The Australian alt-pop artist tells all about her nomadic upbringing, artists she love and her new single ‘Before’…

“I was overseas on a two month trip last year when my boyfriend at the time ended our relationship over the phone! I wrote ‘Before’ the following day in a session with Chris Zane and Koskue,” says Australian singer songwriter Teischa. “I think it sums up exactly how I was feeling in that state of shock and confusion. Writing has always been very therapeutic for me and this was one of those days where I had to get a lot off my chest.”

The song in question is a perfectly emotive piece of alt-pop underpinned by bassy notes and bittersweet synths, all offset by Teischa’s composed and sombre vocal. You can practically hear the hurt and confusion imbued in the tale she is singing. Below Teischa tells us more about her latest single, her nomadic upbringing and the artists she is loving at the moment…

We really loved your recent single ‘Before’, can you tell us a little about how the track came to life?

Thank you! I wrote ‘Before’ in London last year with two amazing writers, Chris [Zane] and Koskue, and it was produced by one of my favourite producers, Styalz, who I’ve worked super closely with over the last couple years! I’ve never had this many people involved in one song before but it worked so naturally and was rad to have such amazing, creative brains involved!


You’ve had quite a journey to where you are now. Can you tell our readers more of what sparked your interest in music and how you came to be a musician and songwriter?

I’ve had a passion for music from an early age but wasn’t completely aware of it until my early teens. I decided I wanted to teach myself how to play piano when I was about twelve, and from there discovered a love for classical music. As well as this I was interested in words and writing so eventually started to put them both together. It wasn’t until another four years or so down the track that I started singing. It wasn’t about my voice at the beginning. I just wanted to write songs and share stories and ideas through my music.

You’ve lived quite the nomadic lifestyle in your 21 years, living in Perth and Australian coastal towns before spending a large chunk of your youth in Thailand. How have your travels impacted yourself as both a person and a songwriter? How have they inspired you?

I think all of my travels, especially growing up in Thailand for ten years, have definitely helped shape my personality and impacted me in so many ways. Phuket is such an interesting, melting pot of cultures which forces you to be open minded and appreciative. I grew up amongst people from locations all over the world who have experienced so much throughout their lives. That taught me a lot about connecting with people, which I think about a lot when making music and and performing.

Who were your favourite artists growing up and what have you learnt from them as performers or songwriters?

My Mum introduced me to lots of artists when I was super young, like Tracy Chapman, who I admired for her lyrics and story telling. I also listened to a lot of powerful, soulful, female artists like Nina Simone, Lauryn Hill, Alicia Keys and Erykah Badu. I discovered that my favorite voices weren’t the flawless, smooth, trained voices but the ones that make you really feel something. So I guess the most important thing I learnt from these artists was to not just spend my time trying to perfect my runs but more so to figure out what I want to say through my music and how to use my voice to share that with people. 

We’re really excited to hear more from you! Do you have any more new releases in the pipeline?

Yes! I’ve been working really hard over the last year since my last release. Lots of hibernating in studios and writing on the road. So i’m so excited to be letting a bunch of these songs out into the world this year!

You’re setting out on a European tour. What are you most excited about and where are you looking forward to playing?

I’m super excited to be playing my first headline show in London as well as heading to Barcelona to play Primavera at the end of the month!

Your homeland of Australia produces some great music! What Australian artists are you loving right now and who do you think should be on our radar?

Wow there’s so many. Jack River, Cxloe, Crooked Letters, Aurelia, Remi, Janeva and Odette, just to name a few.

‘Believe’ is available now. Teischa plays The Great Escape this week and other tour dates in the UK and Australia in May, June and July. See below…

17th MaySound Gallery @ Komedia, Brighton UK // 12pm
17th MayThe Great Escape Festival ITB Showcase @ Prince Albert Stage, Brighton UK
19th MayThe Great Escape Festival Aussie BBQ @ The Beach, Brighton UK
20th MayLondon Aussie BBQ @ Hoxton Square Bar, London UK
31st MayPrimavera Aussie BBQ @ CCCB, Barcelona, Spain
15th JuneBlack Bear, Brisbane
22nd JunePenny Black, Melbourne
23rd JuneOAF Gallery, Sydney
22nd JulySplendour in the Grass, Byron Bay, Australia