The Burning Glass are full of passion and obvious expertise. Your new favourite band. We had a chance to have a little chat and got these fun-filled answers!

Hey! Your latest single Parasol is beautiful, there is so much passion behind it, can you tell us a bit of what it’s about?

Parasol was written for my best friend who was a victim of sexual violence. It’s for anyone struggling to let go of hurt, when they feel like all they can do is hide.

What has the response been like from this single?

It’s been pretty well received, especially by our fans who have been waiting for a new recording for a while. We’ve raised a decent amount for Solace Women’s Aid (Charity Number 1082450) so we’re pleased.

We love your newly released album ‘Happiness Is Egg Shaped’, how does this album differ from your first one?

First of all since the first album we have been joined by Nina (vocals, bass) and Joseph (guitar and vocals) so our sound has naturally developed.

The songwriting for this new album has been a lot more collaborative and we have pushed ourselves to include the full range of instrumentation that we have to offer.

If you had to describe your live gigs in 3 words, what would they be?

Fun for us.

If you had to collaborate with anyone, who would it be?

Joe and Kizzy: The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band

Nina: Andrew Bird

Edwin: Jeremy Corbyn

Who inspired you and your music?

Edwin: We definitely spark off each other a lot, we all have different influences, I like Paul Simon a lot, Ian Dury, lyricists mostly. Noel Coward.

Nina: Kizzy is my biggest influence in the world.

Kizzy: Mine’s Nina.

Joseph: King Oliver, Bunk Johnson, James P Johnson and Buddy Bolden.

Do you think it is getting increasingly harder for artists to get noticed in the music industry?

Kizzy: I think yes; with social media, you can contact a blog like this and post your music yourself which allows you more to show your music so in a sense that is easier.

Edwin: Although the fact that it’s easy to get your music out there means the sheer amount of music available to your audience is huge. This means really you just need to get out there and play to people, to connect with them personally, then you can follow that up by staying in touch and making it easy for them to access what your doing.

Out of curiosity, where did the name for the band come from?

There’s a book of poetry by Walter De La Mare called ‘The Burning Glass’ – which is a lens that focuses the suns rays.

What is next for The Burning Glass?

Currently we’re on a ferry to Ireland for a short tour, hoping our car won’t break down… again. We have an album launch party on August 18th at The Courtyard Theatre, Pitfield Street, London. Amongst other things, we’ll also be appearing on BBC Introducing South in October.

Listen to The Burning Glass’ new album: ‘Happiness is Egg Shaped’ on Spotify now:

It is also available to buy from here.