Right from the get go it is clear that a lot of time has gone into the preparation and decoration of Leefest. From two main stages (‘Bangerang’ and ‘Tootles Circus’) to the main area (‘Lost Boys, Neverwood’), the festival encompassed all things “Peter Pan”.

Upon arrival you’re gifted with a necklace to represent which tribe you belong to – a piece of wood for the ‘Lost Boys’, a shell for the ‘Mermaids’ or a key for ‘Pirates’. The two other zones: ‘Skull Ridge’ and ‘Mermaid Lagoon’ were great and full of activities, however during the day they felt slightly empty as the majority of people gathered in the Lost Boys area to watch the plethora of new music.


Driving down to the deepest darkest corners of Kent, with the windows open, the sun blaring and the car not moving due to ridiculous traffic on the M25 by Gatwick, we decided to get into the spirit of things and blast out a few of the best tunes that Everything Everything had to offer in anticipation of their show on Thursday night. Luckily we arrived just as the guys strolled on stage, and opened the set with ‘Blast Doors’. As soon as the pulsating guitars and trade mark falsetto vocal kicked in, it was apparent that the guys wanted to get the crowd dancing.

After a long run of shows back in 2015 and a sold out show at Somerset House a few weeks prior, it is clear that Everything Everything are on top form at the moment, and the practice has clearly paid off. Half way through their set, a familiar drum beat kicked in and the crowd instantly began belting out ‘Regret Regret’, filling every inch of Tootles Circus.

The set finished with arguably the bands biggest hit ‘Distant Past’. With a Dizzee Rascal style vocal line and anthemic musicianship, it is clear to see why Everything Everything’s sound is so hard to categorise and it is fair to say that they definitely met the high expectations we had set for them.


Clean Cut Kid are a band with a lot of hype around them and a big UK tour coming up, so we were buzzing to see them live. The compare introduced them as “infectious, fun and so catchy that you’ll be singing their songs all day”, so we were keen to see if they could get the crowd off their feet and dancing on a sunny Friday afternoon.

 Banging out tunes like ‘Runaway’, ‘Pick Me Up’ and ‘We Used To Be In Love’, Clean Cut Kid made it clear that they have nailed their take on ‘feel good indie pop.’ Lead singer Mike Halls joked early on in the set that he, along with the rest of the band were completely “F*cked” from playing a shed-tonne of festivals over the last few months, this however didn’t show at all, and the band continued to smash out catchy hooks, in perfect unison and mesmerising energy.

 ‘Vitamin C’ stood out as the groups best track, and it was the perfect way to draw the show to a close. At the end of the set the band graciously thanked the crowd for being awesome, and the crowd returned the favour with a well-deserved huge round of applause.


 With over 100,000 plays on Spotify for their track ‘Pro Procrastinator’, not to mention an up and coming tour with Spring King, Get Inuit are a band that has a lot going for them right now and we were keen to see how the crowd would take to the four piece local lads.

 From the moment they walked on stage it was clear to see that they are influenced heavily by 90’s anarchistic indie bands like Blur, Weezer and Pixies. Vocalist Jamie Glass is a really confident lead who embodies all of the great ‘unconventional’ front men, and it was difficult not to just watch him for the entire set.  

 Luckily, however, the rest of the band also ooze charisma, especially brothers James and Rob Simpson who have amazing chemistry & banter onstage. As the set developed the guys got more and more into their stride and the crowd fed off the fast paced drums and slamming guitar riffs.

 ‘I Would’ – a personal favourite – went down a storm in the small ‘Tootles Circus’ tent, with the crowd head banging and bouncing off everything in sight, like sugar addicted teenagers fresh from a trip to a tour of Cadbury’s World.

 With catchy guitar lines and vocal hooks Get Inuit are ones to watch for 2016 for sure.