tracklistContrary to a lot of the acts that we feature here on Born Music, LANY most of you should already be familiar with. ‘ILYSB’ was one of the tracks that seemed to soundtrack 2016, appearing pretty much everywhere online, on the tele and on the airwaves for the best part of ’16. Speaking with Paul from the LA three-piece for brand new feature RE:BORN, we find out just how they’ve been doing recently, what they’ve been up to and also what new acts they’ve got their eye on.

Hey! We all love your track ‘ILYSB’ here at Born and it’s generally had an amazing reaction from many, were you expecting it to be as big as it is? How does it feel?

Before releasing it, no, the reaction to it, once it was in the world, was overwhelming and pretty immediate – it feels really nice obviously.


You’ve toured with the likes of Halsey, X-Ambassadors and Twin Shadow, how was that?

Each tour came with its own unique vibe and experience, and we learned an equal amount from all three.


Your EP I Loved You also did pretty well, for those who may not have listened to it yet, how would you describe what people can expect from it?

Some of our earliest songs are on that EP, but I actually don’t feel like they sound like “early” songs… if you know what I mean. I still sometimes can’t believe we wrote “4EVER!”

Social media and social sound platforms have specifically been key factors in your success so far, were you expecting this?

I guess? I mean, those are the major platforms of communication now. The local news or paper certainly isn’t going to break the news of your band’s releases, social media gives you a direct line to your fans, your people and it allows you to create your own culture of communication.


What are your personal opinions on the surge of reliance on social media?

I think the whole pressure or pitch to post on social media in a certain way in order to gain followers/attention/traction/etc. is bologna. As an artist, you should decide how you want to conduct yourself online and then carry it out accordingly. With LANY, our numbers are real, they might not be staggering, but they’re as authentic and organic as they come. We built this thing from the ground up, and I personally will run our social media accounts until we are either no longer a band or dead – hahaha.


You’ve had support from people such as Zane Lowe, on Beats 1 radio of course, and more interestingly, you’ve made a fan of one particular Sam Smith? Is the feeling mutual?

Love and respect both of those men very much.


Is there anyone in particular that you’d absolutely love to be a fan of yours?

Not really! A fan is a fan. Obviously, we want everyone to like what we do.


As pioneers of this new wave of alt-electronic music, are there any new artists around that you’re particular loving right now? If so, who and why? 

Pioneers?! Thank you so much. That’s really kind. I’ve always been a fan of Majid Jordan’s approach to production. Their melodies are pretty strong, too. I really love the sounds from Honne; their melodies are particularly strong as well. The Japanese House have some nice sounds. Just heard ‘Get You’ by Daniel Caesar recently and I love what I heard… especially the drums. Last but not least, Matt Dimona. He’s like a little brother to us, he remixed ‘Bad, Bad, Bad’ by us and recently put out an EP of his own last summer that I played on repeat for like 3 weeks.

What advice would you give to new artists starting out today?

Keep yourself, your actions, your words, your decisions in check. Let there not be a false, untrue bone in your body. Be lead by conviction and conviction only.


What have you been listening to a lot lately and why?

Blonde by Frank, to be inspired and stretched creatively, and this band called “Khruangbin” for vibes.

LANY are playing in Birmingham TONIGHT and their debut self-titled album (tracklist featured above) will be out on June 30th.