Ready for your new favourite band? Good, coz it’s about time you sat down and got to know THE ORIELLES. The Halifax trio have been busy building a buzz in the past year culminating in their stratospheric current single ‘Sugar Tastes Like Salt’. The expansive track meanders between creepy and cinematic, all overlaid with smooth vocals and pinned into place with a solid groove.

We grabbed the band to quiz them about their latest single, the dynamic of their band and their total love for Quentin Tarantino…

Your new track ‘Sugar Tastes Like Salt’ has been causing quite a stir on the blogosphere! What has the buzz been like for you?

It’s been really cool to hear all of the positive feedback! It’s our first release in ages too so I guess it’s just nice to see that people are still into it haha. Some of the comparisons getting thrown around are amazing too, like everything we were listening to when we recorded ‘Sugar…’ such as ESG and Gang of Four.

‘Sugar Tastes Like Salt’ is simultaneously eerie and groovy rock! Can you tell us a little about what went into creating the sprawling track? What is it about?

We began writing the song a while ago whilst watching Tarantino’s ‘Death Proof’ and eventually it kind of became a soundtrack for the chase scene which happens at the end, which we actually projected onto us at a couple of shows. The song deals with ideas of hedonism in a way that’s quite abstract and almost absurdist, essentially though every listener will process it differently. Recording the track was a lot of fun! We worked late into the night/ early hours of the morning, which I think might be why it gets a bit psycho at some points because that’s how your brain works at 3am.

Sidonie and Esmé, you are sisters! What is it like to be siblings in a band? How does it affect your writing process?

It’s definitely a good thing. Henry reckons our sisterly bond gives us an instinct that allows us to be tighter and stuff, which sounds strange but I wouldn’t dispute it! Henry is like a brother to us anyway though so we’re pretty much a family band.

You met your fellow band member Harry at a house party a few years ago. Was it an instant bond? 

Yeah it’s weird because we did click straight away, we were super young and we were bonding over Greenday or something, in fact I think that we requested that the DJ play a Greenday song for Henry hahah. So we literally organized a practice for the day after and me and Sid couldn’t even really play, so there must have been some kind of instinctive feeling that drove us to decide to form a band that day.

You’ve stated a shared love of Sonic Youth and Pixies, who have no doubt inspired your experimental sound. What is it about them that you love?

For both of those bands it’s massively about the dynamics and how they fill the sound in some sections yet create spacey, empty sections, which as a listener creates a cycle where you are grateful for the noise and then grateful for the space once it comes around again, if that makes sense? So that’s something we’ve always found crucial to our songs and aimed to replicate. But they’ve been influential in countless other ways, like even Sonic Youth’s look and attitude has always been something massively appealing to us.

There is also a bit of Quentin Tarantino floating about your songs! How do does his work inspire you musically? Are you passionate lovers of film?

Yeah we love film! Most of our songs are based around films or at least reference them, such as the Tarantino reference in Sugar Tastes Like Salt. We’ve watched Tarantino’s films hundreds of times and I guess that they probably get engrained into our songs for that reason. We actually have discussed a few movie concepts that we would love to write a screenplay for if we ever get the chance.

You are playing a thorough April tour and capping it off with this year’s Live At Leeds and Festivol Gardens. What do you love most about playing live?

Yeaaa we’re looking forward to hitting the road! It’s just so much fun playing live, a massive rush of adrenaline, it’s hard not to sound corny when explaining it but a good show is quite transcendental, you don’t really remember much but you feel good, and most likely you get free hummus on the rider which is always a good thing.

In the summer you are also heading to Green Man and Sea Change Festival. Out of festivals and gigs, do you prefer one to the other?

We’re looking forward to playing some festivals so much! We don’t usually get to do many in the summer because of holidays and that, but thankfully we have about 4 or 5 this summer, which will be fun. Personally I think gigs still top festivals slightly just because we have more experience of them, and also trying to get to sleep in tents is the bane of my fucking life haha. Always someone who decides to start a bongo circle next to your tent at 4 in the morning!

Following ‘Sugar Tastes Like Salt’, we’re all a bit eager for more! What else can we expect from The Orielles in 2017? Is there more new music in the pipeline?

Yeah we’ve got some jamz that we’re holding back for ya, nothing much I can divulge as of yet though!

The Orielles’ track ‘Sugar Tastes Like Salt’ is out now.