Meet Thomas AKA Vilde, he’s on a quest to do something ‘arguably unique’ and if his recent album Study / Dance is anything to go by… he’s succeeding.

“I’m only partly confident I’m achieving that,” 
says Thomas in reference to creating something ‘arguably unique’, “I try to focus on melody clashing with odd timings. It’s synths & programmed drums & noodly guitars & my old voice on top,” he explains.

Coming from a very musical family, Thomas’ mother is a music teacher and he tells us that her whole side of the family plays various instruments. “The very first thing I remember was my uncle throwing some bongos in front of me one time at a family get together, I was around 6 or 7, he was pumped because I didn’t suck at them,” Thomas recalls, “he then taught me ‘Are You Still Having Fun’ by Eagle Eye Cherry when I was 13, I practiced those three chords for a few weeks constantly until I could do them properly.”

Originally from Melbourne, a place with a vibrant music scene that used to influence Thomas a lot, but left him with an uneasy feeling and an urge to leave. He moved to Europe, seven years ago in an attempt to try and gain a more objective perspective on what he was writing. “I discovered that Melbourne has very much a one-of-a-kind music scene, and I felt quite musically lonely and isolated in the places I’ve lived since (England, Germany, Sweden)” Thomas reveals.

“I think the lack of a scene around me forced me to go off more on my own track, which is the up-side. The down-side being that you have nobody to compete with or be encouraged by. So it can be really hard to maintain an inner drive & work ethic without a community around you.”

Speaking on his recent full-length effort Study/Dance, Thomas tells us that it was an experiment. “The year before starting work on it I’d completely lost what scraps of work ethic I had left lying around, music had drifted from focus,” he explains. “The goal with Study/Dance was to make a song per month, thus rebuild an actual work ethic rather than attempting to rely purely upon inspiration or unreliable bouts of sporadic motivation.”

The artwork for the album is beautifully colourful, coming from Thomas’ ‘partner in crime’ Elin Ghersinich, who was asked to create “some sort of montage/collage thingo with all 12 of the single artworks in one image.” Not an easy task, but one that has been expertly completed with an excellent result. “Considering I made the album having very little idea of what I was doing, with barely any conscious artistic aim, I felt that this striking image should do well to contrast, yet solidify what I deemed an utter mess.”

“It’s a full-on, mental, visual overload”

Having recently toured with Foreign/National, Thomas and Mark have been close ever since they met in Brighton back in ’13. “We’ve always been fans of each other’s music. We had a few demo sessions together in ’13 actually,” he reveals. Next Thomas has a few live shows in both London and Stockholm coming up, where he says fans should expect “some sort of performance and expressions out of us.” We’re certain that if you’re lucky enough to be in attendance that will be the least of the greatness you’ll witness.