Following Walkingshoe’s self-titled debut album ‘Walkingshoe’ we thought we would reach out to the man himself to find out more about the mind behind the music.

Walkingshoe is a singer songwriter and record producer from Chicago, IL. His featured single ‘Sad Stuff’ an indie-rock anti-ballad that combines high powered nostalgic 80’s electro drums, guitars and modern vocals. The song builds and concludes with an old fashioned guitar solo. It received a lot of positive feedback so here is a little interview from Walkingshoe to find out more about his music.

So, first things first. Who is Walkingshoe?

I am a guy from Chicago with a band, and like to spend every available moment writing, recording and producing music. I spent the past few years writing and producing hip hop music for other artists, and recently have shifted focus inward towards creating my own original music – culminating in this debut project. I have no plans to stop going down this path.

When people listen to Walkingshoe’s music, what do you want people to think?

Well, that’s a good question! I want the music to provoke a thought or two of something you haven’t thought about in awhile – like something specific to your own life and your own experiences. My goal is for you to relate.

We enjoyed listening to your featured single ‘Sad Stuff’! What is the meaning behind

‘Sad Stuff’, that’s great! I tend to tell stories in the form of love songs (haha), and although this is definitely a love song on the surface, it also sort of is just a song about the cycle many of us experience where we will have unhealthy thing X in our life, get rid of X, and then eventually let it slip back in sometime down the road. I try to get across that you shouldn’t beat yourself up over it, and that sometimes accepting your flaws is the way to move forward.

What inspires you to make your music?

You know I find that almost anything can become an inspiration, but specifically right now I’d say the awesome music scene here in Chicago and listening to all the great stuff being put out by my friends gets me fired up and ready to make some music of my own.

How does it feel knowing your music is reaching an audience in the UK?

It feels amazing, unlike any other feeling.

How do you want people to feel when they listen to your music?

Hard to say – I want people to just relax, let themselves go for a second and not feel any pressure to be this or that. I spend a lot of time on detail within the production, so I hope people are discovering new things with every listen. You can take your time.

Who are some of the people that influence you and the music you make?

Way too many to list. Bob Dylan is my #1, and I’ve spent enormous amounts of time listening to guys like David Bowie, the Kinks, Leonard Cohen, Black Sabbath, CSN&Y – the list goes on and on! Most recently I’ve been really
into the music of Courtney Barnett and LCD Soundsystem.

The music scene in Chicago has a LOT of underrated and talented musicians that haven’t broken through that glass ceiling. How do you plan on making that breakthrough?

I am slowly getting close to making the music I’ve always wanted to make. I’m getting there. I’m going to keep pushing, keep moving forward, and making sure that everything I release was better than what came before it.

You have released your debut album! Congratulations! We love it, but why should the viewers go and listen to it?

Thank you so much. Listen to the project because I’ve got a really good feeling you’ll like it. There’s no hidden agenda or company behind it… it’s just me making music for you.

When can we expect to hear new music for you?

Very soon. I’m going to be focusing on some new singles in the short term, so probably as early as Jan/Feb. Will keep you posted.