Dive into the emotive world of the alt-pop artist taking the internet by storm.

Every once in a while an artist emerges who embodies the true spirit of what it truly means to identify and moniker themselves with that word. Saro is one such person. Based in Los Angeles, Saro revels in creativity; his music striking a true balance between emotive alt-pop and aching club bangers, whilst his visuals are truly inspired pieces of photography, film and dance (view them below.) His most recent single ‘Eyelids’ captured our hearts, so we hunted him down to discover more about the elusive individual…

In a previous interview with NYLON, you stated that ‘Eyelids’ is about rejection. Can you elaborate a little more on how you explored that theme in the track?

I wrote “Eyelids” from both perspectives of rejection; the rejecter and the rejected. Everyone plays both roles at some point in life.

Why was that an important topic for you to tackle in your music?

It just came out of me as a reminder to not dwell on rejection but to use it as fuel to persevere.

Sonically, ‘Eyelids’ is perhaps your most upbeat effort to date despite the lyrics still being quite brooding. Did you enjoy exploring different sounds on this track?

Yeah! My producer David Burris and I tend to get lost when creating a sonic landscape. When making “Eyelids” we went in with the intention to write a song that could get people to twerk at our live shows. I usually gravitate toward lower bpm tracks but it was a fun challenge to write something upbeat while still staying lyrically true to myself. Plus it’s nice to inject energy into the live set.

‘Eyelids’ was accompanied with a striking visual of you painted white. What was the artistic meaning behind this image for you?

I shot the “Eyelids” art about a year ago at Leo Carillo State Park in Malibu just after dawn. I was ass naked, freezing cold and covered in flies. The white paint came to symbolise rebirth, purity, and cleansing of guilt. The shoot got cut short when lifeguards arrived and yelled, “YOU’VE GOTTA PUT SOME PANTS ON.” I used the photo in a Facebook post promoting the song, and it got flagged for nudity. Scandalous stuff.


You released your debut EP In Loving Memory late last year. What was the writing and recording process of the EP like for you?

Writing In Loving Memory was my purest form of therapy after having lost my best friend to suicide during the process. I dealt with more emotions in that period of time than I had ever been forced to previously. The EP really encompasses my process of mourning.

You recently released the video for ‘Sky Doesn’t Blue’ – a piece of interpretive dance performed and choreographed by yourself – and previously shared a 20-minute visual accompaniment to In Loving Memory. Both are very striking; in what ways do you feel that dance and imagery can convey emotion in ways that the song themselves, at times, cannot?

Thank you! I truly believe that movement is the best way to utilise music. I usually just let the music take me where it wants. Body movement is so easily synced to sound, and that can be most desirable when creating audiovisuals.

With such unique visuals in mind, we can only wonder at what your live show is like! What can you tell us about how you intend to perform?

I like to perform in low light and blue hues. I love haze. These early days I’m mostly focused on performance. The goal is to get lost in the music and allow the audience to latch onto me in my most vulnerable state. I also flail around like Thom Yorke from time to time.

You recently supported Miguel! What was that experience like for you? Did you feel you learned anything from watching him perform?

That experience was unreal. It was my first East Coast performance and my first time gracing a festival stage. It was nice to have the freedom to run around and work the space. I hung on each of Miguel’s words while watching from the middle of the crowd. He is truly captivating, and his vocal precision makes me want to quit life.

Do you have any live dates in the near future? 

I’m playing with Vallis Alps on September 8th at the Echoplex. I’m also putting together a Pacific Northwest tour this fall. Dates TBA soon!

What else is in store for you in 2017?

My 2nd EP release! I’m also excited to release new visuals and collaborations and to continue writing.

It’s been a year since you debuted your first track ‘Two Suns’. How do you feel about the response you’ve received in the time since then?

This past year has been a volatile time hinging on some of highest highs and lowest lows. I’m really beginning to feel happy to be alive and discovering my evolution as an artist and songwriter.

Is there anything else you would like to add?


Sara’s latest single ‘Eyelids’ is available now. He supports Vallis Alps at Echoplex on September 8th.