Things have been a bit quiet in the realms of KAGOULE as of late, which is not a phrase particularly associated with their name. The Nottingham based trio, who released their debut album Urth in 2015, have built a rabid following in the past few years with their hi-octane grunge noise, so when they played a smattering of shows earlier in the year, we sat up and took notice.

And it’s confirmed; the band are back and gearing up for a busy 2017. With new music on the horizon, what better way to iron out any creases but on the festival circuit? Hot on the heels of a brief European tour, Kagoule will be playing Are You Listening? Festival which is to be headlined by their previous tour mates Spring King. Cai of the band tells us what he loves about festivals and who made him want to be in a band…

Kagoule play Are You Listening? Festival on Saturday 22nd April in aid of Reading Mencap. Find out more and buy tickets.

You’ve been a bit quiet as of late but have kicked off 2017 with a quick run of gigs. Is there new music on the horizon?

Yeah we’ve just finished recording our second record with MJ at suburban home. We are mixing it at the moment and its sounding f.r.e.s.h.

We loved the grungey charm of you last single ‘Magnified’. What inspired the track?

The guitar riff to that track was a little thing I used to noodle around the time of Urth and was the first song on the new record. It began as me trying to be a bit like My Bloody Valentine but kinda got more and more slammin’ as time went on.

What can you tell us about your forthcoming album in order to whet our appetite?

It will confuse the elderly, scare the children and it isn’t cool enough for the teenagers. It’s a record that pretty much only satisfies ourselves.

You’ve recently supported the awesome Spring King (who are also headlining AYL Festival) and have upcoming performances with JAWS in April. What was supporting Spring King like for you? Are you glad to be back on the road?

They are a great bunch and were loads of fun to tour with. Can’t wait to see em again!

What do you love most about performing live?

Being able to turn my guitar amp up past 1 is always nice!

You’re set to appear at a bunch of festivals this year including Are You Listening. Do you prefer one over the other in regards to festivals and your own gigs?

Festivals can be more fun when there’s a bunch of your pals playing. When you’re in a band often it’s the only time you’ll actually get to see the mates you have in other bands. I don’t really have a preference but we’ve definitely had the best times at festivals!

What atmosphere do you try to create with your live show?

For us to enjoy it we need to believe the crowd are enjoying it too so we try to create as much energy as possible without it getting rowdy. First and foremost people are there to listen to the music and that can be hard if you’re being rocked around too violently.

Were there any particular bands or artists that you love to watch perform?

At the last festival I was at I was blown away by Weaves and Suuns. Had a cry to New Order and dance to Superglu.

What is the best gig that you’ve ever been to?

Ever been to?? Wow, hard one. I can’t say a favourite but I remember a greek band called Uzeda that played Nottingham once. I couldn’t see because of a really tall man in front of me so I closed my eyes and in a weird way it made it even better. They’re an amazing band that were on Touch n Go records along with The Jesus Lizard etc. Ooh – I just remembered Slint at Brudenell Social Club (Leeds) was magical too. They were a band I never thought I’d see.

Who made you want to pick up an instrument and be in a band and why? 

FUGAZI, Fugazi forever and always. Just watch the documentary ‘Instrument’ and you’ll see. Here’s the greatest live vid ever.

Biffy Clyro was the band that I think changed how I play guitar more than anyone else. They taught me that guitars don’t need to sound nice and to make the most of the weird sounds a guitar can make without a ton of effects pedals.

Nirvana. Can’t avoid it really.. Kurt Cobain. What a dude, needs no explanation.