Made up of Chas Moody (lead vocalist), Sam Branch (bass/backing vocals) and Mitia Smirnov (drums/backing vocals), meet Ladies; the new band about to storm into your lives. We have the privilege of giving you that first exclusive listen of their re-released single ‘Pretty In My Heart’ (listen below).

Mitia comes from a musical family and Sam started playing from a very young age, so they’re not all that new to music, individually. Having the same music taste and similar goals in life, they feel, has drawn them together and they’re happy to say that they’re actually doing something about it.

When asked to describe their sound, they have some difficulty, explaining, “with us it’s all about that feeling you get when you know you’ve written something special. People call us jangly-pop and indie and that’s fine, but really we just play the song’s we like to write.”

‘Pretty In My Heart’ is a feel-good alt-pop with indie sensibilities and it’s hard not to have a smile on your face whilst you listen to it. Deriving from Chas playing around with attempting to write as a woman, leading to him discovering that he really liked the idea and connotations that came with it: “I think it’s interesting to play roles or characters in songs, maybe it makes it easier to say what you’re really feeling” Chas explains.

Aside from admirably playing around with roles and characters when writing, Ladies inspirations change a lot. Growing up, they explain, as is the case with most of us, it was mainly what their parents happened to be listening to which happened to be the likes of The Beatles, The Stones, Van Morrison, Velvet Underground and more. This understandably changes with age, but speaking of what influences them today they that they get the most inspiration from fellow bands currently on the scene around them in Liverpool: “that’s what really drives you to write better songs and up your performance” they explain.

They’ve just come to the end of a long string of live performances and after the release of  ‘Pretty In My Heart’ they have another track lined up for us to treat our ears with, ‘Eyes of the Dodge’. It’ll be out as a double A-side with PIMH, but lucky for you there are also still some chances to catch these wonderful lads live. “We’re playing The Magnet along with The Jade Assembly on 23rd March supporting Mint. We’re then back at Studio 2 a few weeks later on 7th April playing with Sheepy.”