They may only have one track out in the world but RINNGS have been causing a bit of a stir. ‘Cutting The Cloth’ may be the only song they have online, but the London duo have a unique approach to songwriting that sets their smooth grooves apart from current contemporaries.

We had a brief chat with Karl Zine and Nai Jannson of the band to gain an insight into their process, discuss how the project started and see what else is in store for RINNGS….

We’ve been loving your debut track ‘Cutting The Cloth’! Can you tell us a bit about how the track came to life?

KARL: Thank you!   The track came about pretty soon after we started writing together, we loved the idea of setting a really strict limit on what instruments we’d use cause basically it gets boring scrolling through preset sounds on the computer, so to avoid that we thought we should just use drums and voice. We started off with those really high vocal chords in the intro and built it from there. So I guess it started off as a ballad and got a bit faster and more of a pop thing as we went along.

NAI: It’s been fun writing our Rinngs material over a short period of time. The tracks have evolved really quickly and naturally…which I think is a good thing! It feels natural.

Lyrically, the track seems quite personal. Was there anything in particular that was inspiring you at the time?

K: Ah….the personal question, and you hardly know us! Ha ha. Yeah, it is pretty personal. Never reveal your sources though right. Or is that just spies?

N: Me?! You?! Them?!

Your sound feels current yet has quite a retro feel in regards to the beats and harmonies. Do you feel you draw any inspirations into your music? Who and how?

K: Current Retro. Nice way to describe it. This tune was definitely inspired by a bit of a retro thing when it came to the beats, to be honest I think it was probably ‘Hotline Bling’ by Drake that got us thinking about all those old drums on Wurlitzer organs and Motown stuff etc. Think I had it on repeat for a good week or two around that time. For the harmonies we looked a couple of centuries further back to old choral music.

N: Even though we love pushing the boundaries when it comes to the production, we really wanted to hold on to classic songwriting; telling a story and having singable melodies is so important.

The inception of RINNGS seems quite serendipitous, having lost touch until a chance encounter on a transatlantic flight! What made you want to pursue a creative project together right away?

K: Serendipitous. Good word. Everything seems like a good idea at 35,000 feet right?

You both have musical backgrounds, from jazz drumming to choral composing and conducting. What has it been like creating music for RINNGS with this in mind? Did you encounter any challenges along the way?

K: Of course, you always have those when you’re trying to create something new, but challenges are important. Having different musical backgrounds is a bonus because sometimes you need a different perspective on a tune to see where it could be better.

N: Im so pleased we have been able to, not just incorporate our influences, but actually use them to create fresh material and build a unique sound. It’s really exciting.

‘Cutting The Cloth’ began with a sample of one of your children’s first attempts at singing! Did that sample inspire the method of the project overall?

K: We’d already decided that we were going to make all the music this way when we started the tune, so we were already really in to the idea of sampling our voices to create textures and ‘instruments’ and looking for new sounds; he just sounded cool when he was trying to sing so it had to go on! Does this mean we have to give him a writing credit on it?

Will you be continuing to use only the vocals/ percussion combo in future releases as RINNGS?

K: Yes.

N: if it ain’t broke…

What can we expect from you in 2017?

K: Surprises

N: Lots!