Think the neon goodness of The 1975, with the disjointed synths of Metronomy and the unique vocals of Empire of the Sun and here we have Pelicandy.

Having been previously described as ‘80’s infused psych-pop’, which is pretty accurate, Pelicandy is comprised of TC on vocals and guitar, who sometimes plays the sax for Beach Baby, Nick on drums, Stefan on keys and Junior on bass.

TC and Nick have been making music together on and off since their school days, whilst TC met Stefan at experimental jazz nights held in this closed-down pub in North London, “it was a really diverse circle of musicians, we used to see King Krule down there a lot,” they explain. Nick, whilst DJing at Shoreditch’s The Old Blue Last met Junior by chance and then everything else simply fit into place.

Like so many others, Pelicandy are based in London, “London has definitely helped shape our live show. Everybody’s attention spans here are very short, and there’s a new buzz band every ten minutes, so we keep the show very direct” they tell us. “It definitely has its hidden gems, we rehearse and work on our songs in this amazing old recording studio that’s been in Hackney since the 80s – and is pretty much still as it was the day it opened… it’s sort of the Pelicandy epicenter.”

Their recent release ‘Animals’, which has been receiving attention from all corners of the music industry; from Phil Taggart to NME and more, they’ve certainly made an entrance. “TC was reading about Evel Knievel’s recovery from a bad accident he got in which made him more famous than he ever was before,” they reveal, “it’s interesting what’s appealing about danger and how it has this kind of sexy, adrenaline-fueled, visceral response, so he had this animalistic Halloween party scenario where Evel Knievel meets a girl dressed up as a leopard, which may or may not be, in part, autobiographical… that’s probably where the idea to go all ‘Thriller’ in the bridge came from actually.”  

When it comes to their inspirations, “one minute we’ll be obsessing over the vocal processing on the latest Francis and the Lights record, the next we’ll be picking apart ELO arrangements” they explain. They take what they love, study it and learn from it, melding it all together in a way that will excite them.

Spending the summer in the studio, luckily avoiding the very muddy festivals that we seem to have been inundated with, they’re currently gearing up for a handful of London shows that will carry them through into Autumn. Most notable they will be supporting their Hand In Hive labelmates Wyldest at The Waiting Room on the 27th September, they’re also hoping to have another single released before the end of the year (we certainly hope so!)

They’re only just getting started, however, currently laying their foundations, they’re aiming high for 2018 “hopefully we’ll be able to take the live show out on the road properly… and lots more music of course.”

Listen to their recent effort ‘Animals’ above and go see them in London at The Waiting Room on the 27th September.