Genre-defying music is what defines American singer-songwriter K.Flay. A career spanning 14 years has helped her blend alternative indie rock and hip-hop, and it has reached its pinnacle with her latest album ‘Every Where Is Some Where’.

The album is filled to the brim with hip hop-oriented tunes with an alternative edge. ‘Blood In The Cut’ is a prime example, with slight hip-hop undertones before erupting into punk rock. Whereas ‘Black Wave’ brings out K.Flay’s true punk persona with screams of attitude and anguish.

Towards the second half of the album, she proves that she can slow it down, especially in ‘Mean It’ and ‘Hollywood Forever’. She sometimes fools us into thinking this, no more so than ‘The President Has A Sex Tape’, where you’re lead to believe it’ll be a slow burn, but soon culminates into brash rock.

If you can find a more versatile artist than K.Flay, you’d be incredibly lucky. But why would you need to when she has given us the angst-filled, genre-bending record that is ‘Every Where Is Some Where’.