Heard of L.A electro-pop trio ROSA? No? Good – let us introduce you! Today they debut the addictive pop stomp of latest track ‘Without You’. Taken from their new EP Wasteful, ‘Without You’ bubbles with an undercurrent of energy, the bittersweet nature of the lyrics evoking thoughts of ROSA’s British contemporaries Hurts. Take one listen and we’re sure you’ll agree that the band are set for big things. Always ones to be ahead of the curve, we decided to get to know them better. Read on to find out more about ‘Without You’, how ROSA came to be and what keeps them inspired as writers. We’ll leave you to get acquainted…

You are about to share your latest track ‘Without You’ with the world! Can you tell us a little about what inspired the track?

When we began writing for this upcoming EP we really wanted to make something different, not that different is always better, but that’s what we wanted at the time. We also started working with producer Thrice Noble in Santa Monica who definitely influenced production decisions. Other than that the song is about the pain of losing someone and the fear of not being able to move on, not very exciting but probably a universal feeling.

It hasn’t been too long since you released your previous EP Gypsy Queen. Did you expect to have another EP out so soon?

Yes. The writing process is very fluid for us. We want to keep writing great material for people. Every one of us in RÓSA is contributing and that makes things fun.


Your new EP, Wasteful, has a darker atmosphere than that of Gypsy Queen; were you challenging yourself to expand on your previous sound? How so?

Yes we were! We wanted to step outside of what we saw many others doing. Whether we accomplished that is up to the listener I suppose. Perhaps some of that is a result of Noble’s influence.

What keeps you inspired whilst writing songs?

That question is both easy and difficult for us. Other music and art influences us a great deal, but at the same time the source of our inspiration is also mysterious. It’s often more like something is happening to us rather than from us. I’m sure all that sounds like bullshit but I still think it’s real.

ROSA’s blend of electro-pop is simultaneously broody yet with big infectious choruses, often reminiscent of Hurts. Are there any artists that have influenced your signature sound?

We are influenced by tons of artists, a lot of them pretty typical. Elton John, Crowded House, Prince, The Blue Nile, Michael Jackson, Nick Drake, Slowdive are among a few of them. But it’s always revolving and growing.

How did you meet and what made you decide to create a band?

We actually met at a religious conference down in San Diego. After that I saw Taylor and Mike play and when we got to talking discovered we had a lot of similar aspirations and decided to go for it. We connected quickly on so many levels it seemed natural.

Have you always been musical individuals?

Taylor and Mike always have been, I think it took me (Will) longer to discover that in myself.

Do you have any live shows planned? What’s your favourite part of performing live?

Yes we will play some shows in Orange County and LA. As corny as it may sound I think it is the connection. All the songs come from our being or spirit, the deepest part of our humanity, so when people respond to the music on some level they are connecting to us. That is why people can dance like idiots at shows and do things you would never do out in normal life, because the music is connecting us.

What else do you have planned for 2017?

We want to write a lot of great songs and develop as a live band. And we want to grow as people so our art is more and more challenging and meaningful and fun for people.


ROSA’s latest track ‘Without You’ is available now.