After recently revealing ‘Awake Me’ along with some pretty powerful visuals to go with it, we couldn’t help ourselves, we had to get to know Rosie Carney that bit more. Creating music that’s powerfully honest, incredibly emotive and more than anything – inspirational, there’s something truly exquisite about both her and her music. Prepare yourselves to fall in love with your new favourite artist.

How did you first get into music?

I first got into music when I moved over to Ireland 10 years ago. I’d always enjoyed listening to music, and I’ve played the Piano since a young age, but I feel moving over here with my family is really what triggered it.


You’ve been very open on your blog in the past, expressing your feelings and discussing difficult events in your life, do you think talking about these things destigmatises mental health issues and helps create more understanding and empathy?

I definitely think that talking about my experiences and sharing them with people who would listen to my music definitely contributes to breaking the stigma that’s been created. Although, in saying that; there is a lot more to me than my experiences with my struggles. I won’t wear them as a jumper, but I will always be honest and open about my struggles as it’s all just a part of who I am. Talking is so incredibly important. Especially in this day and age.


Has music been a helpful creative outlet in terms of dealing with struggles and hardships?

Well music is what I first turned to when I really started to experience the weight of things. It’s taught me how to vent my emotions instead of allowing them to build up. I’m a very sensitive person, and music helps me to deal with that.


Who are your biggest influences inside and outside of music?

I get easily inspired by people who bring originality to their work. I’m influenced by those who come across as the most passionate, like, It’s not just a hobby or a job to them, but more so a necessity. People like Justin Vernon, Joni Mitchell, Claude Debussy, Robert Plant, Sylivia Plath to name a few.


Who or what inspires you right now? 

Different environments inspire me. Where I live is beautiful. It’s a seaside village on the coast of Donegal. The ocean tends to inspire me the most. It holds a special energy that almost speaks to me at times.


Your songs are quite personal and emotive, do you feel like the writing of the songs or the performing of them is more rewarding?

When I write my songs, I don’t focus on the outcome of them. It’s something I have to do for myself. But when I’m at a gig and I’ve finished my song and someone says to me how they’ve related to it, then that’s the most rewarding feeling. I feel like if I have inspired at least one person, then it’s real.


Do you think your music has developed in any way since you starting writing?

I definitely feel that my sound has progressed a lot over the past years. I’ve become very open to experimenting with my sound. I love different reverbs and just lots of weird noises. As far as lyrics go, I feel with each experience I have, I have a lot more to say.


What can we expect from you next?

Well I should be releasing my first EP very soon, hopefully followed by a small tour of sorts.