Bursting into our consciousness following their recent single ‘Youth’, young Northern upstarts PLAZA have been on our radar for a while. With their unusual and unique blend of math and indie rock, the four-piece have garnered a swift and committed following over the two years since they have formed.

Their most recent single ‘Origami’ was a blistering hit and coupled with an intense live show, BORN MUSIC are pleased to announce the band as the first support act for our debut live new music event FUTURE CUTS, playing alongside our headliners SUPERGLU at The Finsbury Pub in North London (it’s FREE ENTRY you know, but grab tickets in advance to make sure you get in!) We spoke to Bradley Lennard of the band to get an insight as to what makes them tick…

You’ve just premiered your new track ‘Origami’, which we love! It’s very grand sounding – could you tell us a little about what inspired the track and how it came to life? 

Thank you so much! We first started demoing the first lot of songs we had as a band at our friends (Chris) flat/penthouse/whatever in Leeds. It was during the time in which Origami came around. All around Chris’ flat was pieces of origami that he had made, which I thought was a pretty cool. I remember just thinking to myself how

It just all felt right at the time, how this unfinished track all pieced together in the duration that we had spent recording, we then went onto recording that in the same session.

Your sound can be surprisingly delicate despite clearly having a math rock influence. It feels very seamless; do you encounter any songwriting difficulties when trying to blend these influences together?

Not so much a difficulty, I think it just comes very natural to us, we all have a huge range of influences, some of which won’t necessarily be easily identifiable within our songs. We write very freely and are open to experiment with lots of different music styles.

Are there any other artists that you feel have had an influence on your sound? Is there anything else that generally inspires your songwriting?

There are so many artists, too many to reel off here. As I previously said we do all have lots of different influences but on the same note we all come together and have an interest in the same bands. Some of the modern bands that have had an influence on us are the likes of Foals, The Maccabees, Tame Impala. These are all bands we listened to as a collective, as you do, growing up playing in bands.

Lyrically I take a lot of inspiration from the likes of Ian Curtis, I am a huge Joy Division fan and I’ve just always appreciated his style of songwriting, it stood out to me from the moment I was first introduced to Joy Division.

You’re about to kick off 2017’s bout of touring, starting with your own headline tour. For those that have yet to be initiated, what can people expect from your live show? How do you intend to connect with your audience?

We put a lot into our live shows, even if one person has gone out their way and made an effort to come and see my band, we will put on a show for them. I believe that the connection with artist to audience is very important. When I look at it from an audience point of view, its really pleasing when the artist shows appreciation to you, that’s how I intend to be with the people that come out to see us.

You are also touring with HAUS later on in April! Are you big fans of the band?

Yeah we’re very big fans of the band. I met Ashley about 4 years ago when he was touring with another band, we got speaking after the show and just stayed in touch ever since. We’re really happy that we got asked to join them on their UK tour.

You’ve realised a handful of tracks in the past year or so including the brilliant ‘Youth’. Is there an EP or any other releases that you can tell us about?

Thank you so much. We’ve got an EP coming around April which ties in with the HAUS tour, as well as some other dates we haven’t announced yet. The tracks are ones we’ve had in the bank for a while, but only just recently started playing them live. Just letting people dip their toes in for the minute!

What would you like to achieve by the end of 2017? Is there anything in the pipeline that we should be excited for?

I think at this stage just touring as much as we can, we’ve got a long plan lined up and lots of music demoed, but at the minute we just want to tour as much as we can and keep building the fan base.

Who were your favourite artists of last year? Who deserves more attention?

Trudy and the Romance / HAUS / Gwen Stefani / Gengahr / Archie Marshall / Foliage. These are just a few I can remember off the top of my head!


Head to The Finsbury Pub on Saturday 18th Feb to catch Superglu, Plaza and another still TBA support act for the first ever FUTURE CUTS. Free entry – grab tickets in advance!