It’s not every day we come across an artist who literally shines with talent, but that’s exactly what’s happened here with the wonderful Yoji.

Speaking on her recent release ‘Shine’, upcoming Ep Beautiful Uncertainty and a whole lot more, get to know Suffolk’s Yoji in our latest introducing Q+A.

We love your latest track ‘Shine’! Did it feel good to share it with the world?

Thank you, I really appreciate the support from Born Music and that you’ve featured my track! ‘Shine’ has been a big project over the year so I was so excited to finally be able to show people what I’d been working on. The band are all playing live instruments and it was a dream of mine to have a horn section to which really adds to the uplifting sound.

With your new EP out later this year, what kind of sound can your fans expect from ‘Beautiful Uncertainty’?

The EP will follow in the soulful roots of Shine but will go deeper into other thoughts I’ve had as an artist. Beautiful Uncertainty are lyrics taken from my song Life Like Jazz which is another song that will feature on the EP and is inspired by Nina Simons story and the journey I’ve experienced so far as a musician. So the rest of the EP will reveal more about my experiences in a soulful pop way.

How much do you think you’ve grown since your 2015 EP ‘OceanGovern SunshineRule’?

I feel as though I’ve grown and developed as an artist from the experience of making and promoting my first record. I’ve had a great time touring the songs and I am so excited to be performing my new material this summer.

Your latest publicity photos are truly gorgeous, who did them for you? 

Thank you! I was lucky to have an amazing team behind me for that shoot who have worked with an incredible range of celebrities. The photographer was Shahid Bashir and he has an incredible eye and individual touch. I had a fabulous stylist who is also my aunty Salome Munuo and I am mainly wearing Wesley Harriott who has recently had his clothes captured on Lady Gaga. Makeup was by celebrity make-up artist Kym Menzies-Foste and hair was by Sharon Miller. Chyna also assisted on the shoot held at The Arts Room London. It was a fantastic day and I am so happy with the final product.

Are there any artists you looked up to while you were growing up?

My main music inspiration and Idol has been Alicia Keys when I first got her Album Songs in A Minor. I was mesmerized by her incredible voice and how talented she is as a pianist and composer. I have looked up to strong female vocalists including Beyonce, Lauryn Hill, and Aretha Franklin.

Since you hail from Suffolk, are there any venues around there that you’d consider your favourite?

Ooh, that’s a tough one. I’d say my favourite gig in Suffolk has to be at the John Peels Centre in Stowmarket. I was invited to play there as part of a BBC Introducing show case which was all recorded live so it was really special to be playing.

Is there any artist who would be a dream collaboration for you? 

I think it would be amazing to collaborate with Drake as he is an amazing artist, writer, and producer and he knows how to make a hit record!

What tracks have you got on your playlist right now?

I have had Solange’s album on repeat this year and I always love Miguel’s music. I am a fan of the British singer Ray BLK as she has very heartfelt and meaningful lyrics and I’ve been listening to a lot to her music.

Have you got anything else planned in the foreseeable future? 

I have some very exciting gigs coming up in London that I am looking forward to playing. One of them is at a secret location and I will be posting further details about it soon! You can keep up to date with my up-coming shows and releases through my Facebook page!