that “This morning” is about. It’s about me repeatedly fuckin up relationships because of me focusing on music, my career and myself instead of paying attention to other people pretty much. It more about me being an asshole instead of me being sad. It’s about some stuff I regret and some stuff I could’ve done differently at the time. A concept that I haven’t really written about before and that I miss sometimes in music.    

Being an artist from Stockholm, do you feel that influences/inspire your music much?

I guess so, first of all, there are so many talented people living and working here so that’s super inspiring. And I think my music always has some kinda Nordic melancholy that I can’t really help. It’s a great city to live in even tho it’s pitch black 7 months a year. We just sit in the studio all day all night and work our asses of which I think is a part of why Swedish music is so successful, the work ethic here is really different from other places. 

What/who else influences/inspirations would you say play a part in the creation of your music?

I mean just everyday life is what really inspires me. Friends, relationships, heartbreak etc. I mean heartbreak is what I usually tend to write about.. as for many other writers that’s what comes naturally. 

What’s next for Lucas Nord?

I’ve got so many new songs finished and ready to go so I’m just excited to release some of them and when I feel the time is right to release a proper body of work. And hopefully, play a lot more live coz that’s pretty much my favourite part of this whole thing.