Big, bold, aesthetic and full of attitude. It can be no other than The Ninth Wave, and we had a chance to have a lovely chat with them. Talking all things dream collaborations, and new music.

Hi Guys! Your latest single ‘Reformation’ is amazing, can you tell us the inspiration behind it? What is it about?

It’s the first part of an EP we recorded back in March. Reformation and the EP as a whole has a recurring theme of wanting to become a better version of yourself, but knowing that deep down you don’t really know how to do that or even want to do it. It’s an introspective look into those feelings, with the rest of the EP exploring different points of view. It was all recorded with producer Dan Austin who carved out our sound perfectly, he totally got what our band was about.

Were there any bands that you were into growing up which have influenced how you are as a band?

We all have our individual tastes and favourite bands so we constantly find ourselves going back and forth between musical and creative ideas. Bands like Bauhaus, Arcade Fire, The Smashing Pumpkins, Interpol, Depeche Mode, Warpaint, The Danse Society, Gina X Performance..

Have you got any dream collaborations in your mind at the moment?

Working with our favourite bands would be cool but it would be amazing to see how someone like Fad Gadget or Gary Numan would have worked at the height of their careers.

How have you found the reaction to ‘Reformation’?

The reaction has been really positive – we’ve had new people that telling us they love it. It was a massive relief getting it out there – we finished recording it all in March so for us it’s always been there and I think we kept forgetting that people were actually going to hear it.

Do you have any plans for an album?

We have a lot of new songs and we are constantly writing. We’ve been playing a couple of them live and they’ve had a good reaction, stay tuned.

What can people expect when they see you live?

Energy, sweat, and lots of smudged makeup.

Are you excited to play ‘So Young Festival’? Especially opening the festival?

We’re big fans of the magazine so to be asked to be open their festival was really cool. It’s nice watching it grow from a zine to where it is now within today’s music world.

Do you prefer playing your own gigs or festivals?

The festivals we’ve played so far have all been great – there’s always some of our friends in bands playing as well so it’s nice catching up. But putting on our own live shows allow for more scope to get creative. At the Reformation single launch, we collaborated with a local artist and Glasgow School of Art student called Dylan Moore, and he transformed our stage into a platform of molten-looking plastic. The piece is now plastered on our studio walls.

What is next for The Ninth Wave?

We have some big plans for the rest of the year and 2018. We’re only just getting started.


Watch the video for their new single ‘Reformation’ now: