If you like your dream-pop drenched in bittersweet 80s nostalgia, then you’re in luck, as you’ve found a kindred spirit in TREASURESEASON. The London duo, who channel ambient nordic tones into their sound, have recently debuted ‘The Rush’, the charming lead single from their new EP XY, which is released today; we are pleased to premiere the EP below. Simple, shimmering and ethereal, it’s chorus got hooked into our cranium, so we grabbed the band’s vocalist Jess to shed some light on their project…

We loved your ambient pop track ‘The Rush’ and recently posted it on our site. Can you tell us a little about it?

‘The Rush’ is our most 80s inspired and synth driven track on our new EP XY, and it’s very nostalgic. It’s the first time we’ve featured guitar on a track since our early work.

There are echoes of London Grammar and Beach House in your music. What and who are you inspired by musically? Do you draw those influences into your own music?

It’s funny because we seem to get compared to London Grammar a lot, but we don’t really listen to their music when writing new material! We actually have a Spotify playlist of music we listened to whilst writing XY, but it features music from The Postal Service, Anna of the North, Shura, Fleetwood Mac, and Lykke Li to name a few, as well as music from older Treasureseason EPs. You can listen to it here.

What led you to settle on your current sound? Why does it represent you better than other genres?
Our sound has evolved over the years. It started off as heavily inspired by chillwave and moved on to a cleaner sound with more diverse synths and other things.

There is quite a 80s retro feel to your music and you covered Tears For Fears’ ‘Mad World’. Are you big fans of the decade?

I think we particularly enjoyed covering ‘Mad World’ at Christmas; we released it as a free download a couple of years ago. We love Donnie Darko and the Gary Jules cover of ‘Mad World’, so it was kind of cool to try and take it back to its 80s roots.

How long have you been creating music? Did you have a creative upbringing?

Separately we’ve been making music for a long time, most of our lives probably. We’re both multi-instrumentalists, which influences how we write our EPs as well, although neither of our parents’ are musical.

What led you to start Treasureseason? Why did you decide to collaborate on this project?

Dave started Treasureseason in San Francisco when he was over there for a year on a study abroad programme. He was looking for a new singer when he came back to U.K. and got in touch after he’d heard some of my music. I really loved Bearing, North so I was very keen to be involved.

You’re releasing your new EP XY in January. Congratulations! What can you tell us about it?
I think, rather excitingly, XY is our most eclectic EP to date. It’s a three track EP and it really has something for all of our fans on there. ‘Exhale’ is reminiscent of our much earlier work in Treasureseason and Bearing, North influenced heavily by Youth Lagoon, whilst ‘Blurred Edges’ was very inspired by our Julep EP. I feel like XY is our most natural EP together and has more live elements than Julep. We’re kind of finding our sound & dynamic together on it, which is awesome.

Did you encounter any difficulties during the writing and recording process?

We can have different ideas about song direction, so it’s really important to have clear communication. In general songs take quite a long time to write and Dave is often away a lot too, as he’s really keen on travelling. It’s not always easy, but we really enjoy the music we make, and jamming together is awesome. It is really rewarding when we get stuff out there and when other people enjoy it too.

What else can we expect from Treasureseason in the near future?

Well we have more music due later in 2017, and we would absolutely love to play some gigs and festivals this year. We’re really open to anything really.

Is there anything else that you would like to add?

We’re completely independent, so if you’re reading this and would be keen for us to play a show or get involved somehow, please get in contact!

Treasureseason’s new EP XY is out now.