The Veils are undoubtedly rising at an alarming, yet amazing rate. With their track being featured on ‘Twin Peaks’ what is in store for them next? World domination?

We had a chat with frontman Finn Andrews.

First of all, you’ve joined an impressive list of musicians like Nine Inch Nails, Sharon Van Etten, Au Revoir Simone, the Chromatics and Lissie being featured on Twin Peaks, your track ‘Axolotl’ made that list and you all featuring in the programme! It’s amazing, congratulations! How do you feel being part of the Twin Peaks family?

It’s not a family I ever imagined being part of, but now we are it feels kind of destined. Sophia and I used to watch the original series together on crusty old VHS tapes when we were 14 and I really associate that with us first becoming friends and later forming the band. It all comes around in the end.

Watching your live videos, you can tell you’re a really experienced band that’s been together a long time. How did you all originally meet, and come together as a band? How long have you been together?

Sophia and I were at high school together in New Zealand, and the rest of us just kind of collided in London when we moved over. It’s been 15 years now… unbelievable. We are family and always will be.

Your track ‘Low Lays The Devil is very soulful yet guitar based. I just wondered if you have any influences from the 60s/70s/80s when writing this? 

Well yeah basically everything comes from that time for me, maybe some stuff even earlier. I grew up really resenting the 90’s/2000’s so much, I felt like I was absolutely in the wrong time and if I’d been born in 1945 like Mick Jagger, everything would have been fine. I feel very differently now, there’s such incredible stuff being made and I’m glad we got to be alive now and involved with it in our own small way.

Who are you listening to at the moment? Are you fans of music similar to that which you play, or are your tastes more eclectic as a whole?

Aside from all the first loves like Roy Orbison, Nina Simone and Scott Walker that we’ll never get over, we love Liars, Juana Molina, Low, Run the Jewels, Mark Pritchard, Warpaint, Radiohead forever…

On September 8, you will release the Swimming With The Crocodiles EP, how was the creative process for producing this EP? Are you excited?

It’s really just a stripped back version of the record with piano, acoustic guitar and voices. It was interesting to take it back to how it was written before all the computers got involved.

Describe your live shows in 4 words, quick, GO!

Wild mule with horns.

I have noticed you are going to play a few shows over in Germany. Have you played there before? Is there a difference between playing in the UK elsewhere?

Yeah everywhere is different, it’s what keeps it interesting. We haven’t toured the UK properly as it never went all that well for us here in the past, then America took an interest in us so we just went there instead.

You have quite a large band as a five-piece, how do you approach song writing between you all? 

It begins with me then I bring it to the band. It all moves pretty smoothly after all these years.

Finally! With the release of your EP very very soon, I crave to ask, could there be a new album in the works? Anything you can tell us?

Yeah we’re back to it, there’s a million ideas swirling around, we just have to see where it takes us next.


Watch their lead track from their EP ‘Swimming with Crocodiles’ now:

Tour Dates:

8-Sep Leeds, UK @ The Wardrobe
9-Sep Glasgow, UK @ The Garage
10-Sep Minffordd, UK @ Festival No. 6
14-Sep Norwich, UK @ Norwich Art Centre
15-Sep Manchester, UK @ Sound Control
16-Sep Brighton, UK @ The Haunt
17-Sep Bristol, UK @ Thekla
19-Sep London, UK @ Islington Assembly Hall
21-Sep Leipzig, Germany @ Täubchenthal
22-Sep Berlin, Germany @ Festsaal Kreuzberg
23-Sep Rostock, Germany @ M.A.U. Club
26-Sep Heidelberg, Germany @ Kulturhaus Karlstorbahnhof
27-Sep Munich, Germany @ Strom
28-Sep Frankfurt, Germany @ ZOOM
29-Sep Dortmund, Germany @ Way Back When Festival
30-Sep Hamburg, Germany @ Nochtspeicher
2-Oct Amsterdam, NE @ Paradiso Grote Zaal