The American pop quartet share a handful of their favourite ever videos…

Flashback to your teenage years and there will no doubt be something that makes you cringe. If it’s not ill-conceived outfits or bad music taste it will probably be a fickle crush or two. Imagine encapsulating all of those endeavours and then airing them for the world to see, for that is precisely what comes to mind when it comes to The Aces. The youthful four-piece – from Utah in the States – slot neatly into that snug hole between Haim and MUNA, penning addictive guitar-pop numbers so relatable that they could’ve been plucked from a universal teen journal.

“We all met as young kids who just really loved music and playing instruments. We were friends before we were in the band, it was all a really natural progression. We just loved playing music together.” Half of the band is comprised of sisters Cristal and Alisa Ramirez, who play guitar and drums respectively and as such, the band – which is completed by guitarist Katie Henderson and bassist McKenna Petty – are used to being open with each other when it comes to creating. “We always prefer to start our session off just chatting together about our lives and what’s interesting to us, or bothering us, etc.”

This was how their single ‘Physical’ came about, on the back of a hot summer’s day. “This session in particular we got on the topic of casual hook ups and dating, and that’s what the song ended up being about that day. You hear songs on a daily basis glamorizing this subject, but we wanted to talk about how exhausting and shallow this phase of dating can actually be if there is no emotional connection behind it.”

The writing process of the EP ricocheted between Brooklyn and L.A with all of the songs being written across two years. Naturally, there was a period of personal growth within that time but more than anything they feel proud of what they’ve achieved so far. “We been working for this basically since the womb so seeing things start to roll like this can leave us feeling like we are in a dream.”

More than anything they are excited for what is in store next, including finishing off their debut album and hoping for an autumn tour – but first, the EP, which has been recently accompanied by their stylish and cinematic video for ‘Physical’. “This video was so fun to make!” state the band. “The treatment process was very collaborative as is everything we do. We were lucky enough to get to work with an amazing director who was very open and flexible with changes and that’s what really made the process awesome.”

Read on below to discover what videos the band are into!

The Aces debut EP I Don’t Like Being Honest is available now.

Tame Impala – ‘The Less I Know the Better’
 I (Alisa) remember the first time I saw this video. I was in my friend’s room on her floor and we were showing each other our favorite music videos. She showed me this and I made her replay it about 100,000 times haha. Having directed a couple videos of ours, this video has inspired me so much visually. It’s the most visually incredible music video I’ve ever seen. It’s completely exciting the whole way through. With the help of an amazing song by one of my favorite bands, CANADA was able to take a story of an everyday heartbreak and turn it into absolute eye candy. This video let’s you experience every single intense and radical emotion within heartache and jealousy in full color. Not to mention it’s so trippy which I always like. I’m OBSESSED. I hope, more than anything, to work with them at some point.

Kendrick Lamar – ‘Humble’

I love this music video because of all of the symbolism and irony it contains. The shot of Kendrick & his friends reenacting the Last Supper is a really bold idea and I feel like it was executed very well. I also love the cinematography and imagery, especially in the scenes of Kendrick surrounded by bald men.

alt-J – ‘Breezeblocks’

I love the cinematography in ‘Breezeblocks’ and the intricacy of the people and specific objects shot in reverse. It starts at the end of an incident and goes in reverse through the whole story. It’s very captivating and brings a cool dark meaning to the lyrics and song.