After releasing ‘Young Blood’ and completely winning us over, we couldn’t resist the opportunity of introducing you to Tessa Rae on another level. Allowing herself the creative freedom to “make music without any set intentions of what it would or should sound like” Tessa and her producer, SPNCR, created ‘Young Blood’, a track with a very different sound to it than any of her previous material, that was to provide her with the new musical focus that she couldn’t wait to share.

Following ‘Young Blood’, came the release of her debut EP, written in a time where she’d find that she “wasn’t really clicking” with the people she found herself dating. “Each song has a different sound to it than the last” she points out. “I found myself using my disconnect with others to understand myself better. I think that’s a big theme throughout the project.”

Like many musicians, relationships are a big inspiration for Tessa: “the process of trying to figure out what makes two people click is interesting to me. Magical connections are very rare and I like to explore that.”  

Stating that Frank Ocean’s Blonde was her favorite album of 2016, Frank, an artist that she looks up to, who inspires her as a songwriter: “There’s something about Frank Ocean’s music that always feels nostalgic to me, like I’ve heard it before” this feeling, she claims, is what the best music will give you. 

“His emotions are so pure and accessible in ‘Blonde’ she observes. “His lyrics are so captivating. They make you question yourself and contemplate your own world. He’s great at being honest, but he also leaves out enough information that you get to fill in the blanks yourself.”

Other artists that Tessa feels strongly about include Lorde and Tommy Genesis. Lorde’s first album being one of her all times favourites and Tommy being her favourite rapper at the moment: “Her sound is so otherworldly, I’m kind of convinced she’s an actual angel.”

 Now that her EP has been unleashed into the world, Tessa plans to up the ante with live performances, to keep making music and to continue to live life fully. We’re sure that it won’t take long for people to catch on to the mass potential that she has, so keep your eyes peeled.

When we ask her where she’d ideally like to be at the end of this year she states that it would be “incredible to be able to play to an audience and have them singing along with me”. A goal that’s more than achievable, ehy? She also hopes to have another project out, hoping that it’ll be a full-length album (we hope so, too!)

Stream her debut EP Young Blood below: