Once the buzz starts around an artist the trajectory quickly propels them up – or at least that is the case with LAUREL. Since her track ‘San Francisco’ got Laurel Arnell-Cullen featured as Apple Music’s first Artist of the Week, it has been a rapid ride for the young singer-songwriter. It has not been an overnight turnaround however, as despite being only 22, Arnell-Cullen is an old hand and has been grinding the gears on her music career since she was 11. After steadily drip-feeding tracks into cyberspace for the best part of 2016, this autumn sees her drop her third EP, Park.

After experimenting with her sound in her earlier work, Park sees Laurel build upon the singles of this year (‘San Francisco’, ‘Life Worth Living’) to solidify her signature sound. ‘Hurricane’, the lead track from the EP, recounts the turmoil between two lovers who are addicted to the internal conflict with a near cinematic melodrama, whilst ‘Too Far’ – the latest song to be revealed – sees the relationship on a slow burning demise of the lover’s irreconcilable differences soundtracked by angsty guitars and thumping drums. Elsewhere and the atmosphere is lightened with the summery tones of EP opener ‘Maybe Baby’, as Arnell-Cullen weaves tales of youthful uncertainty and circumstance, whereas closing demo ‘Goodbye’ showcases her voice in it’s unrefined raw state, yearning quivers and all.

It is this voice that – along with pure graft – has earned Laurel such fervent support over the past few years. Comparisons to current iconic female singer-songwriters like Florence Welch and Lana Del Rey are deserved and not overstated, for her vocal is one that continues to impress – as is the fact that she writes, records, produces and mixes all of her music. With the Park EP, Laurel finds her stride and not a moment too soon; she is an artist set for greatness, the rest of us need only sit and spectate.

Laurel’s Park EP is available to buy now.