Menswear model Miles Garber and studio musician David Gagliardi are making brilliant music. Keep reading to find out more about their brand of rock and roll and ‘Look Now’.


What drew you to starting the group?

We are musicians first and foremost and wanted to write real music and play guitars.

You’ve recently started your own label, what was the reason behind this and do you think this is a positive trend for artists?

As a newer band we probably wouldn’t be offered anything worth signing. I think its tragic that bands sign their lives away for a one time check. I pay a lot of attention to rappers like Nipsey Hussle and Kevin Gates. They are business men who now run successful business’ through their music.
I never understood why this trend that rappers have started didn’t absorb into Rock music. Labels are dying and I want to see my band and my friends bands flourish. Fugazi and Black Flag have had their own labels since the early ’80s.

How has your musical taste evolved since your involvement in the hardcore scene as teenagers?

I still listen to a ton of hardcore. But, as I have gotten older I am more open to listening to something new before judging it. Unfortunately, most of the time its shit anyways. But I try to be open minded.

There’s an Oasis-like quality to ‘Look Now’ where the song sounds massive straight away, what were you listening to when you wrote this track?

We listen to everything. At the end of the day Swimsuit Issue is a rock and roll band and thats what I think we try to get across. We have three guitar players. We write choruses and like to play loud.

The Dellux remix creates a whole new feel to the track, how did that come about?

We love remixes if done well. Dellux is an awesome producer and the Astroid Boys are great. I think whats happening in London is very close to what happened in Hardcore and Punk. It just felt right to do it.

What can we expect from you in 2018?

Releases, tours, videos, guitars.

‘Look Now’ is available now.