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Born in Pajala and Boden in Sweden, these best friends Sanna, Tomas and Rebecka, aka The Magnettes, are creating what they call “21st Century Fuck-Pop”, and quite frankly, if that doesn’t intrigue you, then we don’t know what will.

First thing’s first, there are some things you need to know about The Magnettes; “Sanna has a severe fear of birds, Tomas is considering getting a face tattoo and Rebecka collects pictures of Kim Kardashian looking fed up. We love equality, Pride festivals, catchy riffs, 909s and tacos and hate it when people tell us to smile.”

They’ve got a punk background, Rebecka and Sanna began as a punk duo called Ulla Stava when they were just 11 years old. “During our teenage years, we were sad singer-songwriters, after that we just wanted to dance on our own in the corner and that’s when the drum machines came into play.” Nowadays they take inspiration from their heroes Kathleen Hanna, Tina Weymouth and Katy Perry.

“We love punk and well-written pop for pretty much the same reasons. It’s straightforward, colourful, fun but important, stupid, but smart.”

They’ve recently released track ‘So Bad’, inspired by the double standard that is frequently placed upon females, “You’re supposed to be a ‘good girl’ and ‘behave’ whereas ‘boys will be boys’ and so on,” they explain, “’So Bad’ is about growing up feeling that the role for girls is too narrow and you’re not feeling like you’re a part of it, it was written very fast, in like less than an hour, so we didn’t think that much at the time, it just sort of came very organically.”

There’s plenty of great pop music coming from Sweden at the moment, “there are lots of cool bands, producers and writers, but we sometimes feel pretty remote to that since we’re not based in Stockholm. We’re more into accordions and rautalanka,” they reveal, “that being said, the northern scene is pretty cool, with a more hollow, gritty sound overall than the southern sound.”

They’re about to head out to LA, where they have two shows, plus a bunch of other cool stuff planned, including getting some of their beloved tacos. This is all in the run up to their debut album Ugly Youth, set for release at the end of the month; after LA, they’re heading to San Francisco, Canada, Chicago and Milwaukee, before returning to Sweden for even more shows.

Ugly Youth, their debut album, is centred around adolescence, “making mistakes, finding out who you are and what matters to you. You’ll get to see some new sides to us that haven’t really appeared on the singles.” But, today, they’ve released brand new single ‘Renegades’! Take a listen here below…

Keep your eyes peeled for the release of The Magnettes debut album ‘Ugly Youth’ set for release at the end of this month (June).