Hi Kathleen! I know that you’re currently based in Melbourne. How is it for Australian artists to connect with more global audiences?

I think it’s pretty easy through using Soundcloud and other online music sites. I’m pretty sure the majority of my modest audience aren’t from Australia. Also there are so many International blogs that you can send your music who already have huge audiences. Touring is a whole other thing though. It’s much more expensive and a big deal for us.

Your debut track ‘Fine Times’ has been received incredibly well both critically and commercially. Did you expect that sort of reaction when you first wrote the track? 

No I didn’t. It’s been a wonderful surprise to me. I am not a trained musician and so I am never sure how my songs are going to sound to my highly skilled musician friends or just people in general. It’s very encouraging and heart warming when people like it.

Both ‘Fine Times’ and new single ‘My Attempt’ are set to be included on your debut EP released next month. Is there one track on that collection that you are particularly proud of or is a favourite of yours? 

Fine Times is a bit of a favourite but there is one other track on the EP called the ‘Goodbye Song’ that’s always been very special to me. I actually wrote it over five years ago and have tried recording it several times but never been happy with the result. It’s the only song that I have ever written all at once. I sat down one afternoon towards the end of a very cold winter in Germany and didn’t stand up again until I’d written the full thing. I think the feeling of that whole winter came out in those few hours into that song.

Your vocal and delivery have garnered lofty comparisons to Lana Del Rey and Leonard Cohen, hugely impressive artists in their own right. Do you find this complimentary or is it quite unnerving?

Both I suppose. It’s quite surprising. Leonard Cohen has meant a lot to me. I probably wouldn’t have started writing songs if it wasn’t for his music. I didn’t realize music could be like that until I heard his songs. If I am compared to him it’s probably because he is the majority of my influence more than anything else. I like being compared to Lana Del Rey. She’s great.

Who would you say your biggest folk influences are? Or influences in general, past or present?

Mainly Leonard Cohen. I used to listen to him every night when I was a teenager. I lived out the back of the family home in a caravan. We had no tv so at night i would often just lie in bed and listen to his albums. I had a couple of massive old speakers that suited him perfectly. When I had friends over I used to lock them in my room with all the lights off and force them to listen to ‘Famous Blue Raincoat’. I still had a bit of time left over for Bob Dylan and Paul Simon. I also read a lot of classic literature which i think has influenced the way I write. Mainly DH Lawrence.

After the debut EP lands, will you be heading to perform live? What sort of arrangement do you have during your performance as I imagine its all rather stripped back and exposed? 

I’ll be doing a launch in Melbourne at the Old Bar on May 12th. I’ve actually just recently formed a band and they will be joining me on the night so the sound is going to be a little different to the recordings. Still minimal but much more electric. I’m pretty excited about it.

Do you have any plans to visit the UK in the near future? And if you do, please come and see us at Born HQ!

I don’t officially have any plans although I do have hopes to. When i do get over there I will definitely come see you. Thanks 🙂