Hi there, Island! We see you recently played Secret Garden Party and British Summer Time. How did you find the experience? Did you catch any of the other acts?

Both were a pretty big honour for us – we weren’t really expecting to get booked for such well-known festivals yet. Alabama Shakes were unbelievable.

What has been your highlight of the festival circuit this summer? 

Pete the Monkey in Normandy is up there as a highlight – one of the best small festival vibes around & full of genuine music lovers.

Your recent AA single “Spotless Mind/Come With Me” has been going down a storm. You released it in conjunction with Flying Vinyl; are you big vinyl junkies? Was that a dream come true? 

We all love a bit of vinyl for sure. Although shamefully only one of us actually owns a record player…

You’re still unsigned yet have managed to score gigs over in Europe. Do you feel not being tied to a label has benefitted you? 

We just keep doing what we’re doing, and we’re really happy with our steady upward curve. We also have a solid team around us – helping us make all the right moves.

What was your favourite place to play in Europe and why? 

We’ve actually only played two shows in Europe so far, so not a huge amount to choose from yet! But London Calling in Amsterdam was really special – Paradiso is a beautiful venue and Amsterdam is kind of a second home to us.

You’ve been noticed by Radio X’s John Kennedy and Huw Stephens has been spinning your music on his show over at Radio 1. How do you feel the support has benefitted ISLAND? Do you feel tastemakers are still important in this day and age? 

Having radio support is definitely still important for any band today, so naturally it’s really exciting to hear our tunes played by renowned DJs. But we don’t generally have radio in mind when we’re writing the tunes – it’s just whatever comes naturally.

What brought you all together as a band?  

Ice Tea and a mutual fussiness over motorway service stations.

Is writing music a harmonious union? Do you have a shared vision? 

There are many moments when something just clicks in all of us and usually we do have a spookily shared vision, but at the same time we’re in a very high maintenance four-way relationship. So naturally there can be ‘some’ clashes of opinion…

We loved last year’s Girl EP. Is a follow up in the works? What else have you got planned for the rest of the year?  

We’re currently in the studio finishing up some brand new tracks, and we’d be lying if we said we weren’t insanely excited about them. Our biggest London headline show is coming up on November 2nd at Scala, and we’ll be announcing more live dates for the UK & Europe soon.

Finally, what bands/artists are you loving at the moment, and who deserves more love?

To mention just a few… our dear friends Otzeki (who are about to be huge), Beaty Heart, Whitney, Club Kuru, George Taylor, Tom Misch, and of course our best buddies Palace.