Photo Credit: Mark Horton

Grimes tweeted that “new music” is “imminent” on her album’s 3 year anniversary.

Tuesday 6th November marked three years on the dot since Claire Boucher aka. Grimes released her Art Angels album, as she was reminded by a fan on twitter. The artist responded with, “Thank god I have new music imminent,” continuing that it is an “embarrassingly long time to not release an album.”

Although it indeed may be a long time to not release an album in the current fast-paced music scene, that’s not to say that Grimes hasn’t been busy.

Last Friday saw a collaboration with YouTube sensation Poppy on her metal-pop mash-up single ‘Play Destroy,’ and it was revealed in October that Grimes will also be featuring on Bring Me The Horizon‘s new album. She also shared two snippets of two new songs in June, and teamed up with ex-Mindless Self Indulgence frontman Jimmy Urine on his new project EURINGER.

The tweet has since been deleted, so we can’t jump the gun just yet, but new music from Grimes herself will be a welcome sight and sound.