Lazy Day – the brainchild of London’s Tilly Scantlebury return with news of their forthcoming EP.

The bands brand new EP ‘Letters’ is set to arrive on March 22nd via the bands own Weird Cool Records via Republic of Music.  The EP is built of songs constructed from the debris of life, big feelings and big consquences, and is  led by the monumental single ‘Double J’.

Tilly and her band started the recording process of the new EP in Hackney at their studio, with extra funding allowing them to record Czar Street Studios with producer Steph Marziano. The support and funding that helped this process came from ReBalance, an organisation funded by Festival Republic with support from the PRS Foundation which assists women in the process of making and recording music. Overall this empowered confidence in Tilly to take control of the process and record everything else herself in the studio with Steph.

Speaking of the newest single Scantlebury says, “I wrote ‘Double J’ about my best friend and how she gets me through a lot. It feels really good to talk about her strength and all that it does for me, especially shouting about it in the big choruses. These are the happiest lyrics I’ve ever written, and I wanted the music to properly reflect that – to be a fiece celebration of friendship.”

“A fierce celebration”, feels like an apt way to summarise ‘Letters’ in general: it’s five songs bristle with intensity, energy and intelligence, delivered via Scantlebury’s remarkable voice. We’re told it’s a union with Lazy Day’s old-fashioned alternative rock – in the very best, rustic, timeless sense. Tilly tells us, “I never intended on being a singer, I never felt like I had the best voice. I was the girl who played drums. But I realist pretty quickly when I was playing drums that it’s harder to be the drummer and also be in control of the music. When I started Lazy Day it was quiet and home-recorded and very dream bedroom music, but as soon as I started playing with actual peopoe and got more confident, I made a real effort to find my voice.”

A long side her origin story, Tilly juggled the writing of ‘Letters’ with her ongoing PhD, making her studies and music play into eachother, she explained, “I’m researching modern and contemporary art that looks at the representation of queer people, their communities and families. These ideas find their way into everything I do, including Lazy Day. A lot of my research is about rethinking our social structures and imagining what it could mean to live differently. I feel really strongly about talking through these things, about thinking and living queerly and the importance that feminism plays, not just in my research, but in my life.”

Lazy Day’s forthcoming EP ‘Letters’ will be available from March 22nd worldwide.