London-based VŌS describe their sweet electro-pop sound as “somewhere between Banks, Sohn and James Blake”. Having released their debut single ‘Patience’ recently what better time to talk to the duo about it, how VŌS came to be, and the origins of their name.

When you spoke about ‘Patience’ you mentioned something about “love meandering”. Can you explain what you mean by that?

D: I guess when we talk about love’s meanderings it simply means that love is up and down. People can fall in and out of love with each other so quickly, especially recently with the accessibility to just swipe right or left on a filtered face. The main thing Patience talks about is meeting an amazing man, but needing more time before you feel ready to take things to the next level – and hoping they will give you that time.

R: What Dawn said!

What do you feel the meaning is behind your songs being contrived from first-hand experiences?

D: I tend to write about anything that is on my mind at the time. From boys to family to politics etc. But mostly boys haha.

R: Writing with Dawn can be pretty easy to forecast. Turn up angry, write an angry song. Turn up happy, happy song.


You first came together at a house party jam. How was it jamming in a setting like that? And what would have happened to the both of you if you didn’t go? 

D: We were both playing music before we met so it’s quite normal to go into jam situations like that and play with strangers. It’s fun because it keeps you on your toes and the best part about it is you never stop learning when you play with new people. If we hadn’t of met that night? I guess VŌS wouldn’t exist! It was meant to be…. 😉

R: Awww. ’Tis true, it’s normal to be meeting and making music with lots of randoms but the experience becomes worthwhile when you’re listening and vibing off of each other, which our little jam definitely had.


How did you get the name VŌS?

R: Through months and months of deliberation. Tip, don’t ask any of our friends what they think of a new name idea, I think they’re a little sick of that question.

D: The word VŌS means ‘you’ in Latin.


Are there any artists you draw inspiration of?

D: So many. Some of my faves are Alina Baraz, SZA, Lianne La Havas, and Jorja Smith. And don’t tell Robin but I’m a sucker for Drake – Robin’s not a Drake lover but I did persuade him to do a cover of Passionfruit 🙂

R: *pretends to not hear anything*At the moment I’ve been really digging Moderat, SOHN, Mutemath and Kevin Garrett. They’ve all got a handle on being expressive alongside the use of Synths and samples. I recently caught SOHN in London, his show blew me away as even with all the electronics and lights I still felt like the songs were sung straight from the heart as if a broken down blue’s singer was sharing his woes to an intimate crowd.


Is there anyone you would love to collaborate with?

D: This always changes for me and is quite often rather random but right now probably Stormzy as I’ve got his album on repeat!

R: Stormzy’s flow is incredible. I’d love for VŌS to get a chance to collaborate with James Blake, I think the left-field way he immortalises emotion is incredible and would balance so well with Dawn.


How did you develop your sound?

D: Robin and I just used to hang out and write together all the time. We’ve never had a formula we stick to – some songs stuck and some didn’t. We both have pretty different taste in music so I love the combination of my rawness and his ridonculous production skills.

R: We kept throwing these ideas against the wall till some stuck, It’s been a really fun process and we’re super happy with where we’ve got to and where we are going.


What tracks are on your playlist at this moment in time?

D: I have a playlist called ‘Beans’ on my Spotify that I add songs to all the time. Me and my friends swear by it! Three most recent adds are:

Everything is Yours – Kehlani

Tell Me – Sabrina Claudio

You Alright Yeah? – Don-E, Nado


Candil De La Calle – Apparat

Stranglehold – Kevin Garrett

A Step – Manu Delago

33 “GOD” – Bon Iver


What else can we expect to see from you in 2017?

D: We’ll be releasing a couple more singles for sure. At the moment we’re planning a session at Abbey Road which will be a lifelong dream! Mostly though we love to play live and are playing a couple of live shows at Ronnie Scotts and Sofar Sounds across the next couple of months.

R: Yeah we’re loving the live gigs, if you can make it down to Ronnie Scott’s on the 13th we’re playing upstairs with our mate Bubba. It’s always a good atmosphere down there.


Would you like to add anything else?