With acts nowadays throwing random ‘v’’s, extra ‘I’’s, and anything that might just get them to the top of Google searches in their names, Someone has done the exact opposite.


“I admit, I haven’t really let the SEO thing bother me,” Tessa Rose Jackson aka Someone tells us, “I had felt for a while that my name just wasn’t the right name for this project. It was too ‘me, me, me’, it pulled the focus towards me as a person instead of me as a maker” she explains.

“‘Someone’ to me, exactly represents the duality I feel about being an artist.”

 Creating psych-inspired art-pop, debut single ‘The Deep’ from back in May, was “all about creating this balance between almost melodramatic emotional energy and a super cool, soothing groove,” Tessa tells us, “I loved exploring that combination, how to make something really emotional without for a second overplaying it, like just teetering on breaking point, I wanted to make a really human and relatable track.”

The video too, signalled the start of visual greatness, being a “massive film geek”, as Tessa puts it, especially with sci-fi, she got in contact with the director, David Spearing, she’d just been scoring the music for some of his film shorts and she wanted to turn the tables. “I’d been watching a lot of Twin Peaks and Back To The Future and really loved the idea of making something a bit surreal” she explains, adding that “David has an amazing cinematic eye and always thinks out-of-the-box, so it was a great match.”

“Most of the enjoyment I get from what I do is from making stuff. Making music, making artwork, making videos. It infuses me with this crazy energy, it’s addictive, really.”  

As a child, Tessa was sure that she wanted to write fiction. It wasn’t until, at the age of 13, her piano teacher told her to switch to singing lessons after she wouldn’t stop humming along to her Chopin. “When I started those lessons, it was literally like a light bulb above my head went ‘BING’, and I began telling everybody I wanted to be a Jazz singer,” she explains. Tessa then began a Jazz prep course at the Conservatory in Amsterdam, before applying to the BRIT school in London.

Her influences change from day to day, naming a few recent ones including the likes of Pond, Andy Shauf and Chris Cohen, she explains that before that it was Tame Impala and Connan Mockasin. It’s not just other musicians that inspire her, however, with a great deal of movies and books playing their part. “There’s a track on the upcoming EP about the book ‘A Brave New World’, also, I have a secret plan to write an 80’s themed EP titled ‘David Lynch Call Me’ and then just have my phone number hard-coded into the audio file of every song,” Tessa jokes.

Brand new track ‘Say Something’ is equally as both stunning and creative, with super catchy riffs and melodies, it’s a step up even further for Someone. The video, OUT TODAY, directed by Elliott Arndt who Tessa had asked to work together on the art direction for ‘The Deep’. “I knew I wanted this video to be a bit comedic, and 80’s, and something with dance. So, Elliott came up with this crazy idea and I fell in love with it. We shot it together, and then I took all the footage home and edited it into this wacky nugget of fun.”

On November 17th, Someone, has their first big show in Amsterdam at Tolhuistuin and as previously mentioned there is an upcoming EP, so there’s plenty to keep your eyes and ears out for.  We’re certain that this is an interesting act to keep yourself in the loop with, so trust us, and please do so.