Texas’ Zebra Troop’s latest single ‘The Race’ is proving to the people he can make gripping music to keep him and his sound on track. Soon, he will be overtaking the competition to finish on top.

Zebra Troop’s psychedelic pop track ‘The Race’ is showing a lot of promise! We caught up with Zebra Troop to find out more information about his single, his inspirations and what the future holds. This is how it went.

Hey Zebra Troop! Introduce yourself, who is Zebra Troop?

Zebra Troop is a “band” originating from Arlington, Texas.  At the moment I (Brandon Shephard) am the only set member, but I do hope to find the rest of the band soon.

So, Zebra Troop. We love the name! What’s the meaning behind it?

I just tired to picture myself as an animal. I’m biracial so I feel like naturally the first thing I thought was zebra. I also wanted to be a Boy Scout when I was younger so I made it Troop.

How does it feel to know your music has reached the UK?

Crazy! I’m surprised with every play I get. The fact that some of those people aren’t even on the same continent is pretty insane to me.

Why do you make music? What’s the ultimate goal?

I just love doing it. When you go from just a single bass line or guitar riff to a full song it’s really an awesome feeling hearing it all come together. My goal is to make better music

Who inspired you to make music?

Kevin Parker. Listening to currents really inspired me to try and make music. The fact he made that album on his own is pretty incredible.

Who would you love to work with right now?

Kevin Parker and Eric Moore.

Congratulations on your latest single ‘The Race’! How did this song come about?

The song idea really came while I was at the US Grand Prix. The first couple of days were really dreadful. We left everyday soaked and muddy, but on the last day it was clear skies for the race.

How do you want people to feel when they listen to your music? 

However they do feel I guess. Some songs make me happy, some sad, and some even a little angry. That’s the great thing about music though everyone can interpret it in their own way.

When can we expect to hear more music from you?

There is an EP scheduled between now a January 1st. I’m really happy with the tracks, and it’s always hard not just post them as soon as i’m done.

Anything big planned for next year?

Nothing yet honestly. I’d like to do a few shows here in Dallas soon. Hopefully I can get a full band together and make it happen.

If you could describe your music in 3 words, what would they be?

Simply easy listening

Finally, what is your favourite animal?

Maybe somewhat surprisingly a giraffe