Need a bit of excitement in your life? Good – let us introduce you to SHANGHAI BLUES! The East London four piece have been winning hearts with their dynamic rock sound and talent for big choruses. Here the band tell us all about their new music, the London music scene and why they’re so excited to play June’s instalment of FUTURE CUTS! See them co-headline at The Finsbury Pub in North London with Pleasure House and support from Joe Jury. Read on to find out more…

So Shanghai Blues! Tell me a little bit about the incarnation of the band, how did you all meet?

We’ve known each other for absolute years, since way back in school! We’d all been in various bands and done session stuff for other musicians before but nothing really came of it. I think we all just got a bit bored and decided to start something serious and see where we got – I don’t think any of us expected to get this far!

You’re playing our fifth Future Cuts show next week, what can we expect from your set?

Absolute chaos. It’s going to be loud and sweaty, the only real way to have a show! 

Do you have a favourite track to play out on stage? Do you find the dynamic of your music changes when you get it in front of people?

I think the favourite has to be the latest single, ‘Tense’. It’s just got so much energy and is the perfect way to finish a set! Completely! We tried to bring as much of that raw energy that you get at a live show into the recording process and translate that onto the record but there really is nothing like actually hearing, playing and feeling the music live.

Do you think it’s important to offer free shows for new artists early in their career?

Definitely! It such a make or break situation. We can’t abide the “if you sell over 20 tickets at 10 quid a pop you might make some money” nonsense. It doesn’t work and it’s killing the live music scene. For a breaking artist that relies on a small tightknit core fanbase at the start of their career it’s such an amazing opportunity to be able to offer their fans a free show!

Are there any pre-show rituals you perform as a band before your gigs?

Beers and fried chicken and chips – always a must, no compromise.

Your sound is quite difficult to pin to one specific genre, who would you say influences this eclectic sound?

We’ve all got quite varied tastes in music, especially when you look at what we used to listen to when we first started learning to play instruments. When we list influences like; J Hus, Pantera, Nirvana, Vince Staples, BMTH, Frank Ocean, Fleetwood Mac, Bombay Bicycle Club, Luther Vandross, FIDLAR and Kanye West (to name but a few), people honestly look at us like we’re talking shit haha! It honestly is a mix of these seemly random artists that has and will continue to shape our music.

You’re London lads, what’s your opinion of the new music scene in the capital currently?

London is a very interesting place to be a band. I think its biggest downfall is its size. There are a million bands and a million promoters and a million live nights that there just isn’t much of a scene. You do find your gems in the mix, we love Sam Tucker at Close Up Promotions for instance as he’s honest and fair to the acts he works with. All he asks in return is that you do your best to bring some fans! However, outside of the few diamonds in the rough, there isn’t much of a collective scene at all which can be challenging.

Festival season is just around the corner, three dream headliners, dead or alive?

Jimi Hendrix, Kanye West and Dinosaur Jr! Condition is they all have to play together as one huge super group.

And what’s your dream festival stage to play in the future?

Obviously any of the big boys! Glasto/Reading/Isle of Wight/Bestival come at us.

And finally, musical speed dating, why should people come see you play The Finsbury on June 17 in 30 seconds. GO!

  • It’s free
  • Its going to be crazy
  • The line up is insane
  • We have a shit tonne of free temporary tattoos that we’ll be giving out on the night for free
  • IT’S FREE!!

Shanghai Blues play Born Music’s FUTURE CUTS as a co-headline Pleasure House alongside Joe Jury on Saturday 17th June at The Finsbury Pub in North London. Come along – it’s FREE ENTRY!