The no-nonsense punk rockers discuss their ideologies ahead of their headline show this November

Maintaining the punk attitude to a T, Youth Killed It certainly delivered when it came to their new album Modern Bollotics, showcasing their effortless ability to create the perfect concoction of indie rock, meaningful messages and hard-hitting riffs. We got in touch to see what’s been going on as of late…



Congratulations on the release of your new album ‘Modern Bollotics’. With ‘Popstar’ being played over 195,000 times on Spotify, were you expecting such a great response? 
Absolutely not! To see that is so humbling! We generally just put the songs out there with no expectations, as we started this band to have fun and as an outlet for our stories and experiences. To see people are listening to it and re-listening to it is just the maddest experience and we are so grateful and taken back by it all. 


You’re headlining the London leg of the CloseUp & Friends tour on November 10th. How excited are you? Is there anything else you can tell us about it?  
To be honest we are a bit to excited for it! We first worked with those guys back in September and were so taken back by the incredible night they put on. They do some fantastic work with bands of all sizes and people know their shows are always popping off. We have two fantastic bands supporting us who we are very excited to see! (Misfires & Indigo Velvet). The night is going to be incredible and varied through the sounds of the bands! Well worth the dolla! 


As an indie punk band, how important is it you portray your message clearly to audiences? And how do you achieve this through the album and in a live setting?
I think it’s quite important. We have never tried to be something we are not, for instance I perform my singing/spoken word as I talk. I speak to the crowd as i would speak to a group of my mates. It’s all about what you see is what you get with us. We are fun, normal guys playing music for everyone who wants to have fun and can relate. 


What sort of atmosphere do you try to create whilst performing live?
We like a “be yourself” atmosphere. Our crowd is so varied in age and taste that we just want people to have fun. Energy and conversation between the crowd and myself is key, I want everyone to “let their hair down” and know that if you want to dance you will never look as silly as I do. So do your thing! 


Your lyrics present a hopeful medium for those going through experiences of similar principles. Do you feel you can be the voice to the struggling and frustrated masses?


There’s a lot of frustrating politics in the world at the moment, on all sides with everyone having such conflicting opinions. We look at society and how a lot of the problems are deeply infested in it. To change we need to all come together, you can’t just change a few laws you have to talk to real people for us all to move forward and cure the real struggle.


Punk bands generally have strong moral objections against the establishment and speak of rebellion. What do Youth Killed It stand for?


Our problems stem from the old cliches. Times change and so do people. We can’t just get married, get a mortgage and have a nice house in suburbs anymore. We can’t afford it and don’t have the correct opportunities. We have to hustle and a lot us have to become self employed running a business with no experience and capital. The internet has changed everything and there is so much injustice that has been brought to light. We are against anyone who is against people being themselves. Let people live. 


Your music can be compared to the likes of The Clash and Arctic Monkeys. How influential have bands like these been?
Both bands were part of the soundtrack of my youth. I learnt the guitar because of “Whatever people say I am, That’s what I’m not”. My dad had me on a cocktail of punk and brit pop before I could spell either of them. I’m addicted to the meaning of music, you could have the best song in the world and sing in 4 octaves but if you don’t make me feel or relate I don’t care. I love poetry so lyrics and delivery are key for me. Tell me a story I want to know who you are. 


How do you feel about the internet in the music business? Theft or opportunity?


From our experience, we got signed on Facebook, Spotify has built us an awesome fanbase and youtube has allowed us to put our DIY videos online! It’s fair now everyone has the chance and platform and most of us start from the same line! Also i can now discover so much music i would of never heard of. I love it personally although it certainly has some flaws. 


Is there anything you do outside of music (such as hobbies) that contribute to your musicality? 


Football, relationships, animals, conversations etc.. I write my lyrics based of characters i run into or experiences I have had. Talking to so many different people from different backgrounds has really helped me grow as a lyricist and a person. As I said before, I love a good story and if you have one lets go for a drink and I’ll be your audience for it! 


Who are your favourite new artists right now?


There’s so many great artists/bands about at the moment: Pinegrove, Vulfpeck, Chon, Velvet Indigo, Wonk Unit, Coasts, The Xcerts, IDLES, Touts, Big Spring, Decade, Dodie, Marsicans, Club Drive. There’s probably 1000 more but these are some off the top of our heads. 


What’s next for Youth Killed It?


Well after the response from all the amazing people that checked out “Modern Bollotics” I think we owe them another one, maybe next year! 



Youth Killed It’s ‘Modern Bollotics’ is available now.