Kent’s The Modern Strangers have had quite the year and it’s not looking to slow down anytime soon…

Credit: Olly Mayhall

Describing themselves as ‘disco with a leather jacket’, brothers Max and Archie “met in Pembury Hospital in 1993, since then we always knew that we’d be in a band, unfortunately, due to a few issues such as school or college we couldn’t get around to it until early last year,” Max jokes. Jimmy and Will are also from Kent, however, they met bass player Patrick in Gibraltar on holiday (he’s since moved to Brighton for University), “we snapped him up as soon as we found that we needed a bass player!”

When their The Modern Strangers journey began last year, “long before we had any plans to make it a full live band,” Max explains, they were heavily into disco music. “This definitely shaped the songs and built the foundations of what we’re all about.” Later looking to indie pop to find a way of modernising disco in their own, unique way.

We hope to tour the world and be one of the biggest indie disco bands in the world!

They’ve recently played two headline shows in London and Brighton, the first mini headline tour of sorts that they’ve done since they started out last year. “It’s been an absolute thrill to see people attending and spending their evenings with us,” Max tells us. “London has to be our most favourite show that we’ve ever played to date, it also included a member of the audience crowd surfing which was a first for us!”  

Their debut single ‘Vanilla’ recently turned one! Signifying the end of a whirlwind year for the band and the start of another that will no doubt be even more hectic. When asked about their aims for their first year, they tell us that they wanted to make their live show “as enthralling as possible,” something which they definitely have not failed at. “At first we had to get our heads around the sounds that we were creating and the way we wanted to project them live. Our summer full of festivals has really helped this and it really feels like we’re beginning to find the sweet spot,” Max explains.

 ‘Coco Hello’ has been one of our favourite tracks of the year here at Born Music, with an immediate, catchy, attention-demanding sound, it really felt like a step up for The Modern Strangers. They found their sound and they ran with it, “Coco Hello and Margarita are both always massive to play live, especially at the last two headline shows!”

“Our favourite tracks are probably two that haven’t been released yet, they’re really exciting and will be coming out early next year.”

Their recent track ‘All The Time’ has a similar level of infectious energy, “it’s one of those songs which really gets people going when they hear us play it,” Max tells us. With a few more shows between now and the end of the show, there’s definitely opportunity to see their exciting live show for yourself.

Once they’re done, however, The Modern Strangers will be focusing on things behind the scenes ready to take on 2018 and make it their own.